Wilfried Bony is surely having a laugh with his comments in advance of the match on Saturday.

After signing for £25m+ in January, Bony could make his belated debut for Manchester City against Newcastle.

After winning the African Cup of Nations with Ivory Coast, the striker will be looking forward to seeing Newcastle again in advance of his possible introduction to Champions League football when Man City face Barcelona in the following match.

However, Bony has talked of Newcastle being a good side and ‘strong at the back’, which is surely the striker simply chucking faint praise at United.

Currently, only Chelsea have scored more than Manchester City’s 51 goals, whilst only Leicester, QPR and Burnley have conceded more than Newcastle.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Wilfried Bony has scored three times against Newcastle in only two games for Swansea.

I’m already starting to feel a bit uncomfortable at the thought of what the potential is if Bony starts and the likes of Silva, Nasri and Aguero are on song as they were when putting four past Stoke in their last match which was away.

The irony of course is that Newcastle were offered the striker before he went to Swansea, dismissing him as too expensive and not good enough…

Wilfried Bony;

“They (Newcastle) are a good side and are strong at the back but they’re coming to our stadium and we need to win this game.

“It’s not easy because I’ve just arrived from Africa and I will have had five days of training before we play Newcastle. I have to take it step by step and wait for the right opportunity to present itself.”

Warm up for Barca;

“If I am needed, I have a good record against Newcastle – I’ve scored three goals in two games against them.

“Four days later we’ll be playing Barcelona and we need to go into that game on the back of a strong performance.”


  • supermacsnewname

    I’m afraid we are due for a real thrashing very soon and this may be it – to say we are a good side and ‘strong at the back’ is just verbals to make city look even better after that thrashing
    anyone of a nervouse disposition should look away for a few weeks

  • toonterrier

    Its obvious the Mancs are starting to panic knowing how good our team is now playing under the stewardship of the mighty Charva. Can see us playing an attacking formation to get a couple of early goals and then just cruise to the final whistle. Top ten. No problem. Dream on.

  • Willvenus1

    Carver might be told to play a weakened team as the Villa game next week is much more important. On this occasion it would make most sense. What would the FA think???

  • bill black

    Willvenus1  We already know the FA will do nothing as they know playing the bottom 6 is becoming a 6 pointer game for us and that if City are 2 up they will ease off for there REAL match coming up.

  • Brownale69

    Now Carvers chance to show how good he is as manager ooops sorry head coach bring it on

  • Willvenus1

    I know, I was being sarcastic

  • No Brainer

    Did we beat this team already this season?

  • LintonLad

    By all accounts, we were lined up to get him two years ago.  
    The day that he chose to go to Swansea was the day I realised that we were no longer a club that was interested in winning anything.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    No Brainer and didn’t they beat us in the Prem.Lge not the Mickey Mouse cup where Pardew picked a typial Newcastle cup team (ie weakened) but got lucky

  • No Brainer

    You were whinging about cup rubs the other week are you for real

  • Jarmin Geordie

    No Brainer I think your mistaking me for someone else the only cup runs (I assume that’s what you mean with rubs) I moan about are the lack of them, I would love to see us progress beyond FA Cup 3rd round