Having been appalled by some of the recent performances and being fairly vocal in my disdain for one or two players recently, I have decided to try and induce some optimism for this weekend.

I have even thought that relegation might be the answer, a pull your socks up, discard who does not want to be here and start again sort of approach, the danger of that is we might become another Leeds United, not off the pitch but on the pitch, and we might slip into oblivion for many years.

In my eyes we are already in what I call Premier League oblivion, going through the motions.

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This is all quite depressing stuff, so how can I induce some sort of optimism from this?

Well let’s be honest, not many want John Carver as manager, nor indeed do we want his coaching team. We need a clear out at that level, the only way this will happen is if we remain in the Premier League this season.

Make no mistake about it, relegation would see John Carver remain in charge, with a mass clearout leaving him with not a lot a his disposal, and unlike last time where strong characters like Nolan, Barton and even Alan Smith were about to galvanise the dressing room, I don’t see anyone of that stature now.

This is still very depressing so you’re asking again, where is the optimism?

I have no doubt that Newcastle United have lined up a replacement manager/coach/ yes man, call him what you want, be it Remi Garde, Frank de Boer or whoever.

This person in my eyes will no doubt have his OWN ideas, he may even be able to convince the best players to stay, get the best out of them, maybe bring some new ones in and who knows we could turn the corner. However, this will only happen if we remain in the premier league!

I know I am speculating but you never know?

This Saturday we play Aston Villa, at the moment we are 10 points ahead of them, an unthinkable defeat would put them and the rest of the relegation dog fight within striking distance of us, and our next few games suggest points will be hard to come by.

Beating Aston Villa though would make it hard for them and relegation would be a real possibility. This is one of our easier games and while Villa have new manger syndrome they did nothing last weekend (lost at home to Stoke) to suggest they will improve, they are in fact on a par with us!

Reports have said the game was heading for a sell out, astonishing given what we put up with. Remember this game sells out while at the same time lots of diehards choose not to attend while Ashley remains in place, the potential for bigger crowds is plain to see!

Ironic Man City can’t sell out and yet extend their ground, we sell out yet can’t/won’t extend……take note Mr Ashley!

The atmosphere on Saturday needs to be at its venomous best from minute one. If anyone needs encouraging, cast your mind back to May 2009 when their loyal fan base for no reason mocked us, there were too many chants and banners for it NOT to be orchestrated.

To this day I have no idea why they did that, a team who have more empty seats than Sunderland chose to mock our relegation.

The 6-0 game only partially quenched my thirst for revenge, so let us for once forget our own in-house bickering, get behind the team from the start and let Villa and their fans know exactly where they are.

Give the team the support they probably don’t deserve, but get behind them anyway, we can and should be the 12th man this Saturday, another irony is that the fickle fans of Villa call themselves the 12th man.

A win for us should see us more or less safe from the dogfight and just maybe a new coach will start afresh next season.

If Carver does read this, he can do his own thing for the Geordie nation. Pick the strongest attack minded team possible, go at them from the off and don’t let up for 90 minutes, and oh yeah, please give Perez some decent support!

We could never hate John Carver as he is one of our own, but he can popularise himself by ensuring we don’t go down, win a few games and leave a healthy position for whoever is lined up to replace him in the summer…

  • AndyMac1

    If Carver gets someone else to prepare the team, have them pushing up on Villa from the start harrying each player when in possession and working out the threat routes we should win the game with something to spare.
    However if we adopt Plan “Let’s not lose/let’s stay in the game” all bets are off.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    “reports have said the game is heading for a sell out”….. ” while diehards choose not to attend” these two statements tell you why the atmosphere won’t be venomous on Saturday.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Jarmin Geordie Aye, should also highlight who is taking the places. More sheep, happy to have a day out.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Sorry like, but if a sell out crowd is only because of giving Villa stick, despite everything that greedy fat [email protected]@t is doing to this club, that sums just about everything up.If anyone can slag off Villa then surely you can open your mouths and stick up for our club, inside or outside the ground?

    Why isn’t both possible?

  • McGrath1874

    Looking forward to this – come on you Villa boys!!

  • DownUnderMag

    I’m sorry to see the club, once focussed on the top of the table and aiming for that elusive cup glory to now being content with Schadenfreude….such a shame

  • Sickandtiredstill

    ” Standard tickets for this fixture are still available priced from £27 for adults, £5 for children, £22 for senior citizens and £15 for students and those aged 18-21.”
    From the Club website tonight. hardly suggests a near sell out – rather a desperation to get the seats filled. Those that do won’t be the type to make a noise.

  • christopher87taylor

    Yeah ofcourse I didnt like the Villa mockery it was crass and utterly devoid of class, yes it would be mildly amusing to compound there misery I just dont feel any real burning hatred towards Villa 5 years on I just see that May2009 incident as a rather Bizarre case of some fans becoming far too carried away with the media hype against Newcastle at the time and they couldnt resist sticking the boot in. Talking feelings of vengeance the 6-0 match was that moment of revenge considering that many of the squad were part of the relegation and promotion seasons so they would have felt a tangible yearning to do a job on Villa but what on earth do the current crop of players got to do with the relegation, not much at all and since then I cant recall any other matches that linger in the mind in terms of an actual meaningful rivalry, I remember Cisse scored a tasty debut goal. More than anything I want Newcastle to give an opponent a thrashing for pure entertainment purposes although we will more than likely draw 1-1 or 0-0

  • Demented_Man

    Villa are so awful, even I think Newcastle can beat them.

    Support the team, not the regime?  Not on your nelly.

  • Brownale69

    for once put 2 strikers on from the start and go for it

  • DZA187

    Demented_Man I don’t know, I can see Clueless JC making a mess of this.