Dave King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan have being voted onto the Rangers board at the extraordinary general meeting earlier today at Ibrox.

The Rangers shareholders have thrown Mike Ashley’s men, Chief Executive Derek Llambias and finance director Barry Leach, off the board with 85% of the votes cast voting for change.

Chairman David Somers and fellow Director James Easdale had already resigned from the board.

In an eventful week for Mike Ashley north of the border, the Newcastle United owner was earlier fined £7,500 by the Scottish Football Association for breaching rules on dual ownership/interest in more than one club.

With the outcome clear well in advance, another ally of Mike Ashley, Sandy Easdale (Chairman of the club’s football board) abstained from the vote, he represented a bloc of shareholders with control of around 20% of the shares. Easdale seemingly not wanting to be seen to back a lost cause.

It is anticipated the new directors will be immediately appointed to the board, though they still have a couple of hurdles to jump with Derek Llambias and Barry Leach.

As well as being Directors on the board, the pair have employment contracts that will need to be terminated.

While there is also the spectre of Mike Ashley potentially reinstating them to the board as his loan arrangement includes the right to appoint two directors.

The new Directors will also have to appoint a new nominated advisor (Nomad), which is the company that facilitates Rangers International Football Club’s listing on the Alternative Investment Market.

A new nomad must be appointed within 30 days or else the company will be de-listed from the stock exchange.

Good luck to Rangers in their struggle with  Mike Ashley but it looks like they will have tough days ahead.

At Newcastle United we know all too well what happens when anybody crosses him, as evidenced by Ashley sentencing Newcastle fans to a lifetime of hard labour supporting a club without ambition and dismal football on the pitch.

Dave King has already stated that Rangers need more than £20m invested in the very near future to get the club into a competitive position. While no doubt the new directors will be taking a keen look at all of the contracts set up by their predecessors, particularly those that favour a certain Mike Ashley.

Paul Murray will be interim Chairman until Dave King passes the ‘fit and proper person’ test.


  • Alex_Locati

    TeamToon thelionbrand now it’s your turn guys!

  • 87Hendy

    TeamToon dnt take it lying down lads. Fight the regime

  • allanwilson58

    TeamToon what’s your take of what is going on at ibrox today???

  • PaulAllison

    Time for you guys to get rid of the rats… Good luck !!!

  • WeKnowHeKnew

    TeamToon Newcastle fans are every bit as loyal as RANGERS fans. Starving that fat fk ashley of ££ is the only way to get rid of him #fatpig

  • amacdee

    Ironic that King has to pass a fit and proper person test whereas Fatman steals the family jewels, forgets to pay for his advertising bill and nothing’s said ?

  • fyodor48

    i wish Newcastle fans Well In their struggles with M A, what does confuse me is looks like loadsa fans turn up for games, 
    Only way to Beat this dude is, empty stadia. BOYCOT BOYCOT BOYCOT, is way forward… 

  • So Ashley has been fined by the S F A for breaching rules on duel ownership. What happens now , is he allowed to just continue as before with his empire building  ? That’s like getting fined for stealing a car then being allowed to drive off in the car after leaving court !

  • @Alex_Locati TeamToon thelionbrand Has Ashley still got the right to reinstate his minions back on the board , as per the loan agreement ?

  • No Brainer

    The retail agreement with Sports Direct structure was in place whilst a board including Dave king was in charge, i struggle to see him as a saviour.

  • Demented_Man

    fyodor48 You said it, mate!

  • DavidDrape

    C’mon we have the ideal opportunity and keep this momentum going and damage his brands by staying away & stop buying anything related to his investments (inc tesocs & debenhams i believe). RIFC fans have shown the way lets get these money grabbers out of football. Its ”WAKEY WAKEY TIME” for NUFC fans or we are in for another 8years of this shenanigans. I am doing my small bit & those who are happy to keep on going to fill SJP are playing right into SD and ashleys hands. LETS FIGHT FOR OUR CLUB. Like RIFC its likely that every time anyone buys a shirt from your club that only approx 75p goes back to the club.

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer I struggle to see Ashley as anything other than a fat, greasy parasite.  Anything else seems kinda like a bonus.

  • A lex

    Our sackless lot will continue to turn up……..and even then, sit on their thumbs and say nowt in the new City Library. I think JFK may have had a point when he questioned the intelligence of some up here.

