Tributes have poured in from TV viewers who enjoyed watching Newcastle v Stoke.

Using Twitter to voice their opinions, you could almost hear them from their living rooms singing ‘Can we watch you every week’.

Are Newcastle and Stoke the two most boring teams in the Premier League?

Here is what TV punters had to say about yesterday’s Super Sunday clash;

“Probably the most boring game Sky have ever televised.”

“These 2 teams r awful.”

“Will any of the Newcastle players please stand up and take action!”

“What a boring game!!!”

“If Newcastle/Stoke has taught me anything, itis that the game can actually be this sad.”

“Quietest I’ve heard St. James Park in a while! Nothing in that first half hopefully the 2nd will be a lot better…”

“This game is as exciting as yesterday’s merseyside Derby , With the same rocking atmosphere.”


“Just dozed off for 10 mins while watching this game.”

“Half time has been more interesting than the entire first half…”

“Whose decision was it to put Newcastle v Stoke live on a Sunday!”

  • Steve1221

    Do you scour twitter for comments after every game Jackie or only when you think it will help you to criticise the club?

  • LeazesEnder

    Steve1221 There has top be a continual war against the regime, otherwise things stay like this! …and It was a truly awful boring game!

  • Philippines

    I watched thousands of Newcastle games since the 1960’s and I did not regard it as particularly boring. In fact I thought it was quite exciting. Colo was within an inch of clearing Crouch’s header of the line.

  • DownUnderMag

    The game itself was far from the worst i’ve ever seen, let alone a NUFC game….there were chances, full blooded tackles and a couple of goals and some talking points about yellows that should have been, reds that nearly were and some close calls on the goal front. The bigger issue was that the fans just seemed to accept the season was over, the result didn’t really matter and just there because they had already bought tickets.  The atmosphere was dead and the reaction to the goals were pale and insipid.  It’s like the fans had finally just given up.  Ashley however probably won’t care as they still turned up….

  • Chemical Dave


  • Chemical Dave

    poor Steve, blissfully ignorant that ‘scouring twitter’ is not actually necessary, just ask anyone who witnessed that dispiriting tripe.

  • Steve1221

    I’m not saying it was a great game of football but I didn’t see an article on what Twitter users thought of our 3-0 win last week.

  • supermacsnewname

    I know I’m an oldie but my memory is still good – and I do remember regular thrilling entertaining games enhanced by skillfull classy players – in fact it was why NUFC existed and why I went
    But I’m affraid I don’t understand the point of yesterday’s waste of time – the concept to entertainment is as remote as is value for money -would you listen to a comedian who wasn’t funny or a singer who can’t sing?
    this is a dismal season
    but I suppose they’ll all celebrate a bonus amounting to four times my pension
    so why should I complain

  • wor monga

    It was far from being boring…

    …we just didn’t have enough know how to keep a hold of the
    ball and pressurise them in the areas we needed to do just that, and their
    passing game was much more accurate than ours throughout the game…
    …apart from that they held very little threat to our goal
    until they went behind, and when they brought on Crouch you always got the
    feeling that they did have…

    Time to bring Dummett or Satka up to speed, because
    Williamson is little more than a liability!!!

  • mrkgw

    I attended the game with some work mates from the south east. This was the worst that I have seen us and it really is for me, an all time low. Carver isnt a Manager nor, head coach. Never – he didn’t visibly move, organise or inspire the players. Players looked disorganised and afraid to have a go against a poor Stoke Team. And for St James, our supporters have been truly flattened by this despicable regime of money making bullies. Stoke were right, it is ‘a library’. But then, Ashley gives nothing whatsoever to sing about – the ground replicates his own silence. Mute.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    A bewildering article. Granted, it wasn’t a great game, but nor was it particularly bad either.
    Not quite sure what the writer is trying to gain from it all.

  • newcastle7

    Stoke play boring football not our fault the only way they score both times this season is to bring on a 
    giant beanpole.Most games this season have been great with lots of goals but every team is not like Stoke or Sunderland so expect a good game Wednesday already been two exciting games with a hatfull of goals.

  • Toonbadger

    supermacsnewname  “would you listen to a comedian who wasn’t funny or a singer who can’t sing?”  No they wouldn’t they would walk out but they still turn up in their droves like little lambs to the slaughter to watch this dross

  • DZA187

    Clueless JC tactics where boring and we didn’t really look like scoring – Even half the crowd where nodding off during the game. Roll on the summer, when we might see somekind of replacement for JC, one can only hope.

  • Sickandtiredstill

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  • No Brainer

    Was a truly awful game one of the worst but i’m not sure the very worst

  • Meltonjohn

    Newcastle play the boring football. Look at the match stats, far more ground passes from the Potters than the Magpies. For a home team the Magpies were abject. Stoke did not play well but had far more possession despite putting out an injury ravaged side. If Colback had been sent off as he should have been Newcastle wouldn’t even have got a point.
    Great header from Crouch from superb cross to equalise.

  • Meltonjohn

    The only noise was from the away support up in the gods.

  • Meltonjohn

    Oh and Crouch is actually very skilful if you leave the childish remarks about his height out of the equation