Of all the visiting clubs that come to St.James’ Park, surely the most embarrassing is Stoke City.

Time after time their tiny pocket of supporters is hard to spot in the upper reaches of our stadium.

Last season saw the usual empty spaces surrounding the red and whites, only 600 made the trip and to be honest I doubted there was even that many when I saw the figure. What made it even worse was that the match was on Boxing Day, a day which usually sees even bigger away followings for most clubs, as most people are off work.

Anyway, I came across a mention of a red and white invasion on Sunday and obviously thought it was a mistake.

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I looked into it and sure enough, Stoke only have a handful of tickets left. They only took an allocation of 1,646 tickets but for them to bring around 1,600 supporters is like a normal club bringing twenty thousand.

Looking further into it, one big reason is that Newcastle United are using part of their away fans fund (in this three year scheme, every club gets £200,000 per year from the Premier League to encourage more fans to travel to games, this being the second season it has operated) to reduce the ticket prices, it is only £20 for adults and £5 for all concessions for visiting Stoke fans on Sunday.

It gets better though, on top of the cheap ticket prices, Stoke are also paying for free coaches for any supporters willing to travel, whether they are funding this themselves or using their own away fans fund is unclear. At the last count the club from the Potteries are putting on nineteen coaches.

Taking into account recent atmospheres at St. James’ Park, especially the shocker against Southampton last time out, we face the shame of being outsung by the red and white masses…

Are Stoke fans the biggest joke for you or is there another club that can compete with them when it comes to feeble numbers bothering to travel to Newcastle to support their club?


  • GeorgiaPeter

    Psyclops1 Yeh.!, and we get a free pair of socks and a 10p off voucher for all shiney tracksuits over 150; pounds.

  • JoeKinnear

    Mr psyclops, i may be a smidge biased as i was down stoke in the 90s when you all decided to act like animals and attack any man WOMAN and CHILD with a geordie accent. But still while must say this article is a wee bit churlish, isnt an away day about the day out, supporting your team and the crack bot the view. I have been to many a place and paid a lot more than you guys will be on sunday to go away and never once thought hmmmm best not bother ive heard the view is 5hite from that high corner. And if as you say this is the 2nd season you have had free travel whats happened before?!?!?!
    Anyway enjoy your day in our geordie mecropolis and rest assured that you will all be welcomed and safe unlike us back in the day.

  • MilitantGeordie

    Nee need to tek the piss oot the stoke fans. Remember when sparky chucked his coat up? I was at that game and the Stoke fans easy outsang the St James’ faithful.Mind you that’s not hard these days. St James’ Park is like Old Trafford more and more.What ever happened to the Geordie roar?

  • toonterrier

    I dont think there are that many Stoke fans travelling. The reason they are bringing a big bus is so they can take the rest of Newcastle juniors back with them as they have no future with us. As for the atmosphere its non existent and its only taken the fat man a few years to take the mick.the ambition and the heart out of the club.

  • BoothenProby

    Since Sam’s too busy warming hisjournalistic arse on a sofa to check for himself I’ll tell him – The free coach travel is provided by SCFC for all away games. This was announced at the start of the season but I realise that using Google is hard for many people.
    Maybe you guys need a laugn to forget Mr Ashley’s antics, but is this really the best you can do?

  • DownUnderMag

    MilitantGeordie it was silenced through careful relocation of certain pockets of fans and a general feeling of discontent on matchdays now.   Let’s hope we can find our voice again soon.  Stoke is a must win game, let’s hope the crowd are up for it and Carver sets out with an attacking lineup to take the game to them.  Two counter-attack sides sitting back waiting for the other to make the first move won’t make for a very exciting game…and we aren’t safe just yet.

  • Geordie Zebra

    The trouble we go to to fill these pages. Who cares about Stoke? Good luck to their powers that be supporting their travel and hopefully a bit of noise will prompt us. We are so distant from our fat controller it’s terrifying what he gets away with. Team not regime. HWTL.

