The way things are shaping up at Newcastle United, surely this weekend’s clash with Stoke City is now one of our biggest of the season.

It’s a well-documented fact that the regime of occupation at Gallowgate (yes, that’s what I view them as), want to finish in the top ten, minimum.

Well, a quick look at the league table and I’m pretty sure Messrs Ashley, Charnley and their new head coach Carver, will view Sunday’s encounter with the Potters as a real six pointer. It’s a massive game, set in that context.

We are just two points behind Stoke. A decent ref, some tidy football, a bit of luck, home advantage, big crowd in etc etc and they can overhaul that magical tenth spot that they covet so badly.

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Of course I want us to win the game, but the scenario highlights the awful state of the club’s well worn mission statement – top ten, no cup runs, sell off the top talent for profit if the right offer comes in and minimal signings.

They really are experts at snuffing out the hopes of Newcastle fans, who are also customers by the way, paying good money to see a product on the pitch* (If you haven’t packed in your season ticket by now of course).

Where’s this all leading?

Well, for now the club looks to be destined for Premier League surival, with a small matter of an away game at Sunderland in the Wear-Tyne Derby in April. Oh, hang on, they didn’t buy a centre half in January so we go into that game with the same central defenders we had in the promotion season. Quite simply, it’s terrifying.

Then we’ll have the summer to contend with. I dare Charnley to deliver. I dare him. By that I mean a decent Head Coach and some sensible player recruitment, allied with tying some of our best prospects down to good contracts.

A summer of drift and next season we’ll be going into the game with Stoke looking for the points to stay up.

For now, it’s back to that battle for tenth. The excitement is just too much.

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  • Mancmag

    The usual defeatist drivel. We were never going to get into the top four and I think the top seven are now nailed on barring a catastrophe but eighth looks achievable. Of course there will be a number of clubs thinking the same thing, Stoke included. We have a number of players back or due back from injury so it’s up to the players and management to end the season on a high. After the poor start to the season eighth would be a fair achievement. Stop moaning and support the team.

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    Mancmag  Support the CLUB, not JUST the team.

  • Jarra MIck

    Manc are you happy being bracketed with teams like Stoke?

  • amacdee


    the poor start to the season eighth would be a fair achievement. Stop
    moaning and support the team” 
    FFS why did we have such a poor start ? I freaking hate muppets who tell us all that we should support the team WITHOUT ADMITTING THE FUNDAMENTAL REASONS FOR THIS SEASONS PATHETIC SHOWING ARE FATMAN AND PARDWHO. 8th may be OK for you but I’m pretty sure its not for the Toon Army

  • toonterrier

    Where’s the glory in finishing tenth. A complete disgrace for a club with the following we have. All down to one of those super rich wobblyarchs putting profit before glory. If he spent even a fraction of his wealth he could go down in the club history as a messiah. Will he do it,will he hell. He’s going to die stinking rich but hated by everyone who has been walked over by him and that adds up to a lot of people

  • scotty63

    toonterrier I’d happily dance on his grave

  • supermacsnewname

    look at it from the point of view of a good young player – would you sign for a club chasing 10th with no desire to win anything?

  • amacdee

    scotty63  Not necessarily dance but I’ll be there.

  • toonterrier

    amacdee scotty63 
    I’ll bet he doesn’t put a buffet on but no doubt there will be a stall selling food and drink and probably black ties. I’ll be there but will take a flask and sandwiches

  • A lex

    Helluva long queue for that, mate.

  • Phildene

    I’ve got an awful feeling the summer will only see not one player coming in, but the whole window supposedly spent looking for a new head coach which will turn out to be Carver again, but by the time this is revealed the whole trans window will be shut. 
    Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but it’s the rotten way they work and can’t see anything different happening-I wished it would though.

    and you’re so right supermacsnewname insignia no good young player would want to sign for here-a totally shambles of an unambitious club

  • Phildene


    quite right too

  • Steve1221

    It didn’t stop Perez choosing us over Madrid

  • A lex

    His coffin will be the biggest ever seen. Not because of his own size; but because I’m convinced he will get his box loaded with £ notes in order to try to take it all with him.

  • singinthecorner

    Where are the lot at now, can they not organise a campaign against the real problem ie ashley? Funny how there is no hint of a protest for Sundays game, its like we’ve all given up. I can imagine the atmos will be dull, I say imagine as I cant be bothered to go any more.

  • DownUnderMag

    singinthecorner I think it is best summed up with the analogy of wiping a nose to get rid of the flu.   Pardew was a symptom of the disease, and while it was important in some eyes to treat that symptom, the underlying cause seems to have now been accepted as here to stay and we just need to carry on mopping up the runny noses than treat the cause.   Will be interesting to see the media attention given to Rangers over Ashley compared to the Newcastle fans being labelled ungrateful, delusional, etc etc

  • DownUnderMag

    Phildene entirely feasible.  I would go so far as to say the next 18 months or so will be firmly about keeping the money rolling in, as little as possible going out and propping Rangers up as best we can to get them even further indebted to Ashley in his quest to take them over.   I also firmly expect that once Rangers are in his control (it will happen no matter how much they don’t want it), that we will become a thrown away toy gathering dust at the back of the cupboard, or even so much as Rangers feeder club (so long as we remain on the Premier League bandwagon for TV rights money).

    It’s not pessimistic, it’s actually realism based on prior running of the club over the past few years.

  • DownUnderMag

    Ashley could, in all fairness, have made himself a club legend without even needing to deviate from the current model all that much.   His handling of the Keengate fiasco was bad, and set us down this path.  But with just a little more attempt to keep players AND build on success, we could actually be competing at the top of the table, in Europe and the fans would be happy, Ashley would have a much better reputation and if we ever won a cup under his ownership then his name would be sung from the rafters!   As it stands he is just digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself with the money grabbing and underachievement going on here.   None of us expected a title tilt under Ashley, we just expected to be willing to compete on the football pitch and in cup competitions rather than just on the finance board!

  • Paul Patterson

    Perfectly put.
    If a club comes in with a silly offer for a player- Great.
    If you can get a top goalscorer for cheap- Great.
    If you can get a solid centre back for cheap- Great.
    In these days of £70m+ tv money, this should all be possible and some. Building a squad capable of ‘having a go’ in the cups, while pushing for Europe (Or playing in it) should be easy enough.
    Deliberate failure ISN’T on I’m afraid . .

  • Hez

    Yeah but Perez was sold to NUFC on the basis of getting first team football and then move to a decent club, shop window. At Madrid he would never get a game and would have faded away

  • Mancmag

    In the real world we are not going to be bracketed with the likes of Chelsea, the Manchester clubs or Arsenal etc in the foreseeable future, much though I wish we were. That means we have to compete with the next tier, which may well include Stoke, Swansea, Everton and so on. For the rest of the season I would like to see some good attacking football with some good wins and a top 8 finish and I think that’s possible.

  • DownUnderMag

    1957 There was a lot of inexperience on the part of Ashley when he first took over.   I remember his promises of lots money spent, going for trophies blah blah blah…  clearly that was pre-bitterness and certainly pre-understanding that he could make money with little input and the fans would actually still turn up in their droves.

    There was a lot of animosity over the keen sage which I honestly think took Ashley by surprise at how vicious it was and it hurt him and he vowed to not give two dumps about the fans again.  But, it is a huge step in the wrong direction he took, he could have been so much more if he hadn’t withdrawn. 

    There wasn’t much needed to be done, but whatever needed doing Ashley has seemed to be done the opposite and now there is an irreparable bridge between the owner and fans.

  • magpie9

    toonterrier I would pour a drink on his grave but it would pass through my kidneys first