What are Rangers fans saying about the loan of five players from Newcastle United?

Indeed, what are they saying about Mike Ashley and NUFC and the fans?

Newcastle may not have signed a single player in the January transfer window but this eternal triangle of Ashley, Rangers and NUFC is going to run and run.

We searched out the best comments and have picked out some of the numerous ones that were posted on the Rangers Media fan forum.

Interesting stuff, especially one of the longer comments, conspiracy theories aren’t just confined to Newcastle United;

Who is going to be paying them?’

“I’m sure he’s a good attacking midfielder with caps for Slovenia. Hopefully he’ll do a job.’

‘What’s the chances of that, MA loans us money, we then get players from Newcastle and we then give him his money back while still owing him…..f***ing priceless!!!!’

‘So, we will pay these players from Ashley’s loan, then still have to pay Ashley back for the 5m loan.’

‘Meanwhile our own youths are pushed further and further away…’

‘We’ve apparently been linked with Facundo Ferreya. This boy is unbelievable, I watched him when he played for Shaktar and he was outstanding! Praying he comes in.’

Carver is going to manage is through Skype.’

‘Feeder club to one of the most pathetic clubs in Europe. They haven’t win a single trophy since 1890 and the most successful club in the world is going to be their feeder club. Rubbish club who think far too much of themselves, they only get decent crowds because they’re a one club city.’

‘Shane Ferguson will be a decent signing. Hard worker and he always puts in 100% for Northern Ireland.’

‘They are all fitter than they need to be to play up here you would assume, as Newcastle have decent coaches.’

‘My big m8 in Newcastle said in late November we were getting 4 players from the reserves in January, he also said that they’re Peter Beardsley’s players and he would be joining them to coach them until the end of the season.

He has told me on the phone tonight that our manager will be gone this week and replaced by Joe Joyce from Peter Beardsley’s staff until the end of the season. Time will tell he’s been spot on so far…. If there was any doubt on who pulls the strings at Rangers, tonight has put any doubt to bed.’

‘I’m excited about Bigirimana. Will add a lot of energy to the midfield, looked superb for Coventry a few years ago, was linked with a big move then.’

‘These boys would have sat in the reserves until their contracts ran out, hadn’t they came here.’

‘We weren’t going to be loaned Sisokko FFS.’

‘A bunch of chimps could play better than what we have.’

‘It’s a massive two fingers to the SFA from Mike Ashley, don’t think it will go down well at the hearing.’

‘Like he will give a f***? He has them (SFA) on the run and he knows it.’

‘If this is the future are you really happy about it? A revolving door of loans from one club. A Newcastle lite? The Scottish branch of Ashley’s football chain?’

‘So we are now essentially at the peril of Mike Ashley and more than likely now be a feeder club to an average premier league team.’


  • Maximus Moose

    Mike`s the biggest Snide in the country before you no it he`ll own Scotland

  • supermacsnewname

    consider the situation in 4-5 years
    – who will be the euro champions league club
    – and who the mid-table money making feeder club?
    and weep!

  • DeclanMurphy1

    I think this deal is going to be great for both clubs – Rangers never have to worry about squad depth and will be prepared for the prem – newcastle get to give their young players competitive football and if they really stand out then would use them their selfs in the future – it looks like win – win to me with many more benefits to come from the affiliation for both sides. I may even buy a Rangers shirt !

  • Seventy2

    I don’t think they need to worry about being our feeder club, but the most worrying aspect for them is that they are unnecessarily spending borrowed money which will create more debt to a notoriously unscrupulous businessman.

  • jentoon

    Ashley is just wicked, I feel sorry for Rangers and for us whatever plan he has will be to both clubs detriment, he only thinks of pound signs, everything he does is on the cheap, he has never been a football man and never will, he will never understand the passion of nufc fans or Rangers fans. A sad day for us and Rangers when he got involved.

  • Demented_Man

    Apart from everything else, this is so unfair to the rest of the Scottish second tier clubs.  What possible chance have they to be loaned 5 players from a PL side?  Shouldn’t be allowed.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    DeclanMurphy1 Porciestreet;
    Do it as cheap as Cashley, just buy a Blackburn shirt and change the Badge, Simples…!

  • GeorgiaPeter

    It will not be The Toon…! Mark my words.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Maximus Moose 
    Hope he’ll get so big he’ll bust ………!

  • Greekgeordie

    I have not seen Rangers play for a few years, the club is in turmoil, and 5 EPL players arrive at once on loan. Instead of asking the rangers fans for their comments it will be interesting if you ask the fans of the other clubs in the Scottish championship what is their feelings about it.
    The vast majority will see it as an unfair advantage, and wished that a EPL club could come out of the bleu, and strengthen their squad to the end of the season.
    You might hate Ashley but the move is beneficial to both clubs, Rangers get 5 players that otherwise cannot effort to bye, and Newcastle gets pitch time to 5 players that otherwise would have been lucky to warm the bench occasionally.

  • Fozzyworld

    Can’t be right. .. Grossly unfair to the other clubs in the league. Another example of Ashley’s single minded greed.

