Reported earlier today that Mike Ashley was ready to loan Rangers a handful of players from his other club Newcastle United.

Media reports north and south of the border said that up to four players were expected to make the journey to Glasgow on loan deals.

Haris Vuckic and Gael Bigirimana were the two getting name-checked with others also said to be in the frame.

However, Sky Sports have now reported that their Newcastle sources tell them that Rangers have a choice of 4 or 5 players from a list of 6.

While Bigi and Vuckic are indeed on the menu, the most surprising one has to be Facundo Ferreyra, the Argentine forward who hasn’t played a single minute for United in his six months on loan.

The other three making up the available half dozen are Curtis Good, Remie Streete and Swiss defender Kevin Mbabu.

Exactly how cash strapped Rangers would afford the kind of wages Chucky Ferreyra will be on is anybody’s guess…

Rangers were forced to sell star player Lewis Macleod to Brentford in this transfer window to help keep their heads afloat a few more weeks and are badly in need of extra quality.

Currently sixteen points behind Hearts for the automatic promotion spot, Rangers do have two games in hand.

However, it looks as though they need to simply make sure they end up in the play-off positions and finish the season as strongly as possible.

Another season in the Scottish second tier won’t be in the business plan Mike Ashley or indeed anybody else connected with the Glasgow club.

  • dondafis

    Doubt they’ll contribute anything towards wages. The fat man desperate to ensure the profitability of his next cash cow!

  • Gordonthetoony

    He won’t charge them wages. Done to impress the board and show what a truely benevolent person he is and worthy of buying the club.

  • likelylad

    Rangers will be our feeder club. Could be worse.

  • A lex

    So why is such a simple deal, between clubs controlled by the same guy, so difficult to confirm and get over the line before midnight?
    Almost as easy as lending money to yourself, I’d have expected.

  • NatTurner

    I notice that the article from earlier about Carver saying Chucky has a clean slate is now missing.  Did The Mag delete it because they felt bad about how out of the loop this makes Carver seem?

  • No Brainer

    Magic, I have been waiting to see if you lot pick this up and run with it.
    This shows not only the mental gullibility of both you and the writers on this site, but also the complete disregard Sky have for the clubs and fans that power is product.

    The reporter stated that Gael bigirimana was a player who won apprentice of the year when we were promoted he was barely in coventry’s team at the time. Further to that these crackpots  suggests that Facunda can be loaned out, have you ever heard anything so stupid that a club loans a a player they have on loan out to another club FFS man. 

    Absolute bo larks

  • MagicianFromRiga

    No Brainer A

    heard anything so stupid that a club loans a a player they have on loan
    out to another club FFS man” – How about Sahin, loaned to Liverpool, then loaned out by Liverpool.

  • Steve1221

    Shane Ferguson looks like being the 5th player

  • NatTurner

    My mistake I think the article I referred to was on a different site.

  • No Brainer

    MagicianFromRiga No Brainer Nope not at all
    Check it out here Liverpool terminated the loan of Nuri Sahin first

  • No Brainer

    A lex agents or the reason that playing against players the standard of Gateshead doesn’t appeal