The Rangers interim Chairman Paul Murray has revealed shocking details of the deals that took five Newcastle loan players to Ibrox.

Murray says one of the five took medicals before Rangers committed to the loans, which were organised when Derek Llambias was pulling the strings at Rangers.

The interim Chairman has also made public the fact that £300,000 was also wasted by organising the general meeting to oust directors which included Llambias and another Ashley ally, Barry Leach. Rather than them resigning once it became clear that the rebel shareholders would easily win the vote.

Paul Murray:

 “Let me give just two examples of the recklessness displayed by those who were removed from office just more than two weeks ago.

“One is the amount, in the region of £300,000, spent on a needless general meeting.

“The other is the signing of five Newcastle loan players without medicals – this is simply appalling.”

Of the five Newcastle loan players, only Haris Vuckic has played any number of games.

Remie Streete played a few minutes before having to go off injured on his debut, whilst Kevin Mbabu, Gael Bigirimana and Shane Ferguson have never been fit enough to play.

Indeed Mbabu and Ferguson didn’t even go up for the photo shoot when the loans were announced, as they were receiving treatment for their injuries at Newcastle at the time.


  • Sickandtiredstill

    Player development, blah blah blah. 
    Now it’s as obvious as most of us thought – he saved some pennies at NUFC and totally screwed over RFC along with his mini-me, Llambias.
    There’s simply nothing the man won’t do, or no one he won’t use, in order to try and get his own way.

  • radgiegadgie

    No need for a medical, it was obvious they were injured

  • AndyMac1

    Classic case of sweeping the dirt under the carpet  ;-)

  • Malcolm Colledge

    The whole arrangement is a joke.

  • toon tony

    Penny pinching from the FCB.

  • SamDunbar

    AndyMac1 plenty of dirt swept under the piggery at the east end eh

  • partworntyres

    hope they have a medical before they come back!

  • No Brainer

    Send them back then

  • No Brainer

    Rangers are paying less than 25%of the wages with nufc picking up accommodation vosts too. If the deal is that bad send them back.
    why haven’t they.
    rangers fans think vukic is a class apart from everyone else. Its not streete’s or nufc’s fault he got injured. As for gael mccall saud he’s a grwat boy to have around tge place…… he won’t kick a ball for us this season but we’ll se.
    Does that not suggest there is sonething mire in this deal for rabgers?
    If your going to mian about this do it from an nufc view rangers are in the four king benefit here not us

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer I am moaning from the NUFC perspective –  our devious owner was behind it and it wasn’t for this Club’s benefit. 
    Same as sending Llambias (our MD at the time!) to Ibrox to address their supporters on the merits of accepting a SD name change for their ground.
    He never acts in our interests, always and only his own. 
    Time even you started to accept that rather than just blindly arguing against it.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer I have always been very vocal against how this deal is no good for nufc.

    Absolutely fuming about how a club which is one of last bastions racist bigoted idiots and doing very little to eradicate itself of them. Is benefited by the support I give to NUFC with my cash. there isn’t even any real benefit to them playing in that league the pl reserves are all better than that league.

    I don’t accept that means everything he does at the toon is evil though he seems to trip himself up though all to often without thought. He/charnley/carr/pardew didn’t sign a centre back and that has been a really massive error, the difference between us achieving 8th and what is likely to be 12th 13th in the end is likely to cost him the same money as buying one.

    We can’t fault him for Siem de Jong and or Cisse and colo’s stupidity. 
    Whilst Cisse deserves punishment, I find it hard to swallow this seasons most prolific scorer, receives bans for over 25% of the season because he reacts to.
    1. Being yanked all over the place which should be a penalty 
    2. Being spat at and doing the same back.

    It isn’t always Ashley’s fault for everything.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill 

    “It isn’t always Ashley’s fault for everything”. What does that mean?

    The players should be sent back. Including Vukic. I said after EGM that a 7 seater people carrier would do the job.

    How are Rangers racist bigots?  Souness changed things when he was here and since then we have had players from many nationalities and religions. There was a period when half our team were RC. Amoruso was our captain. The club is in no way racist or bigots.

    There is some in our support who have racist views. Which support hasn’t got some that let their clubs down?

    Large section of our support with links to N Ireland. That doesnt mean they are all bigots. Some of the most commited fans travel from N Ireland.

    You must deliver the papers. White van man. John Menzies?

  • No Brainer

    Greggy164 No Brainer Sickandtiredstill Yes, that comes under my remit too the nice guys at Linwood, Newbridge, Gala, Dalgety Bay, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dumfries are all wonderful some support Rangers some support Celtic, some support English teams some support local teams, most are really like other fans and take it for a sport, entertainment which it is, and that is all.

    That Rangers fans and Celtic fans get together to protest about their rights to sing sectarian songs is appalling and the same goes for both sides. That sort of behaviour is very rarely seen in the english game I can’t actually recall it in recent memory save a  northern irish rangers fan wearing the blue of chelsea, showing his true self. 

    Their clubs inactivity in doing something about it is Glasgow and scottish footballs shame.

    I’m wondering what’s your thoughts about NUFC?

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer Greggy164 Sickandtiredstill 

    I thought we had spoke about this before. Ive always liked NUFC. It was The side Keegan built. Loved the attacking, we will score more than you attitude. Some of the best games ever on Sky included NUFC. 2 crackers V Liverpool. Loved it when you thumped Man U 5-0 or 5-1. Albert’s lob. Beardsley, Ginola,Shearer, Asprilla. I could name plenty more.

    Any time I have met people from Newcastle Ive normally found I got on well with them. Similiar to Glaswegians. Honest hard working people who like to let their hair down now and again

  • Greggy164

    partworntyres  Yip. They will need a thorough medical examination when they return. They will need checked for recreational drugs and STDs. They arent playing much football so they are free to go shagging

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  When are you next in Central Scotland?

  • No Brainer

    Greggy164 No Brainer Friday

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer Greggy164  Do you want to take me for a pint?

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer Greggy164  Alright I’ll buy you one

  • ChristianHegbo

    Does anyone
    have an inkling on how our medical & physio (facilities & staff) are
    handled? Seems to me that our club, constantly, are fare worse off in regards
    to injuries than that of our competitors. And this has been going on for quite
    a while…

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