Two days ago we asked you which Newcastle players would you keep at the end of the season?

United updated their 25 man Premier League senior squad list at the end of January after the transfer window closed, they could only manage 23 names and we listed all (Those qualifying as Under 21 players such as Ayoze Perez, Rolando Aarons and others, are additional to the 25 man squad).

We asked which ones would you definitely keep?

We didn’t want you just to say ‘Oh, I’ll keep him because it’s better than nothing as we won’t sign anybody decent etc etc’.

We asked you to tick/select the Newcastle players who you definitely think would be an asset in next season’s Premier League and you’d love them to stay.

The response was tremendous and over twenty five thousand votes for the various players were recorded.

Below are the percentage of fans who voted for each player.

No doubt this will produce plenty of debate.

Not just amongst supporters but hopefully inside the football club as well.

When there are only eleven senior players that the majority of fans want to retain, surely anybody can see that there is a massive rebuilding job that needs to be done.

With the best manager/head coach that can be recruited  and realistic funds to give the club a squad that is fit for purpose.

I’ll not give you my conclusions on the individual players but I’d love to see your comments if you’d like to add them at the end of this article.

Percentage of supporters that voted for each player:

99% Daryl Janmaat

97% Moussa Sissoko

97% Jack Colback

96% Remy Cabella

95% Tim Krul

84% Siem de Jong

79% Papiss Cisse

78% Mehdi Abeid

76% Massadio Haidara

69% Paul Dummett

65% Ryan Taylor

45% Jonas Gutierrez

44% Steven Taylor

43% Sammy Ameobi

37% Fabricio Colocconi

36% Cheick Tiote

22% Rob Elliot

21% Emmanuel Riviere

19% Gabriel Obertan

10% Yoan Gouffran

8%   Vurnon Anita

7%   Facundo Ferreyra

7%   Mike Williamson


  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Mike Williamson is the last hahahahaa , Ohh wait , it’s not a surprise .

    Now let the idiot running the club see this . . .

  • SGM

    25,000 boxes ticked. Not 25,000 voters, see what the author did?
    Just goes to show how few people take part in this shite.

  • lobsterman

    Where is Rolando Arrons?

  • Frank Pingles left sock

    He’s not in the 25man squad because of his age. Same as Perez any under 21 player can be used in matches without being named in registered squad

  • Frank Pingles left sock

    Scary part is he actually got 7%!!

  • mentalman

    What is even scarier is chuckie got 7%

  • Brian Standen

    What an eye opener, nice Mike bottom of list. Nothing against him or nice Vernon Anite but both clearly not good enough. I hate being like this but these guys get paid enough…….,.. I don’t!

  • Brown Bottle

    I’d swap Jonas for R.Taylor but, apart from those, the rest can take a long walk off a short pier.

  • tino o

    The problem is this is what the fans want. Since when has fatty took our advice? ? The poll is about right and it would be nice to get rid of some of the crap that is there and replace with a bit more quality. But judging from the past I won’t be getting my hopes up. He has a history of doing the wrong thing but I do think if it is left as it is it won’t be too long before we’re in the championship

  • Porciestreet

    Brown Bottle 
    The problem is that RT is the only decent dead ball specialist at the club and if he goes, he should be replaced like for like. I would keep him on for his utility , free kicks and corners etc.

  • LeazesEnder

    Good clubs retain their best players and pass on the average…. I fear this is a shopping list for our competitors and those at the bottom are what we will be stuck with….

    …. this has been the way of our club for a long time, and it never helped that the Chronicle used the ‘retained list’ as page fillers, and popularised the poor sods …. Stephen Taylor War Cries and Williamson and Ameobi ‘owing the fans one’…..

    Which leads on to the question of what type of players would come to a club which everyone knows to be one without ambition, and merely a stepping stone to showcase their skills… players who don’t want to get injured but in a small squad the inevitability of reduced numbers leads to a greater risk factor, and poorer performance levels.

    The clubs policy has not changed, and the hole we find ourselves in is a sinkhole getting deeper…. there is more to do in this close season, but a management of reluctant powerless dithering individuals will leave the club short again….

    …. after eight years of a five year plan, of purple players and half season abandonment, and thrown fixtures…. we are gradually learning!

