Rangers Director resigns: The battle for controlling the Glasgow club has taken another twist this morning with Mike Ashley’s ally and board member, James Easedale withdrawing from the board.

A statement to the stock exchange was as follows:

‘Rangers announces that James Easedale has resigned from the boards of the Company and Rangers Football Club Limited with immediate effect. He leaves Rangers having never received any renumeration, bonus or compromise payment during his time at the club.

He would like to thank all the fans and shareholders who supported him and wishes the club a speedy return to the top flight of Scottish football and beyond.’

Today’s announcement follows yesterday’s revelation that the Rangers Supporters Trust had bought 450,000 shares that were said to be under the control of Sandy Easedale, brother of James who resigned this morning.

On the surface at least, it all appears to be unravelling for Mike Ashley ahead of next week’s crucial meeting where rival shareholders are attempting to get rid of the board.

Speculation will no doubt follow as to whether Easedale has jumped before he was pushed, or whether some kind of compromise has been reached with rebel shareholders joining the current board.

Can’t see the Rangers fans being too happy with that, such is the level of hatred towards the likes of Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley.

Newcastle fans look on at this very public battle in  Scotland and wonder what the ramifications will be for Newcastle United, once the battle is over.


  • Demented_Man

    Walking out rather than being kicked out eh?  Very wise.  I hope the same thing happens to the rest of Fat Boy’s cronies.

  • Toon69

    Well I see Randy Learner has decided to sell Villa for £150m now, so if there are any foriegn or british billionairs out there looking for a semi decent sized EPL team, it won’t be Ashleys door they come knocking on now, not with other teams also valued a lot lower than what he’ll expect thats for sure…
    As for Rangers, he’d never get in there, even though all the Rangers fans I work with in Edinburgh say they wouldn’t mind him being the owner…. must be a cast of few on that band wagon lol

  • A lex

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again- this lot DO NOT have thick skins and they don’t like it up ’em. Pressure and grief consistently directed at certain figures at SJP would have a similar effect eventually.

  • whickhamrobbie

    Rangers are a club in a mess and Ashley is obviously trying to control them on the cheap .But i think the Rangers Fans are a different bunch to us down here at the toon who are just resigned to a poorly run (not financally) club who have no obvious goals or objectives other than to keep on the gravy train.
    The flak coming Ashleys way i doubt he is ready for but that will only destabalise another great club and the fans again will lose out .

  • AndyMac1

    A lex Agreed it needs to be unified pressure from all supporters groups not the piecemeal attempts we’ve had in the past !