Newcastle United have had a strange relationship with the loan market under Mike Ashley, though Facundo Ferreyra could prove to be the Argentine cherry on top of the cake.

Speculation mounts over the ‘Rangers 5’, with the Glasgow club’s manager Kenny McDowall stating that he had received orders from the Rangers hierarchy that he had to play all of the Newcastle loan players every match, if they are fit.

This brought a response from our old friend Derek Llambias:

“There is no way the board is picking the team.”

The former United player Joey Barton weighed in as usual on Twitter:

“Interesting developments at Glasgow Rangers. As I said on @bbc5live Mike Ashley wants a say in team selection at NUFC and GR…

“Makes it difficult to hold head coach/manager totally accountable if things don’t go to play.”

However, while battle rages around the United five a side team that headed north, the press both nationally and locally have almost totally avoided the Facundo Ferreyra question.

Much was made when the striker signed on loan for a year from Shakhtar Donetsk and his mate Fabricio Coloccini telling us all how great he was going to be, then nothing….

To have a loan player who never steps onto the pitch in six months is totally bizarre and something you would hope the journalists would press the club on.  While the Rangers manager has apparently been told he has to play the 5 Newcastle players, is the reverse true with Facundo Ferreyra?

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It is hard not to compare this loan with that of Ignacio Gonzalez, the Uruguayan brought in for a year’s loan in 2008. Gonzalez ended up making only two brief appearances in a year and the Kevin Keegan tribunal agreed that his signing had been against KK’s wishes and had been forced on him by Dennis Wise and Mike Ashley, reportedly as a favour to two South American agents.

The loan route appears also to be United’s favoured route these days when it comes to helping get rid of players they no longer want. The likes of Mapou, Santon, Ben Arfa and Marveaux have all exited by this route initially with two now gone permanently and the other pair unlikely to ever appear in black and white again.

As for Facundo Ferreyra and the Rangers 5, I think we’d all love to know what the story really is in both cases.


  • Steve1221

    Have you ever considered that it could quite simply be that he hasn’t turned out to be good enough?

  • sdfsdfsdfsdf

    Steve1221 You sir are clearly a co-conspirator in a far reaching scandal which almost predictably links back to BOGOF sports direct thick white socks (with stripe).

  • Toon69

    Didn’t Carver say that he was in fact injured & should be back soon? Maybe he’s injury prone or shyte & they can’t cut short his loan due to some clause they put in his contract, who knows.
    Anyways, if he was fit & playing well, do you think Ayoze would have had as much of an impact as he has, personally I think Perez is a cracking young player who’ll do well as long as the limelight doesn’t go to his head, a bit like Beraino, who now thinks he’s better than the restof the squad & club he’s at…. silly bot!!!

  • SimonM68

    Conspiracy theories gone mad!  Are you sure he wasn’t driving the car that crashed in that Paris tunnel?
    Can you imagine Ashley forking out for a footballer that he isn’t allowed to play?  More likely the bloke is just plain and simple tripe surely?
    I like the term ‘The Rangers 5’ though, I’ll give you that!

  • sdfsdfsdfsdf

    They might be our feeder club whilst they are languishing in the lower leagues of Scottish football but once they start delivering some Champions League monies I think the reverse will be true. Hey maybe good ol’ self peddling Sissoko can finally achieve his champions league dreams whilst contracted to Newcastle and on some kind of hellaciously dodgy emergency loan to Rangers. Excellent stuff who needs the Daily Star when we have the real panto stuff playing out in our own back yard.

  • wor monga

    Why would they order him not to be played…under those
    conditions the loan deal would have ended, and the lad would have been sent
    back to that place that the rebels are turning into an utter sh*t heap…

    That’s Donetsk (not Rangers), and he has stated he will not
    go back there…so his professional career would effectively be finished.

    He’s obviously not good enough for the PL, at present, but did
    you want the club to send him back to face the cowardly [email protected] who murdered
    two of our best and most loyal Toon supporters…

    or maybe give him more time to
    perhaps step up a level… and not have to go back there this season.

  • DownUnderMag

    I find it amazing how many players are written off as not good enough for Premier League levels, and yet time and time again we see others who are clearly not performing gain the managers blessings and seem to be undroppable, no matter how ineffective (or in some cases how much of a liability) they actually are.  If we can give Obertan and Shola games when they were woeful last season, surely it would be worth throwing in Chucky to see what he is made of?

    Surely there are two likely scenarios as to why we aren’t playing him, he is simply awful, or there is some clause int he contract about signing him on a permanent deal which we are keen to avoid?  There are no doubt countless other conspiracy theories abounding, and given the past issues with the likes of Gonzalez, you can’t rule anything out.

  • Drafo

    Newcastle’s chairman is stupid as hell. Many people say that Facundo isn’t good enough, this make me laugh, he’s a really good player.

    1957 you don’t know what u’re talking about too. Genoa FC was looking for a striker:

    “If indeed Newcastle do decide to dispense with the services of Ferreyra, he already has a couple of suitors lined up as Italian side Genoa have expressed their interest in the striker.
    According to reports in Italy, Genoa are pondering a swoop for Ferreyra on a six month loan deal for a fee of around €500,000 and will insert a clause of purchasing the striker permanently at the end of the season for €8million.”  (

    Shakhtar agreed, Facundo too, they were just waiting for Newcastle to say “yes”. Newcastle said “no”.

    If you think that Facundo is good, why u dont make him play one single match? And if you think he isn’t, he has an agree with Genoa, he wanted to come to Italy, everything was done among Shakhtar, Genoa and the player, why did you say no? To let him become moldy in England for no reasons? He could come here and play, he wanted to, but people with Down syndrome at Newcastle said no.

    That’s all. They’re trying to make him lose an entire season for a stupid tantrum. That’s awkward, pointless and yeah, tard.

  • Drafo

    1957 This is what your “Beloved Newcastle” just did with Facundo, they’re a bunch of fascists. They have a pretty bad team, specially low strikers, but they didn’t care at all, they just wanted to cage Facundo and don’t let him play with another team (Genoa or others) on January for no reasons.