Alan Pardew leaving Newcastle United for Crystal Palace was a surprise, though in other ways it wasn’t.

In 99% of cases fans are up in arms that their manager has dumped them for another club.

In Pardew’s case though it was very different.

Most Newcastle fans were pleased to see the back of him, while at the same time they were understanding as to why he’d prefer to be at Selhurst Park, despite them being seen as a ‘smaller’ club.

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The January transfer window has given us an instant illustration of why Alan Pardew dumped 50,000+ crowds and a club that generates the 19th highest amount of money in the World.

When the transfer window slammed shut last night, Crystal Palace had backed Alan Pardew with a loan signing (Sanogo), a free agent (Shola) and six other players bought in;

Yaya Sanogo (Arsenal – Loan)

Jordon Mutch (QPR – £4.75m)

Shola Ameobi (Free Agent)

Pape Souare (Lille – Undisclosed)

Andreas Breimyr (Bryne FK – Undisclosed)

Wilfried Zaha (Manchester United – Undisclosed)

Lee Chung-Yong (Bolton – Undisclosed)

Keshi Anderson (Barton Rovers – Undisclosed)

While back at Newcastle United, there has been the following transfer activity this month;

Mapou Yanga Mbiwa (£5.5m – AS Roma permanent deal completed)

Alan Pardew (£3.5m – Crystal Palace)

Davide Santon (Initial loan to Inter Milan – reported permanent deal for £3m+ after X number of games)

Hatem Ben Arfa (Contract terminated)

Haris Vuckic, Gael Bigirimana, Remie Streete, Shane Ferguson, Kevin Mbabu (All 5 loaned to Rangers until end of season)

Of course Newcastle haven’t brought in a single player, even on loan.

So while Palace have committed to spending an estimated extra £20m+ on transfer fees and wages this season, Mike Ashley has potentially made around £15m in extra profits this season on fees received and saved wages.

In addition, while Palace have committed to long-term financial commitments with the wages of players such as Zaha, Souare and Mutch, Ashley has cleared Mapou, Ben Arfa, Pardew and almost certainly Santon, off the long-term wage bill.

We are days away from an expected NUFC profits announcement  of £50m or more for Mike Ashley last season (2013/14) and now with this January’s transfer ‘action’ he has guaranteed more of the same for this season.

Spending money doesn’t guarantee success but cynically not investing in your squad season after season, is certain to prevent any potential ever being realised and your best players sooner or later, leaving for more ambitious clubs.

To those who move for ambition we can even now include the hapless Alan Pardew.


  • Demented_Man

    Yes – somehow Pardew’s problems of getting players ‘over the line’ have eased since moving to Palace.  I wonder why?

  • Carver for North Korea

    Fat greedy Fooking Pig

  • mijmo

    So Pardew left because of newcastle’s failure in the transfer market? The problem with trying to fit square pegs into round holes is that type of behaviour is only accepted in a 2 year old. Pardew PROBABLY left because he was going nowhere after 4 years of almost constant underachievement and at least two years of huge hostility from the fans. So he gets a chance to go back home and and make a increase is wages for his family. Tell us how many games these departing players have been involved in over the last year all during Pardew’s management? Stop looking for reasons to be angry and try supporting your team for a change.

  • SimonM68

    Whilst Pardew won’t go down in my hall of fame, I genuinely can’t see how he was supposed to get to a position above mid table with the (lack of) resources available and the tablecloth regularly being whipped away whenever anything tasty was on display.
    This window has managed to be depressing but not as we expected – with ‘big’ players leaving. We’ve had 3 young talents of various degrees shipped out (relatively cheaply too) alongside a whole carriage load on the 10.45 to Glasgow.
    If you look at the summer – Moussa will be booking up every advertising hoarding in town to get his move, and Cisse and Tiote must be odds on to be away.  Perez?  Who knows, but you wouldn’t bet against it.
    On the flip side, we can’t even attract 18 year olds with the lure of (probable) first team football – Alli would rather sit on the bench and watch Eriksen ply his trade (he will learn something at least).  Ings was supposed to be a possibility (and an affordable one this time around), but he’d rather try his luck at Anfield apparently.
    All around us teams are at least trying to improve – Villa for instance had a go to get Lambert and tied down Delph. Palace as you say here added to their squad. I’d go as far as to say Huth woudl have been beneficial for us short term at least.
    We are just falling further and further behind in terms of resource and ambition.

