Do the shots on target stats prove John Carver is even worse than Alan Pardew when it comes to entertainment and goal threat?

We became used to seeing the negative way that Alan Pardew would set up his teams, not conceding a goal always appearing to be the central tactic of his ‘strategy’.

However, with John Carver it appears that things may have got even worse.

The evidence of my eyes had told me things weren’t great, especially with those awful substitutions at Palace, but now these shots on target stats seem to confirm that it hasn’t been just an optical illusion.

In Pardew’s last 8 matches, Newcastle had a total of 35 shots on target and scored 8 goals.

In John Carver’s first 8 games there have been 24 shots on target and 9 goals.

Whether it is through fear of losing or not, Carver seems to have take an even bigger step back than Pardew when it comes to not taking risks.

The game at Manchester City was shocking and the one shot on target was an outrageous left foot volley that Cisse brilliantly got on target. FAir enough up to a point against one of the best two teams but when you only have one shot on target away at Palace and three when at home to Stoke, you have to see a pattern developing.

Taking the Chelsea game out of the equation, under John Carver the players have scored with almost one in every two shots on target, with 9 goals from 19 shots on target in the seven matches without Chelsea included.

The simple fact is that if you  only average two or three attempts on target each game then you aren’t going to win many matches.

Villa is a massive test in many ways but if John Carver can’t put a team out that will produce 5 or 6 shots on target, then the writing is on the wall for the following run of matches against the likes of Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool

John Carver’s 8 games so far – number of shots on target then goals scored in brackets:

1 (0) Man City

1 (1) Crystal Palace

3 (1) Stoke

5 (3) Hull

3 (1) Southampton

5 (0) Chelsea

2 (0) Leicester

4 (3) Burnley

Alan Pardew’s last 8 games at Newcastle – number of shots on target then goals scored in brackets:

6 (3) Everton

4 (1) Man Utd

7 (0) Sunderland

6 (0) Spurs

4 (1) Arsenal

3 (2) Chelsea

4 (1) Burnley 

1 (0) West Ham 

All shots on target stats from BBC Sport

  • Phildene

    Both Pardew and Carver are rubbish and know very little about football let alone how to manage-or even man manage. The above stats say it all and it doesn’t make good reading from either parties BUT both suit Ashley’s mean pocket and for Ashley that’s all that matters-shocking!

    To have Manager of NUFC on your CV reads very nice, very nice indeed – that’s all both parties want and both think they’re great at managing and try to tell us the same, but we know different. 

    To say you’re a true Geordie fan and want the best is SO hypocritical of Carver, because if he was, he would’t work  under this rotten regime knowing the harm it’s doing to your club and with your help. No, Carver’s just happy to pick up his pittance of a pay and live in the, hopefully, short term glory, but I’ve got the nasty feeling it’s going to be made permanent as he suits Ashley down to the ground and its got nowt to do with football.

  • DownUnderMag

    The thing is, when people wanted Pardew out, it was based on his bad results and ineptitude in both taking responsibility for the mistakes as well as failing to learn from them.   It was also borne out of a desire for someone better – and never did those calling for Pardew to leave expect Carver to be the replacement.

    Perhaps this is fatty’s way of making the fans aware of the “be careful what you wish for” adage, or just rubbing salt into the wound.

  • No Brainer

    Phildene Mr Pardew will point your towards his manager of the year award and several manager of the month awards. I think he has also been lauded by several managers including Alexand Jose.

    JC is a canny bloke but when he told williamson to pass the ball inwards to his box to a nervous vurnon it became obvious that he made the wrong decision. I mean why would you as a manager tell your players to do that. More galling was the way he spoke to the linesman to tell him to ignore Dzeko’s blatant handball to score the third. He did all of that because ashley told him too.

  • No Brainer

    DownUnderMag or maybe he is looking for the right candidate in the right manner.

    Maybe just maybe

  • Pottsie

    Agreed, any plan JC had went out the window after 90 seconds, the players have to take the blame for the debacle at Man City. We know where we stand, JC is here until the end of the season when he will get replaced, let’s get behind him and the players and remind them We still have a fair be of our season left. If he is here come September then get the knives out.

  • chrismaxwell41

    TeamToon club is in limbo,,Ashley wants to stay in prem ,for tv money U0001f4b5 but that’s about it ,,,won’t sell till he gets all his money back,

  • Greyhairs

    Has anyone moticed that Pardew has changed Palace from usual defensive 30% possession and 2-3 shots to attacking side with 53% and 10 shots against Arsenal in last game. Amazing what a manager can do when the crowd are on his side because man for man Palace don’t compare with us.

  • Toonbadger

    Pottsie  Sack him now he is no good for NUFC

  • Pottsie

    Toonbadger then who replaces him JFK, Dennis Wise there is nobody out there with any quality.  If we really want quality then we will have to wait for the summer.  That’s presuming the club want quality.

  • Chemical Dave

    haha, it’s been the fans’ fault all along right ?

  • Chemical Dave

    No Brainer DownUnderMag 
    or maybe you’ve been on a different planet for eight years ?
    Maybe just maybe.

  • Chemical Dave

    Pottsie Toonbadger 
    I would have Wise or Kinnear, it would be hilarious coming on here and seeing the usual simpering apologists trying to justify the appointment aswell as their sanctimonious indignation as they squeal “true fans get behind the team ” blah blah blah.