  • No Brainer

    Who is paying the wages
    was there a loan fee
    who paid the agents fees
    eho is paying the scottish accommodation costs
    was there a loan fee for vukic at Rotherham or cardiff
    I have no problem with Ashley owning rangers
    nufc derry city.antwerp abd on snd on and on.
    However they all have to be operated separately. Its not in to distant memory that leeds man u played rangers the reason I am withdrawing from financial support of my club is that I am likely contributing to the development of a club by paying the wages of five players of a club whose ownership of which may lead to my own clubs kack if progression in the world of football through european competition.
    Timecfor a new club and team for the city of Newcastle maybe black and white hoops as a way if sticking it tight up both Ashley and Rangers

  • andyd84

    As a newcastle fan mike ashley does not care at all about anyone at all hes ripped the heart out of newcastle and will also do the same at ranger all he thinks about is pure profit he one gready man he doesnt care about fans players staff the man is only bothered in one thing money he would sell his own granny if he thinks he could get a few quid well rant over a hope u rangers fan can find away to get rid before he destroys ur club like he has done mine

  • SusanCommon

    No Brainer good point of view about paying for the loanee’s wages. Black and white hoops and a new club for the city of newcastle (like FCUM whom are a club in there own right now as opposed to a protest club previously) would be interesting but may we fans should just back Gateshead in the short term. they play in black and white. HH

  • Greekgeordie

    No Brainer  No need for a new club, Gateshead needs all the support that they can get, but after a few games we will all gravitate to SJP, once a supporter always a supporter.
    we stuck by the club in bad days before and most of us will carry on, it is No Brainer!

  • No Brainer

    I want to support a newcastle team when fat man leaves the new club can take on the united name. Or judt call the club Newxastle FC even shearer doesn’t call it united any more

  • MarkBrooker

    Surely one of the most patheticly run clubs in europe i would agree with.
    Not pathetic club!!!!!!

  • Mal44

    I think this is quite a worrying development for the game generally. It seems wrong that a club in Scotland can obtain 5 players on loan from an English PL team. We don’t know the detail of how this is being financed but it’s possibly a ‘special deal’ for Rangers and there may even be financial advantages to Ashley somewhere along the line as one club is profitable while the other isn’t (tax advantages?). It’s all within the rules but I think Ashley is pushing the boundaries here and I wouldn’t imagine other Scottish clubs are happy with it. Where does it all lead? If Rangers are in the SPL next year and are pushing for a Champions league place will we suddenly be lending them our best players? The rules about dual ownership and the lending of players need to be revised; hopefully the SFA and the clubs themselves will work something out though the ownership may be beyond their powers (FIFA regulations?), I don’t know. It will be interesting to see how things develop on this. It just doesn’t feel right.

  • Mal44

    Seventy2  They are spending the money on wages which he had to pay previously, but they are paying the wages out of money he has lent them, and they still owe him the money. And there are probably tax advantages in all of this. So he’s probably making a profit out of the deal. He’s a financial genius but, as someone else said, he has no interest in football as such. He needs to be stopped from having his fingers in 2 football clubs and the loan rules should be changed.

  • Hughie

    It’s a good move for all concerned, and demonstrates again that Ashley is desperate to get Rangers into the SPL, and also to get their fans onside. Puts these players in the shop window at least which they have little chance of here. For me only Sammy and Abeid have benefited from loans, in terms of improving to PL standard. Afraid that current loanees Campbell, Vuckic, Bigi and Fergie will never make it at PL level, so give them a chance to shine at a lower level elsewhere. Predict a further clearout in the summer. With the 9 million plus accrued this window, and a few more quid for some of this lot, plus Tiote , Sissoko and Cisse who are all after nice paydays, we should have a lot of dosh for incomings. That of course is the optimistic view. Looking at it even more optimistically, as Ashley increases his grip on Rangers he must surely be looking to offload the Toon in the next 18 months? A pig has just flown past the window– but we propa fans live in hope!

  • Alsteads

    What for? ……..to wipe your axse with. I remember when they travelled down here! I wouldn’t loan them the tea lady. I’m just wondering where this sorry saga or how this sorry saga will end. One things for certain the real reason is for FCB benefit only in the long term, short term. What ever he is up to!

  • GToon

    Try looking at it from our point of view – we lost Santon, MYM and 5 players who would have improved our squad. Just wait till Ashley starts selling things at Rangers to “get his money back” like he does to us every transfer window.

  • JDOG1982

    Rangers fans, you need to stop thinking your team is all that. Scottish football is abysmal, Rangers couldn’t even match half the teams in the English championship.

  • Steve1221

    Right now they couldn’t match half the teams in league 2

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Absolutely. Financial smoke and mirrors make it possible without any repercussions. Ashley is sticking the middle finger of his right hand right into the faces of the SFA and they are powerless to do anything about it.  The man is unscrupulous and disgracefully shameless about being so.

  • Hughie

    Would have improved our squad–perhaps with MYM , but not with any of the others.

  • amacdee

    Rangers were shite against Celtic at the weekend with only 1 shot on goal. They need a boost in the dressing room and this is the cheapest option. Dont blame the five players for turning up to play, blame the Fat Cnut who pays them.