We all know that Mike Ashley has created a monster.

A club with no ambition other than to stay in the Premier League and to keep picking up the TV money.

However, I’ve often wondered how a squad of players, who know they have no chance of winning anything while employed by Ashley, can continue to play at the top level without questioning their conscience?

How do they turn up day in day out, working with clueless coaches and support staff, perhaps knowing more about the game than the mooches employed by Big Mike, yet accepting the terms and conditions of their contract?

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Maybe part of that answer lies somewhere within the following headline which appeared on the Manchester Evening News website:

 ‘Manchester City striker Wilfried Bony has new neighbours – Newcastle United’

Suggesting that although NUFC cannot compete with the likes of Southampton, Swansea and West Ham in terms of buying players and paying for their wages, we can afford to house our limited squad in some of the best hotels in the UK, as well as flying them to most of the away games.

The NUFC squad yesterday arrived at the very chic Radisson Hotel in Manchester for the Saturday evening match against Citeh. The Radisson is so highly thought of that Citeh have installed their newest star striker, Bony, in the same Hotel and Citeh are not short of a bob or two.

So happily the players are looked after! They get to eat and stay at the best hotels and then when the season ends and the club manages to scrape a 10th placed finish, the players receive a bonus and everyone heads off happily into the warm summer sunshine !

It’s good to be a Geordie!


  • supermacsnewname

    ” clueless coaches and support staff” is a childish statement, unless you of course have higher FA/FIFA pro qualifications and greater experience than they have – it is not their fault that we have a bad transfer record now exposed by a terrible run of injuries
    we have a temporary manager with half a fit squad and it seems all some people can do is bad mouth them – it is the owner at fault, not his employees – give fatso all the agro he deserves but for heavens sake get behind the team for the rest of the season or just sod off – HWTL

  • wor monga

    You should be ashamed of yourself…trawling through the daily
    ‘dustbins’ for anything to attack the club and it’s players with…

    those prats in Manchester,
    London, and Liverpool can do that perfectly well themselves without any help
    from toadies like you Mc…

    HWL…and let’s give the Toon Army something to cheer today..

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga HTL

  • LeazesEnder

    supermacsnewname HTL

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    wor monga  Your constant whinging and moaning is starting to become tiresome, remember you recently stated ” its just football ” so if you dislike The Mag so much then please move on.

  • supermacsnewname

    for heavens sake 2someitsonlyagame who and what are you complaing about? get behind the team for the rest of the season or just sod off – HWTL

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    supermacsnewname  Support the CLUB, not just the team.

  • supermacsnewname

    2someitsonlyagame supermacsnewname – ah, yes, sorry mate, I agree – HWTL

  • Philippines

    wor monga Agree 100%.

  • AndyMac1

    Clearly the message has gone way over some heads here :-) The issue is not that the players are fed and watered at the best hotels in town, its the dumbing down that really matters. If they werent treated so well then surely the vast majority of the better players would be off looking to win things or at least play at a “higher level”.
    Krul, Janmaat, Cisse, Colback, Cabella along with Sissoko all have the ability to play for a top six team. How much longer can the Fatman keep them in their comfort zone ?

  • AndyMac1

    supermacsnewname Its got very little to do with transfers or injuries and I think it’s “their” fault they take off two creative players to shore up a lacklustre team against the mighty Palace. I also  think it’s their fault they cannot organise a team with two minutes left to hold on to three points against the even mightier Stoke and Burnley ! 
    Still if you’re that easily pleased then good luck to you !

  • AndyMac1

    wor monga We all support the club but some are just a little more realistic than others. If you’re happy with underachievement, season in season out, then just keep blowing it out of your R’s

  • supermacsnewname

    AndyMac1 supermacsnewname no, I’m not happy, I’m angry, we need a damn good manager – carver & co. are not top drawer but nor are they clueless, the bed they are in is not of their making (repeat NOT – it is Ahley’s & Pardew’s) this is mid-season, not the start of it
    they will make mistakes (that’s how you learn) but we should not hound them already, we need to show full support and give them a fair chance to succeed – after all, there is no other option