  • Meltonjohn

    We support our team all the way including the manager, not like you guys

  • Meltonjohn

    Think 50 Stokies would make more noise than your home support.

  • Meltonjohn

    The Stoke Chairman proposed a couple of years ago that the premier clubs should all provide free transport for all away matches. When this got zilch support Stoke went ahead with it anyway. The best run club in the premier league and coming for the double on Sunday.

  • SusanCommon

    its been said many times before: most home atmospheres are poor and its left up to away fans from a lot of clubs (not all) to create the noise. Hull on saturday gone another recent example and Jose having a pop at chelseas fans yet chela away are the very opposite. often down to a different type of supporter who goes away. sip noise was donald ducked as soon as out singing section went

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  How fickle Stoke fans are, I’m sure at one time Melton John was a Watford fan ?. “It’s a little bit funny”

  • wor monga

    Out-sung by them so what…they need crowd noise played
    through loudspeakers to excite their fans at home…sitting there in deathly
    silence watching repeated long high balls intended for the beanpole leading
    their line.

    For a long time they have been an abject excuse for PL
    football…which depends totally on having a team of players who are taller, and
    stronger than the opposition to be successful, but it works to a degree, and so
    some other teams coming out of the Championship (for a season or two) have
    copied them.

    If our lads can play like they did at Hull (and Chelsea) we
    will open them up, and score, and when that happens the roof will be lifting, without
    the use of amplifiers, and loudspeakers.

  • jimigoodwinsbeard

    That was when Pulis was manager. We dont play the long-ball enough at times. Our set-plays are nowhere near as good…..but we now try to win games away from home and play some decent stuff. I am in newcastle fri/sat night as we booked up months ago to watch this game….cheers sky…i now cannot go as will be driving back for work!

  • Meltonjohn

    First Stoke game in 1960 mate, loyal and proud ever since. Joke’s on you mate, you must be one of the gruffs?

  • Meltonjohn

    You are several years out of date mate, we play good football as well as having supporters who get behind the club

  • Bogeyman
  • Bogeyman

    wor monga Erm dont see stoke there

  • Greekgeordie

    A very childish article, Stoke is not far from Manchester and Liverpool and that they have survived in the Premier league is a credit to them. as for the present atmosphere in SJP is not different to any other Premiere ground, and it is not the sole reason of the owners, managers, or style of play etc. the main reason is the sitting down rule that has killed the noise and passion, it is very difficult to express emotions sitting down, you only have to look at our away games, I cannot remember a single moment that I have used my seat apart at half time to enjoy my burger, and the result is easily seen on the level of support to the same team as at home.
    So Good luck to the Stoke supporters and my apologies that Oxygen is not provided

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  first game in 1960 eh and still going I think you’ll find the Jokes on you old fella me lad !

  • Meltonjohn

    You’ve obviously never been to the Brit………

  • Meltonjohn

    Loyal, proud and Stoke…we’ll be with you…….

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  Oh be still my beating heart can’t wait the excitement is intolerable.

  • Meltonjohn

    Well you ought to get out more then U0001f609U0001f37b

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  I would, but I’m not one of those who can easily hide !

  • Meltonjohn

    Great effort by the Stokies!

  • Meltonjohn

    Made more noise than the home support!

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  Absolutely terrible game two average teams, fair result but any more games like this and people will stop watching Sky in their droves. Stoke deserved a point no doubt about it Newcastle kept pumping the ball up field to some imaginary big centre forward so it just kept coming back. Why?

  • Meltonjohn

    Agree poor game. Worst we’ve played in a while. Felt as home team you attacked sparingly. Colbach lucky to stay on pitch. That’s football.

  • Billy Goat

    Meltonjohn  agree safe journey home mate!

  • Meltonjohn

    Cheers. Enjoyed the banter, all the best for the rest of the season. Your fans deserve better. Great stadium, loyal supporters.