Sam Allardyce has said that Newcastle United are where they deserve to be, no matter what the fans think.

Allardyce comes up against Alan Pardew on Saturday and he has said that the recently departed United boss was a success at St. James’ Park.

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Amusingly, Fat Sam says that the problem for (hopeless) managers at Newcastle such as himself and Alan Pardew, is that the fans don’t stay away when times are bad:

 “Newcastle are a team that fit around mid-table in the Premier League.

“There is a greater expectation at that club that it’s not enough or good enough.”

Pardew was a success:

“Realistically though, where they lie financially and where their budgets lie, that is about where they should be.

“Alan (Pardew) always kept them around that position, and had one very good season when he got them into Europe, so I think his reign at Newcastle was successful.”

Problem is the fans don’t stay away:

“There are times at Newcastle when things don’t go well the fans express their disappointment.

“The thing about the Newcastle fan is that they don’t stay away, they always turn up and if you’re not doing well they will let you know.”


  • A lex

    We are where we are ‘manufactured and driven’ to be, not where we ‘could, should and deserve’ to be.

  • Faustino11

    I despise the fact that he is written into our History

  • Allardyce, like many football pundits, fails to acknowledge that my dislike of Pardew wasn’t all down to his lack of ability as a manager.  It was as much to do with him being a puppet who was prepared to say and do whatever Ashley told him.
    And yes, Sam, as long as Ashley is in charge then realistically we are always going to be hovering around mid-table.
    Are we supposed to be happy about this, Sam?  Are we supposed to be happy that whenever we threaten to have a chance of qualifying for Europe, Ashley is going to respond by selling our best players?  Should we be happy with that level of ambition, Sam?
    Sorry Sam, but if you think fans should be happy with an owner who leeches money and ambition out of their club then you’ll struggle to find many fans who agree with you.  Sadly though, there’ll no doubt there’ll be plenty of clueless media pundits who agree.

  • Brian Standen

    I can’t take him seriously, people keep telling me we would not have gone down if he stayed in charge, rubbish! In his own head he is the best manager Real Madrid never had! A legend in his own lunchbox! And has a head like a box of cornflakes! Enough said!

  • A lex

    Brian Standen I think they’d be “nutty” cornflakes, Brian.

  • mrkgw

    Bloke is one of footballs buffoons. He failed miserably at Newcastle and is clearly still bitter at his sacking.

  • shadsdad

    At least we sussed you out PDQ!

  • Brownale69

    looks like he will get the heave ho from W Ham!!! Ha ha

  • Brian Standen

    For sure, if there is one manager with more ego than Jose, it’s him

  • Demented_Man

    mrkgw He was bitter all the way to the bank.  He bought the ‘Casa St James’ in Spain with his severance money.

  • PeterRobson

    Brian Standen Fair enough but I´m just gad it´s cornflakes and not one of my favourite cereals !!!
    Anyway, I think if you stuck a carrot where his nose should be, he´d be a dead ringer for Olaf from “Frozen” (ask your kids) !!!

  • Brian Standen

    Had to google it, but good call!,

  • jimblag

    Ha shows what a toss pot he is. So he wants fans to stay away from grounds when it’s not going well so he can get an easy ride.
    No club “deserves” to be in any position, they earn it, good or bad. What have Chelsea or Man City done to “deserve” their millions, what did Man U do to “deserve” Ferguson. 
    Allardyce is a moron and attempting to get in some cheap digs because it didn’t work out for him.
    Shows his standards too when he thinks you are a success if you have 1 good season.

  • PhilYare

    says the man who thinks the epitome of success is punting the ball down the field at Bolton

  • Andy Gray

    Demented_Man mrkgw and the point of this is comment is..?

  • MilitantGeordie

    What does he mean  where we lie financially  and our budget? We are in the top 20 richest clubs in Europe, have a mulit billionaire owner and we get tens of millions  of pounds every year from TV deals. I wish people like Sam had the balls to tell the truth. Here’s what he should have said… ” Newcastle should be top 6 every year but the owner is content with avoiding relegation with no investment in the squad. Newcastle fans deserve better “

  • GToon

    Where we should be? Not according to that excellent recent article about rich clubs, rich owners and crowd numbers. We punch well below our weight.

  • GToon

    MilitantGeordie Agreed. And with an owner who never makes a decent decision unless he can make money out of it.

  • MilitantGeordie

    GToon MilitantGeordie Too true my friend. He’s a parasite sucking the life out of this unique club for nothing but personal gain.

  • Peaco

    This is the same Allardyce who opined that he should be managing Real Madrid? This tells you all you need to know about the rubbish he spouts.

  • LeazesEnder

    Sam is where he deserves to be too!

  • iveco63

    I wish he would choke on his chewing gum I carnt bear to look at those chops when they are chewing shows you how badly brought up he is