  • Nially_Caff

    NUFCTheMag I like him but 65 percent in favour of offering Ryan Taylor a new contract? surely we need to progress. #sentimental

  • toonmick

    Nially_Caff NUFCTheMag sentiment aside hes a good utiliy player … So we should keep him…

  • Mal44

    If the powers that be had any sense they would use this list as a basis for the promised clear out – and not sell anybody in the top half. But I doubt that will happen.

  • Grey_Ham1

    toonmick NUFCTheMag Nially_Caff and is probably the only player we have that can take a decent set-piece

  • Jimmywayhay

    What happened to Perez ? Or has everybody assumed he will be sold in the summer ?

  • Nially_Caff

    Grey_Ham1 toonmick NUFCTheMag so you would keep a bang average, injury prone player cos he’s cheap and can take a corner.

  • Nially_Caff

    Grey_Ham1 toonmick NUFCTheMag keeping Taylor as this utility squad option typical of the Ashley regime

  • LeazesEnder

    Jimmywayhay Yes

  • Philippines

    Jimmywayhay Read the article again. It explains why.

  • toonmick

    Nially_Caff NUFCTheMag madness to let a player go who can play in a number of positions#worththeirweightingold

  • Steve1221

    I can’t believe the number of votes Haidara got, he’s atrocious, Dummet is a far better option at left back and even he isn’t great.

  • mr_gb_87

    Marckavanagh2 interesting! Brazianzon rock bottom lol

  • Marckavanagh2

    mr_gb_87 wats dummett doin wit that many votes ha

  • mr_gb_87

    Marckavanagh2 a na haha! No surprise who’s top like! Love that bloke me. Gives it all every game. That’s all we ask

  • Marckavanagh2

    mr_gb_87 he was the best cb we’ve had all season n he doesnt even play there ha

  • mr_gb_87

    Marckavanagh2 exactly, our def is shocking like! Even MrMaps wud get a start U0001f601

  • Marckavanagh2

    mr_gb_87 MrMaps he’d b a revelation

  • mr_gb_87

    Marckavanagh2 MrMaps unbelievable Jeff x

  • Deluded

    Steve1221 Both poor left backs, but to me Dummett is better at centre back and covers an attacking left back better. Much better than S Taylor and Iron Mike ( I know that’s not hard). We need a left sided Janmaat. His commitment and will to win is refreshing. He’s always berating people like Ameobi who just dally in front of him too scared to go forward. He just takes it on. He’s been our biggest goal threat, either by crosses or coming forward having a dig.

  • Deluded

    Philippines Jimmywayhay Read the article? Where’s the fun in that?! Anyway, he’s probably the only player who would get 100%! Don’t know why Janmaat didn’t.

  • Deluded

    lobsterman Use eyes to read the article. Brain may need to be engaged.

  • ToonTone100

    Gouffran hang your head in shame for being so low – capable but cant be arsed too much of the time being reflected here I think … Also suprised Ryan Taylor isn’t higher than that – great player in my book. Was on the top of his game way back when he first got injured & if you watch him, good signs of him recovering that form.

  • HelenaIsti

    NUFCTheMag daryljanmaat89 ms_sissoko methinks daryl n jack are great so far, moussa is a fine choice as well.

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder Jimmywayhay To right he has !!

  • Brown Bottle

    Porciestreet Brown Bottle …..unfortunately, I can’t remember the last time he took a decent free kick or a productive corner. Sorry mate, I take your point but for me, he’s in the Shola class.

  • Brown Bottle

    @toonmick Nially_Caff NUFCTheMag ….but he can’t ” play in a number of positions ” . He might be used in a number of positions but, the boy can’t play.

  • LeazesEnder

    Who are all this lot from, Twitter…. Clear Off!

  • Benblacknwhite

    SAFC: Hey, Mag editorial folk, we need a favour…
    MAG: How can we help?
    SAFC: We’re cr*p, maybe even going down, so it would really help us if you could come up with a   way to help us win the derby…..
    MAG: Don’t worry….we have a poll to publish that will severely dent any remaining confidence that some of our less capable players have…..we were going to wait till the end of the season but instead…..since you need our help…we’ll publish it now!!!!!