The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was at a working engagement in Telford in Shropshire yesterday.

Visiting a training centre, the Tory politician was chatting with various students about their aspirations.

One boy he spoke to said that he wanted to be a football coach and then asked Boris which football team he supported.

For once Boris Johnson was the perfect diplomat with his answer considering his remit is the whole of the Capital, however he did add an interesting extra bit of information in his reply;

 “I support all the London teams, although for some reason my kids support Newcastle United.”

Of course Newcastle United is a broad church of fans and we welcome supporters from wherever they originate.

I suppose it is quite apt that some or all of Boris Johnson’s children have decided to support our club, as obviously unless you are from the region or have some strong family connection, then you must have to be quite literally mad to choose to support Newcastle United.

A quick check reveals that as well as at least one child born outside his marriage in more recent years, Boris Johnson’s children are as follows;

20 year old Lara Lettice

19 year old Milo Arthur

16 year old Cassia Peaches

14 year old Theodore Apollo

I would love to know what the connection is, as even the oldest two can surely only have started any potential support after the Champions League days under Sir Bobby.

Unless of course it was the Mike Ashley revolution that attracted them….

To give him his full title, the London Mayor is named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson but his close friends call him Al.

Though the chances of the connection due to him being best mates with our ‘Big Al’ are slightly unlikely…

  • Andymuldoon81

    TeamToon after reading this article I wouldn’t surprise me of ‘fat ash’ appointed him head coach in the summer ha ha!

  • paulmc4084

    Knowing Boris, he’s probably taking the piss out of football in general, and nufc in particular………….he’s probably a Man U fan…………….

  • amacdee

    Poor bastads not sure what’s worse supporting NUFC under the Fatman or having Boris as your Dad ?

  • the blueman

    They support the toon when boris played in a charity game at sjp and fell in love with our club and the passionate fans at the game , cant you remember when boris tried to tackle with his head , yes his head , pity those that write this rubbish for the mag dont do there homework first , by the , The mag, who are we signing today and what manager are we getting in the summer ….if you want toon info , check out ..(.Newsnownufc.).real stories and issues…typical 90s fans move on man

  • toon tony

    Boris tackling with his head. …so that’s where Pardew got its from.

  • Belfast Ali

    Although you may find it hard to believe NUFC have fans all over the world. But for whatever reason you want to question their decision to follow a great club.
    Please stop trying to put this great club down. Mike Ashley won’t be here forever, but I imagine whoever takes over, some of you will look for something to twist and moan about.
    FFS be proud of our club. I’m sick of all this negativity

  • Chemical Dave

    Belfast Ali 
    here we go, get down from your ivory tower lad, it’s not the club we’re sick of man, it’s the bloke who owns it and his lickspittle appointments.

  • toonterrier

    He’s just a bit mixed up. Maybe its because he has Wonka tattooed on his chest they think he is a Newcastle supporter.

  • Brownale69

    Flippin heck poor kids with those names lettuce and peaches?

  • SimonM68

    Brownale69 Ideally named for fans of a club that’s in a vegetative state!!

  • SusanCommon

    Belfast Ali its a genuine question that i would be interested in knowing also so jackie aint done anything wrong as some kids go for the colour of strips, a team that wins honours, or who have a star striker or an older sibling who supports a team………….and i also would wonder what the connection is when nufc are not exactly doing well. PS is a more recent example could be that man city now have thousands of new fans in recent years due to there success

  • wor monga

    Good to hear of anybody who admits they support the club…just
    cos it’s a football club they love for any old reason….especially when a lot of
    the young’uns around now just want to support those clubs that have bought
    their success.

    It’s good to see this especially after reading some of the
    the tragic Toon fans on here who…swear undying love for the club, and yet slag
    off everything about it…and the ones who can’t just walk away from it, and do
    something else without having a good old whinge fest on here…even though
    supporters have just stopped going…over the years in the past for whatever
    reason without any bellyaching at all.

  • Demented_Man

    Perfectly logical.  Idiot father, idiot kids.

  • Chemical Dave

    wor monga
    when you say ‘slag everything off about it’, are you meaning fatty Ashley and his sycophants ?

  • Greekgeordie

    There are a number of reasons why children follow a team different to their parents and without North East connections. Such a Greek that attended Newcastle University, in the sixties during Joe Harvey’s days and seen our club win our last trophy, then moves to Kent and still attending as many as possible games at SJP, with his son, 37, born in Kent, and Granddaughter, 8, born in Hampshire, and both fervent Newcastle supporters.
    So to all of you doubters and bent to run the club down whatever is the topic, there are plenty of us out there to hold the club’s banner, Ashley will one day goes the club is there for ever.

  • Chemical Dave

    nobody running the club down, just the owner, appreciate it’s all a bit greek to you though sonny.

  • Greggy164

    toon tony   To think that this nutcase could be Prime Minister 1 day!!!!!!