It was amusing to see and read about the problems Sky Sports ran into on transfer deadline day in the summer window, as their carefully stage-managed deadline day production was disrupted by the very people who they have manipulated over many years.

Leading to their decision to abandon the cameras outside every football ground on Monday, trying to whip the locals up into a frenzy.

Though the only problem tomorrow at St. James’ Park would likely be the amount of tumbleweed blowing down Barrack Road.

At Newcastle, more than probably anywhere else down the years, we have seen fans and the general public used/manipulated like performing chimps to portray a manufactured message to their audience.

Sky have created a deadline day monster that they could no longer control and stage-manage.

Amongst almost 300 live reports from around the country in one day last summer, Sky were forced to apologise for the on camera appearance of blow-up dolls, swearing and most memorably, the reporter at Everton’s training ground having a sex toy pushed into his ear.

Elsewhere, there were other problems for the satellite broadcaster which weren’t seen on screen.

At Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace fans staged a protest against Sky’s over the top dictatorship of the football industry since the Premier League originated, this led to the Sky reporter being forced to abandon his position.

While over at Arsenal, on the advice of the club’s security staff, Sky’s Geraint Hughes had to take refuge inside the Emirates and broadcast from there.

Responding to complaints and the issues that they faced, Sky released the following after that summer deadline day;

“We apologise to those whose enjoyment was spoiled by a small number of incidents and we are looking at ways to avoid this happening in the future, whilst ensuring fans remain a key part of our live coverage.”

  • GToon

    Totally gutted!!! Those “small number of incidents” were worth staying up for alone. Much better than hearing “the lights are still on at SJP but they are not expecting to sign anybody”.

  • A lex

    The lights may still have been on but there was certainly nobody at home.

  • Greekgeordie

    Thanks for realising that the transfer window is not a Circus, most of the so called fans behind the reporter were juvenile kids that have nothing better to do, and should be in bed by then.
    I do not blame sky but the parents that accept and tolerate such behaviour, as for SJP the security lights might have been on but taking from the summer activity there was nothing else to report. I was personally watching another program at the time.

  • GToon

    A lex Yeah i think “just cashing up” is the phrase isnt it!

  • stephen richards

    They haven’t bothered st James for a few years

  • MarkJackson2

    Grow up its a joke

  • BillyToonBilly

    Not good news when they turn up at SJP either nowts happenin or some1s on way out.

  • mrkgw

    Little excitment at St James these days. Thanks to Ashley for that.