The Rangers board have copied a dirty tricks tactic used in the past at Newcastle United.

Ironically this is going back to before Mike Ashley, when John Hall and Freddy Shepherd controlled Newcastle.

As United’s fortunes slid, it didn’t stop Hall and Shepherd awarding themselvess and other family members generous salaries and bonuses, plus declaring share dividends despite losses, of which they were the main beneficiaries.

At the time Newcastle United had the largest number of shareholders who were also season ticket holders in the Premier League and the two main shareholders began to get more and more stick for their running of the club when it came to the AGMs.

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The pair then took the disgraceful step of moving the Newcastle United AGMs to London, simply to prevent large numbers of fan shareholders turning up and asking awkward questions.

Step forward a decade and now the under siege directors at Rangers have followed the same route.

Shareholder Dave King is leading a campaign to remove the Rangers board at a general meeting and Mike Ashley’s mates Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, along with the other two PLC Directors, have arranged that general meeting in Kensington, London.

A distance of 409.2 miles from Ibrox, 6 hours 14 minutes by road if you are lucky.

Rangers AGMS are usually held at Ibrox itself but the board members found themselves given a really hard time at the latest meeting held in December.

The Rangers Supporters Trust (RST) have described the move as showing ‘utter contempt’ for the 5,000+ small shareholders.

The RST declaring;

“This can only be designed to make it much more difficult for fan shareholders to have their say at what is perhaps the most critical time in the club’s history.

“Clearly this board are afraid and are counting on the possibility that many fans will be put off by the venue but let us show them that the Rangers’ shareholder base is up for the fight.”

The Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington only holds 500 people and Rangers fan groups are determined to not let the 400+ mile journey prevent them supporting the bid to get rid of the board.

Coaches are being organised to ferry shareholders to London, while help is being given to small shareholders to fill in proxy forms.

Rangers announced the move and made a statement only hours before the 21 day deadline was due to run out in replying to the requisition of Dave King.

King has declared ‘the game is over’ for the likes of Llambias and the rest of those controlling Rangers, adding;

“I think choosing London is to ensure that fans can’t attend – they are running scared!”

The club’s own internal ‘Rangers Fans Board’ have described the decision as an ‘insult’ and also accused Derek Llambias of misleading them over the date of the meeting.

The Rangers Fans Board stated:

“We are disgusted at this decision which shows no affinity to the Rangers fan base.”

  • Demented_Man

    The shysters have no respect for genuine football supporters whatsoever.  Let’s hope this sly move backfires.

  • tam rutherford

    This board have nothing but contempt for the fans but we will follow on to London in numbers. This could possibly be another Manchester in making.

  • amacdee

    line is if Gers want the board out then its worth paying the fares of
    500 shareholders to London. Hire a few coaches and fill them up with fans.
    Fatman counts on your apathy cos he sees it at NUFC all the time!

  • SirSmith72

    amacdee manchester V2.0 london wont know what’s hit them lol

  • SirSmith72

    tam rutherford  this will make manchester look like seville mate, they’re just making the bears angry because they’re trying to hide

  • magpie9

    Hope Rangers fans knock fatso flat on his face

  • tam rutherford

    Afraid we will take down a lot more than 500, more like 10000 thousand they won’t know what has hit them.

  • Toon Magpie

    To those that run our clubs the fans are unimportant they simple don’t care what fans think. All they want is our  money and  the sky TV money. That is why a boycott of the club is the best we can do to show those in charge we will stand for it.

  • Doc742

    The only “Fans” in the world that stood by and did nothing when their Original Club DIED, and now they pin all their hopes on a convicted tax fraudster to save Scotlands newest Club !
    The Ex-rangers fans had the chance to prevent Ashley from taking all Sevcos  assets, but instead decided to pin their hopes on various sugar daddies.
    Perhaps if they came to terms with the FACT that rfc are liquidated & stop trying to spend their new club out of existence with the delusion that they are a big club.
    Interesting that the ibrox clowns walked away from their boycott last week when they played Celtic for the first time ever, then again they`re very good at walking away !

