Tim Krul has come to John Carver’s defence and said that he is a big believer in what the new/temporary head coach is trying to do.

Putting a positive spin on recent matches, the Dutch keeper thinks United could easily have picked up three wins out of three.

Krul says that Carver is trying to do things differently and needs to be given time.

Ironically, the problem many supporters have with life after Pardew is that they feel it is very much more of the same despite the manager’s departure.

The substitutions at 1-1 against Palace of Abeid & Dummett for Cisse & Perez, is a step that even Alan Pardew wouldn’t have taken in terms of negativity.

Carver justified it afterwards by saying he was desperate not to get beat but those negative moves almost backfired as with Palace handed the freedom to attack with no threat at the other end, they were only denied all three points by Tim Krul himself, pulling off a great last gasp save from Hangeland.

Tim Krul speaking to the Shields Gazette;

“We very much believe in what John (Carver) and (Steve) Stoney do, we showed that on the pitch (v Palace).

“We are three games unbeaten and we should have won last weekend (v Stoke) but gave it away, we could have won (v Palace) and now have nine points and three clean sheets, we have to look at the positives.”

We didn’t dominate too much…;

“I truly believe though we are on the right track.”

“We could have won but I think we should be happy with a point (v Palace) – we didn’t really dominate too much.” (United had one shot on target all night)

Carver doing it differently;

“I think there’s a few out there maybe giving John a hard time but we could have had nine points.

“John is trying to do some different things so it takes a bit of time.”

  • Brownale69

    is he telling you not to hump balls up to the smallest players on the park?

  • wor monga

    does Tim Krul dare to come out and say he’s a believer in what Carver is trying
    to do…how can he be qualified to say that?…how many professional coaches has
    he trained with to be able to offer an opinion along those lines?…has he been
    ‘Carvered’ already perhaps?… is he a Mackem…or even ‘Wendy’ in disguise?…

    should Krul have to save certain goals against ‘Championship’ sides like Palace
    and Stoke, when Carver should have seen that our strikers were about to score more
    goals when he took them off.

     I saw on this site that Krul is getting paid by
    the ‘fatman’, so I’m with you (and your vast knowledge of coaching PL teams) on
    this one Jim.