“People ask me why Newcastle have not appointed a new head coach, and I always say back: ‘Who would you appoint that is available now?’”

This isn’t the first time. For years, the former captain of Newcastle United has earned the right to publish his opinion on Newcastle United, due to his name and the perception that his background within the game has him equipped with informed reasoning and insight.

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A year ago, Bob by Moncur vented his frustration with fans who wanted Alan Pardew out. This did not come as a surprise as his involvement with the club in different capacities – most recently as ‘club ambassador’ on the Fans Forum (where he praised the improvement of our set-pieces against Aston Villa)– presupposes an alignment with the well documented drop in ambition and disregard for fan opinion.

What is now referred to as a disturbing and infectious “vocal minority” – in the words of Lee Charnley at Crystal Palace and in the Fans Forum minutes – is in reality the view that Newcastle United should aspire to more than annual third round suicides and mid-season capitulation by the time 40 points can be discerned on the horizon. In his defense of Alan Pardew, Moncur referred to the presumption that he “knows more than the average fan”. This time, he’s “seen John Carver in training”.

“There is no guarantee of success out there. In the short-term I think John is ideal for the club, and for me he has the team well organised and the players behind him.”

In a way, Moncur’s view epitomizes everything the club does (or does not) in its current semblance. As there is no guarantee for success, why bother going for it? We could be less organised, something that would have jeopardised the two wins from ten games that John Carver’s tenure has generated. Rather than inform us, Moncur’s rhetoric actively promotes conscious resignation to mediocrity, not insightful and realistic expectations.

After reading his latest column, I wondered to myself what purpose his editorial contribution serves. As Moncur’s opportunity to make himself heard in the paper stems from his playing career and involvement with Newcastle United, I would expect him to inform us on why John Carver has done a good job, rather than just state the fact.

He does. The training sessions are fantastic. If only we had known. Away from the actual football, in the financial statements, on the training pitch and according to the statistical charts we seem to be constantly doing great. “Forget about what it looks like to the naked eye”, as a certain someone put it.

There is also the notion that “big name managers haven’t worked out” with references to Ruud Gullit and Graeme Souness, rather than the thousands of names who are more qualified to manage the 19th richest club in the world than John Carver. The indication here being that the absence of a name associated with ability might be the way forward, rather than the contrary.

Moncur then makes use of his experience as he travels through time and points to his fascinating capture of Mick Tait from Oxford in order to legitimize Carver’s proposed role in Newcastle United’s transfer model. It concludes a flurry of Sports Direct approved and indoctrinated arguments, supportive of our pointless existence under the temporary messenger at St. James’ Park, even advocating and preparing us for a prolonging of his reign.

None of this is surprising. It is however an expression of the widening crack between club and fans, initiated and repeatedly worsened by the club. It’s the lack of transparency and trust that has turned the debate surrounding Newcastle United into an opinionated inferno; drained of hope, joy and sympathy.

In the midst of all this, ncjMedia have come in for criticism. In recent weeks it’s been encouraging to see how some of those who stand accused have responded to said criticism, especially Mark Douglas, who seems to care about what fans think of his and his paper’s reporting on the club and the club itself.

At a time when they are the last remaining channel of communication between club and the “vocal minority”, I find it important to value transparency. I don’t think recurring dives into Bob Moncur’s antiquated world does anything but cause further division. Allowing for Mr.Moncur to move from his role within the club – where he underlines the idea that cups are vile and dangerous – to continually promote an exhausted approach to football in the local paper, does not appear to unite a club that needs to be re-united.

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  • A lex

    Bob should give himself time to think back to the team assembled by Joe Harvey, and the playing style and desire they had. Then he might realise that this was the base upon which he became a trophy lifting captain. If he thinks there are similarities between his success then,what is happening now, and that the current model is all a good thing, then he’s more ‘gone’ than we think.

  • nufcmag777

    A very good article saying it as it is.I met Bobby Moncur some years ago a what a nice man he was with a great love for NUFC.I find it sad that a man who i have watched and admired who i thought was a man of honour could back Ashley who is ripping the heart and soul out of our club.NUFC R.I.P.

  • Double Carpet

    I don’t agree with him, but he has a right to his opinion and the right to express it.
    Why should (or why do) people listen? Because he was one of the best centre backs we ever had, was our captain when we last won something, and captained his country – when they were actually a decent side. So at the least he deserves respect, not ridicule and harsh criticism just because he holds a different view.

  • wor monga

    Moncur’s, told you there why he thinks Carver is ideal for
    the club, in the short term…because he has the team well organised, and the
    players are behind him…The short term being the time they have allowed him to
    prove he can get some decent results…with what is a very weakened squad…
    And he’s got every right to voice that opinion…what’s more he
    knows the problem isn’t with Carver or Pardew or the players…it’s the owner and
    his stringent financial ruling…

    and he also knows for sure that all the acrimony
    that gets poured out daily on sites like this won’t make him change his ways …that’ll
    only happen when he either wants too or finds it necessary for club survival.

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Are you his spokesman?