  • Chemical Dave

    Can’t help but admire what’s happening in Glasgow whilst at the same time remembering thelong and sustained pressure fans (and local media at the time) allied on Mckeag to pave the way for him leaving and giving the fans a period where supporting nufc was actually exciting. A lot of our current apologists were around at the time so it absolutely baffles me why people appear to accept the fat mans financial rape of our club with such broken spirited surrender.

  • DavidDrape

    Chemical Dave exactly & i am disgusted our local medai (NJC) have foolishly jumped back into bed with the devil. i am finished with them when they had a simple choice of ashley or the backing the fans for change. the fans as it happens have kept them newspapers alive for years

  • AngeBlue55

    No Brainer  Sorry but it definitely wasn’t. That’s a lie.

  • Chemical Dave

    Pay no mind to no brainer, he’s an utter sad act .

  • Chemical Dave

    Unfortunately times have changed, I’m guessing that fat slugs financial muscle with the trinity group makes it far harder for ncj now than previously. That said, sycophantic and puerile articles by Lee Ryder have made me want to vomit at times.

  • No Brainer

    ‘Rape’ how much has he taken out of the club?

  • No Brainer

    When did king leave the board?

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer The soul and spirit.  What else is there?

  • No Brainer

    Only for a few who were probablyused to failure during westwood seymour mekeag hall and shepherd and have reached their snapping point it happens to all at some point I guess theres not many old folk at the match

  • Ibrox Bear

    Llambias is a nasty little man that tried throwing his weight around by sacking people and threatning the fans board with his  lawyers. I had expected a Billionair like Ashley to have a better class of people working for him.  Now Llambias knows how horrible people in Glasgow can be . I dont think he will be back.

  • Chemical Dave

    Are you the thickest man on the planet yer tedious lickspittle?

  • No Brainer

    Too much chemicals dave?

  • A lex

    Ibrox Bear Don’t associate Ashley with any kind of ‘class’. Financially, he’s done pretty well. Socially, he’s down there with the dog turds. No wonder he’s a virtual hermit – got no real friends, just those who do his bidding for few quid. Look who he lets run SD – that greaseball, Keith Hellawell, Blair’s former ‘drug tsar’.

  • toonterrier

    I don’t think throwing them off the board goes far enough. Hopefully Mr Ashley will join up with them and our friends up north can throw them all off the Forth bridge. Now that’s what I call justice. Just a shame all the poor fish will be poisoned.

  • Greggy164

    Magic. Hahahahahaha.
    Do you know how horrible we can be Del boy?
    You said you would not be chased from Glasgow. Hows that going?
    If you come back will you have the bodyguards with you?

  • Did you see the fleeting comments he made at the airport , he’s just a spiv !

  • BillyfromConsett


  • Ibrox Bear

    Bodyguards would be  something King and co would never  need,, if things had got nasty they have 500,000 people to protect them

  • Ibrox Bear

    A lex Ibrox Bear
    Very sad..money is not everything.

  • Ibrox Bear

    The fine of £7,500 from the SFA is a joke, what is important is the guilty verdict ,  we can now go in and look at the contracts made by his appointed board, as they may have been made in Ashleys favour.

  • Greggy164

    Ibrox Bear Greggy164  King is a fellow Bear. He is 1 of us.

    On a similar topic. The treatment of McCoist has been shocking. Far too many fans turning on 1 of their own. Always be a legend in my eyes

  • Greggy164

    @WeKnowHeKnew TeamToon  Has somebody questioned Newcastles fans loyalty? If they have then I would suspect they are at wind up? You guys are as loyal as fans can be

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  Ye can never have too many chemicals. Speaking as someone who grew up with the rave scene

  • Greggy164

    A lex Ibrox Bear  Got to agree A lex. SD and Wonga are everything that is wrong with the country. The SD brand is cheap and nasty like its owner and Wonga are scum.

  • Greggy164

    devonbay  He probably wont have to pay the fine. What can SFA do if he doesnt?

  • Greggy164

    Chemical Dave  Glasgow has destroyed the myth Ashley doesnt loose. It was easy.

    Llambias thought he could do what he wanted. He thought he could come here, take us for pricks and galavant about the city centre. Playing the part of a bigtime Charlie. He was soon found out. Shitebag.

    I dont think Ashley has even set foot in Glasgow. Another shitebag. Bullies dont like it when somebody stands up to them

  • Greggy164

    devonbay  He talks a good fight when he has protection around him. Did you see him and Leach sneaking away from Ibrox in a BMW? Couldnt face the fans at the EGM. That tells us all we need to know about them. No backbone. If you let them, they will walk all over you,  as we have seen.