An all-time table of the clubs who have won the most trophies in their history has just been produced.

Newcastle fans have had little to shout about in modern times but the table proves just what a rich heritage the club has and potentially what it could achieve once again, if given the oppotunity to do so.

The Mail have produced the table amd have given more weighting to winning the league title for example than cups, leading to the odd anomaly such as Everton above Spurs despite winning fewer trophies.


Needless to say, it is just too depressing to consider just how much more prominent Newcastle would be, if the table only went up to 1969 or even better, only to 1955.

On the other hand Newcastle are still a respectable ninth in this table and also one of only eleven clubs to win a European trophy.

The other day there was an interesting table produced showing the average league position for all clubs throughout their hsitory, see where Newcastle featured in that one HERE.

The question we all ponder is whether Newcastle United will ever add to the total of trophies achieved in our glorious past.

With Mike Ashley having made clear the cups are of no interest, United look to be going to be treading a lot more water as we live in hope that things will change at the club one day.

  • wor monga

    The same number of League Titles as Chelsea, and we’ve spent
    nowt compared with them…only one FA Cup less than Liverpool, and the same
    number of European Cups as Man C, and Arsenal

    …and yet wor lass asks me after
    every game…why I still support them after all this time

    … at least we made the
    top 10, didn’t we!!

  • GToon

    wor monga She asks you probably because (like most of us) you never saw any of those trophies being won!!

  • wor monga

    GToon        We didn’t with any of the previous ownerships either

    …since I
    was in the junior school that is…but I was once told

    …if you can’t take a joke you
    shouldn’t have joined up, and that’s certainly true for supporting the Toon!!

  • wor monga

    GToon          Forgot to mention…I never saw any of those trophies being
    won, but I saw all the home games, and the homecoming of another one of those
    trophies that was counted up there

    …and we got the same number of that one as
    Man U…