On Friday I posed the question to Newcastle fans, if you couldn’t have a pint would you still be going to the match?

Imagine just for a second if a matchday drinking ban was brought in, would you still go to watch Newcastle at the present time?

When putting forward the question, I asked if only the fans who are still going to matches AND who drink alcohol could answer.

The motivation came about because whenever I speak to those who are still going regularly to St. James’ Park, I hear the same thing time after time.

Everybody is fed up with Mike Ashley and hates what is happening at the club, as well as the football being rubbish. With the only reason that keeps most fans going is what happens aside from the football. Meeting up with friends and having a few pints before, during, after the game.

Newcastle is unique of all big clubs, with the stadium bang in the city centre and only five minutes away from countless drinking establishments.

Thanks to everybody who voted and we had an overwhelming outcome.

71% said that if matchdays were alcohol free they would NOT be still going to St. James’ Park.

29% saying they would go regardless.

This isn’t a celebration of drinking but more a recognition that Mike Ashley has got unbelievably lucky in having a fanbase who keep filling the ground (so far), despite the misery he has inflicted on them.

With the social aspect of matchday and meeting friends & family over a few drinks, the overwhelming reason as to why crowds have stayed so high, despite the poor football and all the other nonsense that comes with Mike Ashley’s ownership.


  • LeazesEnder

    Bingo…. the true reason that the ground is always full, and the ultimate reason the club has failed for 60 years!

    The club can fail and still draw on the enormous Social Club Membership!  And by God have they let the ‘Committee’ get away with watering the beer down!

  • Greekgeordie

    No long ago it was that most fans will not put any money into Ashley pockets by refusing to bye any merchandise including using the bars and restaurants in SJP, now 70% report that the only reason attending the games is the expensive beer.
    I think the Mag shot itself on the foot this time.

  • wor monga

    So what you’re saying is that 71% of the Mag readers that
    responded are only going to the game because of the alcohol they can consume
    before, during or after the game…

    which works out at what exactly…71% of the 20
    or 30 who normally respond on this site with comments / likes, etc…or not.

    Why don’t you tell us how many voted…and how many of them actually
    live in the country…or even attend the matches…and then tell us why these
    idiots don’t just meet their mates in the Toon, have a good time and not bother
    with the match which just hits them in the pocket, and cuts out on their
    valuable drinking time…

    but you can’t, Jim can you? because the insignificant
    number you’d have to put up would not be representative of anything at all…except
    how stupid your so called ‘Polls’ are!!

  • Double Carpet

    So to 70% of fans, and I’d be interested to know the size of the sample, a pint before the game and at half time is more important than the football.
    Staggering. If people think the football is that bad (and it’s not good) then it follows they aren’t likely to support the regime (fully justified). So why buy beer in the ground, thereby giving further financial support to the regime?
    What’s wrong with a trip to the pub before and/or after the game?
    2nd point, the conclusion that crowds have stayed high despite everything is flawed. The beer-related evidence proves nothing of the sort. Crowds are high because of one thing alone – deeply ingrained blind loyalty.

  • GrantyNUFC

    NUFCTheMag the last couple of seasons ive only went for the craic and there has been numerous times I’ve actually just went on the drink

  • GrantyNUFC

    NUFCTheMag at away games

  • LeazesEnder

    Greekgeordie He’s saying fans meet in the Town before the game to have a pint and afterwards….thats what we do!

  • LeazesEnder

    Double Carpet deeply ingrained blind stupidity, beer, and a large captive population to draw upon!

  • Porciestreet

    Double Carpet 
    Your last four words says it all and nothing will change.

  • Thehub78

    GrantyNUFC NUFCTheMag agree, there has been times last season where I had a ticket but just stayed in the toon on the drink.

  • Toonbadger

    You have to have a skin full to watch the dross they are serving up, you couldn`t go sober ffs

  • howaymebonnylads

    how many votes were counted?

  • DZA187

    If you need alcohol to watch a game of football, you are the wrong type of fan. Unless you are really bored of what’s going on pitch side, unless drinking alcohol, makes you feel better wearing a wonga shirt :)

  • DavidDrape

    LeazesEnder lol Newcaslte United (not FC) Social Club – The biggest social club in the UK. The Bottom Club’s (Byker) committee could do a better job than these liars. Ashley ripping the heart out of Newcastle United. Those who have passed would turn in their grave. Its now time for us fans to invent and stick to a protest strategy.

  • newcastle7

    There was a match day ban on alcohol when we played in Italy for twenty four hours and guess what everyone still went did not put one person off. Also my kids rarely drink before matches the odd one away
    but never at home.Perhaps that is because they proper supporters who appreciate the delights of following their team.

  • Geordie Zebra

    What an unbelievably pointless poll. No way does this indicate crowds would be down by 35k people if drinking was banned in and around the town. What it shows of the 30 or so who obviously link the 2 – the match and having a beer, which is fine – 21 of them said they’d stop attending. Hardly compelling evidence.