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 and how did your beloved Villa get on last weekend???

    Furthermore, can you imagine the outcry if we’d signed an old crock like Huth? “Is that the best we can do blah blah blah”. Or any of the crop of players Palace have signed?

  • Hez

    vbhgft SimonM68  Huth would have been a good signing, hardly an old crock, 31 isn’t he, younger then Collocini who is our only half decent CH. Fair play to you though mate, not many still blinded by Ashley.

  • Hez

    mijmo  one of the big reasons he was going no where was NUFC’s management of the team and club, money, money, money

  • LeazesEnder

    mijmo By moving he could also stop pretending to Manage …. and manage…. to some degree without being interrupted by the office junior!

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 I’ve no interest in Villa – I was just saying that a club that was flagged up here last week as a basketcase can a) retain a good young player and b) at least try and bolster their attack with an England international (who I rate for the record).
    Huth was another illsutration rather than anything but again, yes, I think he’s better than what we’ve got. You don’t have to be young or fast to be a good centre half – nice if you are, but it’s about reading the game positionally and marshalling a line.  You are of an age when you’ll remember Dave Mackay going to Derby – ancient but sorted the back 4 out.

  • DZA187

    SimonM68 It was summed up on BT Sports last night with Simon Jordan, that newcastle are a selling club and have no interest in going forwards as a team to make history to win trophies and keep cashing in on star players for profit.

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 vbhgft Simon, Colback is every bit as good as Delph, if not better and we have retained him. We have kept Krul for years. Despite recent limitations, we have retained Tiote.

    Of course. some clubs are going to retain some players, some clubs are gong to sell some players. You seem to suffering the symptoms of the common disease on here that sees every tiny move made by another club as something to be envied and admired and equally every tiny thing done by NUFC as  a “disgrace”. Witness the crocodile tears being currently shed for the Rangers loanees. They are all world beaters who were never given a chance, of course, Like Santon, Mbiwa, Marveaux, Best, Perch, Guthrie etc etc.

    Every player signed by another club is envied “why didn’t we sign him?” etc and then every player we do sign is a useless nobody (like Cabaye was labelled).

    I can understand people currently envying Southampton, but not Aston Villa! 

    They didn’t get Lambert anyway. If we had tried for Lambert and failed, it wouldn’t have been hailed as “proof of ambition” as you claim Villa have shown, but as another useless, half-hearted failed bid!

  • vbhgft

    DZA187 SimonM68 Simon Jordan???? What have Crystal Palace ever won? Less than NUFC. What did they do with the once-promising Wilfred Zaha? Or Ian Wright? Sold them for a huge profit!

  • geordieladdo

    I guess when Pardew – i’ll do whatever you want me to and say whatever you want me to say – left then they had to find someone who would assume this position. They looked around found nobody willing to do that and then John Carver has clearly signed up to the same terms in order to get the job…
    He might think he’s doing the club he supports a favour but ultimately he’s not i’m afraid.
    In terms of Pardew leaving i think he made the correct decision. In my opinion he wasn’t good enough and i stand by that. It’s now clear we are not looking to get in anyone better or anyone with any freedom to speak their mind or challenge the megalomaniacs in charge.
    Getting to the point now where you jsut think what is the point in even debating it…
    They’ve got what they wanted, they can do what they want. If they feel their ‘product’ is under threat then they will spend, if we are not in threat there is absolutely zero point in doing so as their product is not at risk. Simple as. When we beat Hull at the weekend and took away the 3 points then i’m guessing that was the decision made not to spend possibly?
    Until something drastic happens of a figurehead comes forward to unite all of the bickering factions of the fans then we may as well just crack on and make our own personal choices – live with it or don’t go…..

