John Carver has been told he is staying at Newcastle United according to an ‘exclusive’ in the Express this morning.

The newspaper claim that Mike Ashley has been impressed by Carver’s ‘leadership qualities’.

However, just how much of an ‘exclusive’ it actually is, is open to question.

The newspaper are simply claiming that they have been told he will be staying in ‘some capacity’.

Their piece reads:

‘NEWCASTLE UNITED have told interim head coach John Carver that he is staying at St James’ Park.

Although the Toon hierarchy are still looking for a successor to Alan Pardew, Carver will be offered a new contract in some capacity.

Owner Mike Ashley and chief executive Lee Charnley have been impressed with Carver’s leadership qualities and loyalty to the club.

The 50 year old Geordie would love the head coach’s job on a permanent basis and although that hasn’t been ruled out, it’s still likely that he will be offered a support role at the club.’

However, exactly why they would need to offer the current/temporary Newcastle Head Coach a new contract is a bit of a puzzle, considering what John Carver himself said earlier this week about his situation at St. James’ Park.

“I have got a contract until the end of the season and then my assistant manager contract kicks in, if they don’t want me to take over for next season, or the following season.”

No doubt many Newcastle fans will be gnashing their teeth at the reference to loyalty to the club, with John Carver’s actions and words since he was promoted suggesting it is more like blind loyalty to Mike Ashley in desperation for the top job longer term.

The whole direction and health of the club in the years to come could massively rest on who starts the season in charge of team affairs at Newcastle United.


  • Gary Hockey

    Big clearout needed from top to bottom in the summer i think!

  • Brownale69

    if he has a 5 year contract then Cashley would have to spend the Pard transfer money to get rid of him!

  • KevinBrown11

    Loyalty now is that loyalty to the club I don’t think so, more like loyalty to cashley, 2 wins in 12 games is relegation form, and cashley is impressed with that, it’s frightening to think if he does stay in charge next season we will be fighting relegation and that’s for sure. Spending £60 mil not likely more of selling our better players to make up the majority of the figure, so if he gets rid of say 7 first team players and signs 7 then we are no more better of than before, he should keep most of the first team and add to that and then we might have a better chance of not repeating this season, but that will never happen not under Scrooge cashley.

  • terriertwo

    Well they need someone to wash the strips and clean up the changing rooms and I’m sure Charva should be able to manage that. He must be good at something as coaching is beyond him.

  • wor monga

    Another ‘Exclusive’ found by scouring the internet…but whatever
    happens there is no reason to sack Carver…he’ll just go back to ensuring the
    players go through their training routines on the training ground, and are fit
    and ready when required

    …and if there is any incoming Head Coach then he will be
    responsible for setting the training routines, dictating the tactics etc…and
    picking the team…(as Pardew was)

    …it is simply Ashley telling any prospective Head Coach now that
    they will not dictate who their RH man will be!!

    …as he has decided those duties would be the responsibility
    of  Carr, and Carver .

  • Bills frollocks

    Carver staying at Newcastle and 60M to spend in the summer. Hey, life just gets better doesn’t it. I better rush out and buy my friends and family season tickets. The excitement is too much.