  • tam rutherford

    All about the RANGERS. Totally obsessed. PRICK!!!!!!

  • Chemical Dave

    since my first game in 1972 there’s been Westwood, Mckeag, Hall, Shephard and the FCB. Say what you like, without those two it would’ve been a pretty bleak 40+ years.

  • Doc742

    tam rutherford Thank you for proving my point ! Such thoughtful observation is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the deluded Zombies, Perhaps your next raging comment could contain some more Capital letters??

  • Vito Genovese

    And because ofbthem it has been a pretty bleak last 10 years

  • tam rutherford

    What point would that be? Surely if we had died as you say , you would not feel the need to come the on a post about a club that did not exist. The fact that obsessed morons like yourself can not stop posting on all things RANGERS in its self proves we are the same club , if not why post? Would your time not be bether spent looking into the atrocities committed at your own club . I would rather be dead with our history than alive with yours. WATP.

  • IanDonaghy

    Here’s a couple of simple questions for the hard of thinking. If arnold clark has a vintage car that has won awards and arnold clark goes out of busines and peter vardy buys that car does A.the car become a new car.B.does the awards won become null and void. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR STRAIGHT ANSWERS.

  • Chemical Dave

    Vito Genovese 
    give owa man.

  • IanDonaghy

    Whats up doc. Its only 2 simple questions.

  • I have been watching The Toon since I came over from the Old Country in 1950 as a Bambino,,
    Nowt has changed apart from winning the Fairs Cup,I was too young to see the FA cup wins
    but boy o boy what have we got to shout about ,,,NOTHING ….Even in 2015 we are STILL
    celebrating that Fairs Cup win ..??????? We are the laughing stock of football ,,All of the
    previous blogger,s are correct …Freddie Shepherd and John Hall like the present and previous
    incumbents are only interested in one thing MONEY FOR THEMSELVES ,,,Just remember the
    fake Sheikh ,??? The replica shirts that Dougls Hall and Freddie Shepherd were buying from
    sweat shops and bragging about paying coppers for them and charging fans top dollar ,,what
    about the time when they called our Gorgeous Geordie Girls and Women DOGS,,Why are the
    great Geordie Public Toon supporters allowing these Morons in to ruin our once great club..
    The reason is THAT THEY ALL HAVE MORE MONEY THAN US AND MONEY RULES….We WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL..the cups are a no go area for us as the monetary gain is pathetic
    compared to league placings the general public are getting conned …..The cup matches should
    get points the same way as league matches and if you win games you go further up the league
    and if you win cup competitions you get say double points…POINTS FOR PRIZES….any how
    sick of ranting on just want to see the Toon win something ,Three points tomorrow will be a good

  • ” Tam,,,,Sterling fighting words mate but the Toon have experienced this ourselves,
    make sure you and your lass take plenty of sandwiches doon with ya cos you will be
    the only ones there ,I’m not being disrespectful only realistic , us football fans are a bit
    apathetic we are only working blokes football is a working mans sport, gone are the days
    when the Glasgow/Newcastle/Liverpool etc shipyards would down there tools and March on
    London it just won’t happen comrade,but I love your sentiments,,Hope you and your lass have
    a good time ,,God Bless and goodnight ,,X and one for your lass X……

  • frederickhermann

    Sorry doc but the football club continued,the holding company did not
    I feel your pain

  • gers

    Talking crap pal , 1. If the fans don’t own the club how can they stop it going into Ashley hands 2.rangers fans never walked away as you seen in last weeks old firm game and in the third and second scottish leagues the fans are not turning up in the first division as a protest against the board 3.rangers are a big club , supporters clubs around the world and over 100 in england alone and took 155,000 fans to manchester in 2008 and sky and bt sport broadcasting their games and your saying their not a big club if they weren’t why is Ashley interested in them and others trying to get a piece of rangers and no matter what celtic and others say rangers are the same club look at middlesbrough went into liquidation over twenty years ago and now using their original crest numpty

  • gers

    Talking shite pal

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Sadly, there isn’t anyone involved in the Rangers fiasco who doesn’t have a record. Except Ashley, Hopefully time will put that right as well as the man is a legalised crook.
    At least here at NUFC, in regards to this article, we know where the money went under Hall/Shepherd. No such chance with Ashley’s accounting and the revenue he gives to SD. He won’t even put a figure to it.
    We also got a rebuilt stadium , challenging for the PL and CL. 8 years of Ashley has given us what? .