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 
    We haven’t ‘retained’ Colback or Krul because there have been no bids for them. Can you honestly imagine them coming anywhere near contract renewal – as per Delph – and not being sold on if there was any tangible interest??
    For the record, of the 3 that went I think Mbiwa was a waste because he was largely played out of position and didn’t get a decent chance. Perch was a bad sale because we got next to nothing for him and he was an ok utility player who grafted  in a thin squad
    What I / we ‘envy’ I think isn’t the specifics of player movements – it’s any kind of ambition or attempt to improve the squad. Even you can’t argue nothing in and 3 (or 8 if you like) out = a better squad surely?  I’m not holding breath mind…

  • Demented_Man

    vbhgft DZA187 SimonM68 And bought one of them back again for a lot less than they sold him for but still at a decent price.  I doubt your pal Ashley would have done that.

  • Paul Patterson

    mijmo  Pardew moving back home suits everyone and I for one didn’t like a lot of things he did. However, when we finished 5th, he was BACKED in January (Cisse) when we were motoring along nicely- result- Finished 5th. Ba was sold and not replace, Cabaye was sold and not replaced, result- Total collapse in the league.

  • SimonM68

    DZA187 SimonM68 What’s happened this last couple of weeks isn’t even ‘cashing in’ really as the sale prices have been v low.
    The business plan, 5 year plan, G-Plan, whatever  is supposed to be “buy low sell high” – not managed that on any of the 3 ‘leavers’ and “invest in youth with sell on value” – couldn’t sell that one to Alli or Ings apparently, or in fact anyone else.  and of course that Blade Runner policy of not buying anyone ‘old’ (ie experienced).
    Ashley is just drawing the line further and further back in the sand as the months go on – and that’s before the summer exodus that we all know is coming.

  • vbhgft

    Demented_Man vbhgft DZA187 SimonM68 Jordan took Palace into administration and the brink of oblivion. My pal Mike hasn’t done that as yet.

  • toon tony

    I’m one of the 99% who wanted him out. No manager (sorry head coach ) is guaranteed being in a job for as long as he wants. But he may have stood a chance if given financial backing. It shows that whoever comes in will be told to do it the FCB ‘s way, it might take something as drastic as relegation to see the back of him. Seeing the large Londoners’ face earlier in the season when we couldn’t win a game for love nor money wasn’t because he was worried about the club. And seeing him backing Rangers by sending 5 players to fast track them back to the SPL says it all.

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 DZA187 What? Like all the previous predicted “summer exoduses” then? Ha ha. These exoduses are forecast every year and they never happen to the level predicted. Yes, players leave every now and again but that is natural.

    The closest we got to an “exodus” was the departures of Nolan, Barton and Enrique – replaced by those wasters Ba and Cabaye and later Cisse that saw a finish of fifth.

  • wor monga

    If Pardew had of signed that bunch for the Toon this window,
    he would have been deservedly buried under an avalanche of excrement…with a fair
    share of that being thrown by the writers on this site…Palace must have a much
    worse squad than I gave them credit for if investing that much money on this lot
    will strengthen it…
    As for the outgoing players…Ben Arfa, and Mbiwa decided they
    didn’t want to knuckle down and accept what the club had to offer…Santon needs
    to be playing, and with doubts over his fitness doesn’t look as though he would
    challenge the young fullbacks that the club are bringing through, and the lads
    going on loan will be playing in a competitive environment in front of crowds
    for a change. This is a chance for Bigi, and Fergie to show what they can do…seeing
    as they’ve been back-peddling for a while now.
    This looks like a deck clearing exercise in order to rebuild
    the squad in the summer…when proper deals can be made.

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 DZA187 
    As far as this subject goes, I’ve said by bit – just opinions rightly or wrongly – and this is getting tedious.
    Hear that bugle? This is my last post.

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 vbhgft DZA187 Good!

  • vbhgft

    wor monga Yes, imagine the hoo-ha if we’d signed Sanogo or Lee, or Robert Huth for that matter? The moaning would have been incessant!

