Looking back at the Newcastle v Arsenal encounter, Alan Shearer slated the defending by his former team.

The Match of The Day pundit pointed to the difference between Giroud and Williamson, the French striker showing more strength and hunger to win than the Newcastle defender.

Vurnon Anita also quite rightly came into the firing line, with Alan Shearer not believing what he was seeing, as the only job the Dutchman had to do was to protect the post and yet the killer second goal dropped into the net just inside his post. For some reason Anita going walkabout into the middle of the goal.

“It could have been 3 or 4 at half-time and Arsenal should have been out of sight.

“Giroud was stronger than Williamson, he was hungrier than Williamson and that summed it up.”

What was Anita doing?

“Anita on the post – what was he doing?

“I don’t think we could repeat everything what John Carver said at half-time but what I’m sure he’d have said was you have to get higher up the pitch and close them down. More intensity – then you saw the difference.”

Great skill by Ryan Taylor:

“Great skill by Ryan Taylor (ball to Cabella in build-up to goal), they got the goal and suddenly they’re back in the game. Great finish from Sissoko but just look at the difference after that.

“They are now on the front foot and giving Arsenal something to think about.”

  • A lex

    Anita is one of the ‘gems’ picked up for £6.7m. Bet Ashley loses sleep every night at the loss he’ll make on this player.

  • DownUnderMag

    Anita was a strange call.  Not big enough to really cope with the physical nature of the Premiership and not quick enough to cause a threat breaking forward or able to get back to defend quick enough.  He isn’t a bad player, but just gets caught out a few too many times for my liking, but good to have as backup (although given his price tag compared to others it is a shame he hasn’t been more influential)

  • Christopher Murphy


  • magpie9

    Anita is one of the growing list of cut price players recommended by Carr that are not up to E.P.L.  Marveaux, De Jong, Obertan  Goufran etc all costing a few million each are no way good enough. Spending that money ona proven player & paying the going rate for wages would be a far better way to go but as long as fatty runs the club that will never happen

  • Brownale69

    A lex Id take 6 for him!!! guess he is worth fk all with Williamson

  • MagInTheSmoke

    To be fair, Carr can only recommend within the prices that he’s given. He’s been told to find rough diamonds, and that’s a very hard task. I’m sure if he was told to find players of any value, he’d pick out some much better talent.

  • Hughie

    Not even sure that Anita would make a Championship side. Lightweight and offers nothing, this league is far too quick and physical for him. Jonas for him any day.

  • tino o

    Williamson causes everyone in the the team extra duties his positional sense is none existent atrocious on the ball and panics his way through games. The second goal yesterday where was he looking? ? It looks from the pictures it was girouds man hood!! He needs to be kept away from the team give satka a chance I’m sure we would see an instant improvement in our play.

  • AndyMac1

    only have one hope against Arsenal and that is to disrupt their game,
    get in their faces from the KO, be first to every ball and dont let them
    settle into their passing game. If we do then the team will be as one
    with the crowd”
    I wrote this a couple of days before the game on Saturday. We did press them in the second half but why not from the start ? 
    Answer because Carver and Pardwho before him have ingrained this “containment, lets stay in the game” bullshlt into the players as if its our only way of competing with the rest of the league ???
    The sooner this mindset is banished from the dressing room the better

  • AndyMac1

    Brownale69 A lex You got to bear in mind that certain players just dont fit in with this management team. If I was a halfway decent player, having worked my way up the pyramid, then transferred to NUFC, I’d be seriously plssed off having to work with the likes of Pardwho and Carver. I think Anita’s only fault is that he’s stayed whereas he should have asked for a transfer in the first season.

    Remember we had this season’s 2nd top scorer in Holland with us last season and he bombed while he was here with Pardwho and Carver confusing the hell out of him !

  • v0ices

    MagInTheSmoke most of these players would probably go unnoticed in most teams where others cover for them, the real problem is we have a team of them the gambles that pay off go and the failures stay that’s the whole problem with a buy to sell attitude without reinvestment of all the clubs profit to buy quality your team gets worse every year. Unless you get lucky and most of the gambles pay off of course.

  • newcastle7

    Giroud is a cheat who dived to win the free kick for the first goal a disgrace closely followed by Ramsey.
    Both of them spent half the time on the floor eating grass bet the gteat man never mentioned that.

  • PhilYare

    if Shearer had been on that post aged 40-odd in his MOTD shirt and tie he would have cleared it easily. Anita along with williamson is basically useless. If there is 10 things they have to do in a match theyd lose out 10 out of 10