  • LeazesEnder

    Double Carpet He hasn’t used his position for anything other than his own selfish ends, overseeing the demolition of hope!….. He could for instance have a word with those in charge about the downsizing of the club… but alas he has a go at fans instead!

  • Chemical Dave

    You should be moncurs fluffier.

  • LeazesEnder

    1957 Does he really think what he says though?

  • Chemical Dave

    Excellent article by the way. Moncur really does make me want to vomit, what a sad man.

  • toon tony

    I remember Moncur’s words as he recollects the half time words v Ujpest Doza by Joe Harvey. “Don’t worry score a goal and they’ll collapse like a pack of cards “. Imagine Carver in the same situation. …” we’d better give up lads Mike says we’ve got a hard game on Saturday against Stoke. “

  • noabachner

    HanoiToon thanks mate

  • SGM

    Where did that picture come from?

  • jimboprawn

    Mike_Ashley_Out once hero of 69 now #cashley yesman. I fear he’s only Interested in his own gain

  • partworntyres

    ashley likes pies if they’re cheap, carver likes pies if they are geordie pies, moncur will say anything for a bit of crust.

  • newcastle7

    Bob Moncur is not only a living legend who unlike Shearer, Waddle or Gazza  gave us our last major trophy
    in 1969 scoring three goals to boot. Because he bleeds black and white he is seen by the Mag as a criminal a bit like myself. A true gentleman who does a lot for charity but would die for Newcastle United.I remember the night in Plymouth in the Copthorne when we got promoted a great bloke.

  • newcastle7

    Chemical Dave  So scoring three goals in a European final makes you want to vomit. For once I agree with you as everyone on this site wants us to lose.

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 He doesn’t bleed black and white though does he….he doesn’t!

  • Chemical Dave

    Does ANYONE know Simon Carr ? Surely someone must know the lad as he’s in the top twenty nufc fans of all time ?

  • Chemical Dave

    Only a retard like yourself would fail to comprehend people on here are weary of us not trying to win.

  • Jarra MIck

    Did someone say newcastle 7 is Moncur himself?

  • toontom68

    newcastle7 Moncur,just like Beardsley has sold his soul to the devil that is Mike Ashley. Its tragic that these club legends have for whatever reason (money???) chosen to do this an ruin their reputation with those fans that arent so blind as to accept the PR firm written rubbish they spout.

  • SGM

    Moncur, Beardsley. There all entitled to their own opinions, and to be honest there a lot closer to the club than we, as fans are , so their opinions are probably more valid than ours.

  • Chemical Dave

    Remember Beardsley’s opinion of the regime that lacked ambition when he was a player? I think his opinion went something like “I want to win things so I’m leaving”. Think his exit came just after “proud to be a Geordie” sold out in ne bookshops.

  • Greekgeordie

    So who ever has a different opinion to you, and as it seems, to the Mag, is useless, mercenary, and football ignorant.
    This is Newcastle, not Syria, and I hope that we will never get down to the Glasgow level that people need body guards to move in the Town.

  • newcastle7

    Chemical Dave  As everyone called me a mackem,fraud,troll, etc etc I thought it was appropriate not only to point out that Iam a true fan but also in the top twenty
    but it was a waste of time as still get called a mackem by the sad people on this site.
    Met Bobby many times he even gave me his house phone no to get some photos signed for the Birmingham branch a true gent.

  • Chemical Dave

    Why no Beardsley in your list simon fraud ?

  • Chemical Dave

    Who makes up the top twenty list and where can I see it daft lad ?

  • Chemical Dave

    I hope we get more like rangers fans, appreciate you’re happy the club is nothing more than Ashley’s cash cow.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    toon tony  
    I think Joe Harvey was a little more specific than you give him credit for – I believe he said something along the lines of bloody foreigners collapsing like a pack of cards. I hope little Benny Arentoft wasn’t in earshot to hear it LOL

  • Ballbearing

    I’ve always been a fan of Bobby Moncur both as a Toon defender and someone who comments fervently on Toon affairs. So I was saddened to see in The Journal  couple of weeks ago that (along with some other fans that I know), he has fallen for Ashley’s latest con, He wrote that Ashley is going for silverware. Bobby, my friend – ASHLEY DID NOT SAY THAT. Ashley said he wouldn’t sell up until we had won silverware or got into Europe. So, if he secretly wants to keep the club, apparently in order to vent still more spite on the fans and keep raking in wads of cash,  it means he wouldn’t actually go for silverware and so he wouldn’t have to sell!. He also said there is money available for the transfer market.. Sounds brilliant, Bobby? BUT HOW MUCH MONEY? £5 million, £10 million  above anything he makes from selling players?  It’s paltry money, but look at his past record and remember that a few months ago the club was saying it would only spend money according to income from sales. Still I suppose he has to say something now to boost season ticket sales. Incidentally, I greatly enjoyed Graham Porter’s article on the names the Toon has been linked with in the transfer market. I can reveal to Graham that he missed out on the big one – Ashley has made a bid for Messi on a Zero Hours Contract!