Adam Johnson is still on bail after having it extended but has now been cleared to face Newcastle United in 17 days time.

Police investigations continue into claims that the Sunderland winger was engaged in sexual activity with a 15 year old girl.

However, after discussing the matter with the PFA, Sunderland have allowed Johnson to train again with the first team, having spent doing solo training with a fitness coach since his arrest.

Sunderland releasing this statement:

“The club has discussed the current position in detail with both the PFA and Adam’s representatives.

“In line with those discussions we recognise that the player is entitled to re-commence his duties with the club while the legal process continues. He will therefore return to training.”

It is very unlikely Johnson will be considered for the Sunderland match at West Ham this weekend but with a two week international break, it is expected the winger will return against Newcastle.

It won’t be any surprise to see Sunderland desperate to play Adam Johnson despite the police investigation, considering he has scored in three of the last four derby matches, the Wearside club winning all four of those games.

If Johnson plays and potentially scores in another derby win, then is later found to be guilty, no doubt John Carver will be feeling pretty hard done by.


  • Greg Codling

    Yeah…that’s gonna be a laugh for the geordies!

  • Marklp

    He can’t play in the derby, The abuse he will get of us would be huge. Most players can handle the abuse when it’s about diving or cheating but 4000 Geordies telling you your a child molester is something else.


    Act of desperation, If sunderland were safe in mid table, Johnson wouldn’t get a look in. Now they are in trouble all ethical reasoning goes out the window. Sunderland initially took the moral high ground and suspended him but there in trouble now so they show there true colours. deserve all the critisism they will get over this

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    We sign the song about him haha cart wait and it live on skysports hehehe

  • Jarra MIck

    Aye as I keep saying football has no morals it is win at all costs, at any cost. The Mackems to be fair are no worse than all the other teams. I think this is why I hate all the players in the top divisions because they are money grabbing cnuts who couldn’t give a fcuk about anyone else unless it makes them look good. They have no moral compass this is switched off at an early age by their parents who are continually telling them how everything they do is right. This is how we end up with people like Rooney, Gerard and Terry being idolised when in reality they are horrible despicable individuals.