    Anyone arguing otherwise needs a good shake..

  • GeorgiaPeter

    tam rutherford  
    Porciestreet;  Pardon me for interupting, but as you are a New club, you have No History, or has that not sunk in yet.
    After all the fiddling that has been exposed in recent years, your records should have been expunged anyway. I’ll bet that had it been Brechin or Forfar that was in your position, the SFA would have disbanded them. It’s only because it’s Rangers that your even still in existance so got off your high horse and take a few sips of reallity before you go running off at the mouth.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Porciestreet;  The whole point is that as a new club, under a totally new constitutionyou cann’ot claim another clubs honours, unless of course you want to put yourselves back in the mess you’v just about managed to crawl out of.  You can’t have it both ways.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    I’ll seccond that, big time.

  • IanDonaghy

    Get someone to read and explain the post. It was a scenario with two SIMPLE questions that requested two straight answers. I knew it was too much to ask.

  • IanDonaghy

    You say we have no history. Then go on to say we should have had our records expunged ? Contradictory tee hee. You are waffling. Now hopefully you understand why we say WATP.

  • tam rutherford

    @Georgia Peter.
    If you happen to check with the sea. Sfl . Uefa and fifa you will discover we are in fact the same club with 143 years of history. I am affraid it is only in the tiny warped minds of our hates that we died.. Then again as I said earlier I would rather be dead with our history than alive with yours.

  • Bills frollocks

    Unbelievable. Ashley’s now managed to get Newcastle and Rangers fans at war with each other. Probably sitting having a pint and loving every minute of it.

  • Charvers Army

    GeorgiaPeter IanDonaghy I guess your view depends on how much of a pedant you are. In most people eyes Rangers are still Rangers; they’ve got the same fans; same stadium; same strip; same nickname.
    If Newcastle were punished for Sheppherd’s or Ashley’s dealings the same way as Rangers, would Newcastle not be Newcastle? Would that mean you would go support another team?

  • martydee1

    GeorgiaPeter IanDonaghy  think ya splitting hairs here, its rangers pure and simple, take the club to another town or city, rename the club and then you would have a point but as is, its rangers always has been

  • Vito Genovese

    Sorry dave it’s been really wonderful!

  • steven9761

    Invest your money in ĶY Kelly.. Being shafted becomes much more comfortable that way.

  • NufcCal

    Hahah you stupid jock numpty your history’s a joke all your titles are in Scottish football which is akin to a Micky mouse league rangers and Celtic would get relegated from the prem your titles mean nowt Qpr if the toon played in your league we instantly win every match because yous are total shite and every one knows that now buzz off you stupid little jock with your pathetic club I’m glad yous are in the mire I’m reveling in it more of a joke now than ever hahahaha :-D

  • IanDonaghy

    Rangers and celtic have won bigger european competitions than you a silly little person…. tee heeee

  • NufcCal

    Actually Rangers and Newcastle have the same amount of European trophies 1 which were both won around about the same time late 60s early 70s still shite and look at you now pathetic.

  • IanDonaghy

    Ours was the cup winners cup. What was your mickey mouse cup called again ? Teee heee

  • NufcCal

    Intercites which is now the champions league something you’ll never be in again so reminis cause its all down hill from here on out and Micky mouse like your whole league Scottish football is a total joke garbage to watch silmilarly so is your national team Celtics a champion ship side at best and rangers hahah Sunday league quality son feel sorry for you dopey jock scum.

  • IanDonaghy

    You have already lost out in the discussion. As i tell my kids, when they start name calling and cursing you know you have won. Tee hee

  • NufcCal

    Highlighting your obviously low IQ you started the name calling I simply destroyed you all things I said are true your team is a joke, your league is the punchline, your national team is pathetic I win Mr jock anyway better things to do toodles x