Despite having parted company three months ago, Alan Pardew bizarrely continues to cover for old boss Mike Ashley.

Appearing on Sky’s Goals On Sunday programme on Sunday, the now Crystal Palace manager was still keen to talk about what did and didn’t happen at St. James’ Park when he was in charge.

Pardew gives excuses/reasons for the failures at Newcastle but fails to point the finger at the real culprit:

“We finished fifth with an unbelievably great team and unfortunately we could not build on that.

“I felt we had another great side not that long ago when we had Cabaye and Remy firing, then that transfer window (January 2014) really hurt us. We lost Yohan Cabaye and Remy got injured, it’s difficult to try to stay with those top clubs when you have not got investment.”

Closer than Southampton:

“We got so close, probably closer than Southampton are this year. We were two or three games from being in the Champions League.

“The expectation that we put under my own management gave us pressure, we had the Europa League and there were also issues with the squad size.”

More sponsorship and corporate money:

“It is tough because it (north east) has got the most unemployment in the country and the government need to look at that and they need some investment in the North-East.

“Therefore you could get more sponsorship coming into the ground and more corporate money coming in which would boost the funds.”

All of the weaknesses that Alan Pardew points to, happen to have Mike Ashley as the overwhelming reason behind them.

Yes the north east is hardest hit when it comes to the economy but that isn’t why there’s not more corporate/sponsorship money.

The club don’t even chase this money because unless you were born yesterday, you know that Mike Ashley uses Newcastle United as free promotion/publicity for the rest of his business empire.

How could sponsorship/corporate money come in when Ashley insists that more or less everything is branded with his companies?

Pardew talks of failing to build on the fifth place finish. He talked of brining in numerous players during the summer of 2012, including the dominant centre-back who would also score goals that we still haven’t got,  and then the only signing Ashley allowed was the substandard Vurnon Anita.

Pardew talks of issues with the squad size, once again this is down to Mike Ashley who season after season refuses to allow the funds to be released to give Newcastle a big enough squad.

Yohan Cabaye sold and no replacement bought…I wonder who was responsible for that?

John Carver has now promised a glorious future with exciting signings coming in the summer that fans won’t believe.

The personnel might change but the empty promises continue.

  • GToon

    You know reading his quotes you could almost forget the owner is worth about 4 billion. You’d think Pardew had to pay for it all himself.

  • wor monga

    Everyman and his dog knows who’s to blame for the total lack
    of investment at the Toon…Pardew doesn’t need to name any names or play any
    blame game

    …he just got on with the job as best he could with the
    players he was given (like most managers outside of the top PL clubs) and therefore
    he ended up taking all the constant flak from the likes of you Jackie.

    …until the opportunity to move on came along, and he grabbed
    it with both hands.

  • partworntyres

    carver talks about a glorious future because he has invented a new football boot. the secret is a three day old pie in the toe of each boot – it reminds him of his early playing days, so if it was good enough for him and his mates…..

  • Greggy164

    Ashley has got his tanks on Pardews lawn

  • RichGibb

    I watched this interview, and to be honest he told it like it was. Yeah he didn’t launch into a rant about Mike Ashley, but then, why should he? To please some people? He came across like he at least understood the area. I didn’t like his style of football, which was too contrained. And I didn’t like the instances he was sometimes involved in (headbutt etc). But he did ‘ok’ in terms of position finishes, on a shoestring budget. The blame should go completely to MA for our current mess.

  • He’s not saying it out loud, but what else can he be talking about? The blame is most certainly being placed at Mike Ashley’s door. It doesn’t need spelling out.
    Another non-story. This site and it’s negativity really pee me off. Just as I give it another go, I find another few minutes of my life wasted.