  • wor monga

    toon tony   Of course any head coach who comes in will have to stay
    within the parameters set by Ashley…just like any employee going into any
    business environment in the world, has to follow the company rules, and football
    clubs throughout the country are no different these days…Charnley (Ashley)…has
    stated how the players will be brought in…and the head coach will have a say in
    that process, because only he will pick the team, and if he doesn’t think that
    any player that comes in will fit the team…then obviously he won’t use him.
    You must still think there are managers who can boss their
    club owners around…like a latter day Cloughie…not any more…these days the
    owners, and their accountants run the clubs, and anybody who wants to stay
    employed in the game, knows that.

  • Peter Moustachley

    Mike Ashley is the cancer of sport. The day
    he leaves I will instantly fly home from Bristol and rejoice Champions League
    winning style. The only way my opinion of that gluttonous creature will change
    is if he has been saving up his pocket money for one huge Lionel Messi of a
    spend to storm the league. If he does, Geordies everywhere will name all of
    their kids ‘Mike Ashley’ and change the names of those already born. This,
    however, is a hopeful fairy tale I conjured up to save myself from the mad
    Here’s a little table I made (using wiki
    facts on each club):
    Top 20 richest clubs 2015 –  major trophies since 1970
    Real Madrid – 45
    Manchester United – 29
    Bayern Munich – 53
    Barcelona – 49
    PSG – 21
    Manchester City – 7
    Juventus – 35
    Borussia Dortmund – 16
    AC Milan – 30
    Tottenham – 9
    – 9
    Atletico Madrid – 20
    Napoli – 9
    Internazionale – 23
    – 40
    Newcastle United – 0
    Everton – 6
    Mike Ashley must look at this with his
    business head and think, ‘Well, these guys will show up no matter what, I can
    have a top 20 richest club sitting mid table and never need to challenge for
    Well Mike, we may have won nothing major
    since 1969 but at least we were always trying. I don’t even care what other clubs are bringing in or selling, looking at just our own situation, I feel that most of us can see we have been in great positions to really strengthen (either by buying or holding talent) to challenge for honors, but the big guy simply chooses not to. Why? We already know the answer, money, not just through advertising but directly through the club and you know what, I think he enjoys hurting us.

    When he goes, he could cripple us with this ‘interest free loan’ if he chooses. That to me seems more likely than another Billionaire coming in with club ambition. That said, I would rather see us play Sunday league (I bet we’d still get 50k watching!) minus Ashley than go on with this utter disregard for the people of Newcastle and loyal supporters of our great club around the world.  Mike Ashley is the cancer of

  • jentoon

    I wonder who is paying the wages for our players who have gone on loan to Rangers, seems odd that they had no money to see them through January and as if by magic they find some to take players on loan. Does anyone think the same as me and Ashley will be paying their wages so he can have yet another stranglehold on the club? Hope he is looking to sell us but I feel sorry for Rangers if he takes them over, I guess most of our profits have gone to bail out Rangers, we should have been signing players in this window, don’t give a flying f what Pardew does glad hes gone at least Cabella being given the start he deserves instead of being a sub.

  • gazchampion

    Just how long have we got to put up with this?
    When will the Toon Army realise the FCB is simply milking the cash cow and yet (just) keeping it alive on life -support! 
    The ONLY way to react is to hurt Ashley…’in the wallet’!!! Stay away from SJP – don’t spend any money on NUFC (he doesn’t) and a half-empty stadium will be massive bad publicity for him and his! 
    t’ll be worth it!!! 

  • NatTurner

    vbhgft Why wouldn’t we be happy with Yaya Sanogo?  Aren’t we short a striker?

  • NatTurner

    vbhgft So you’re quite pleased with our January then?  Rate it out of 10 please.

  • toon tony

    I do expect an owner to say “what do we need to strengthen the squad ” and a manager (or head coach ) to say “a striker, a centre half, 2 defenders” etc ” and the owner to BUY them.

  • wor monga

    gazchampion ….and a half-empty stadium will be massive
    bad publicity for him and his! …and they’ve kept telling us that for the
    last 6 years, at least…so when is it going to happen…seeing as most of the
    bloggers on here say they have stopped going, not renewed or whatever…and yet
    come Sunday against a dour workmanlike Stoke City the place will be full again.
    …The truth is it isn’t going to happen…and
    even if it did it wouldn’t bother Ashley too much, as long as his cheque from
    the TV company arrives every year he is quids in…some PL clubs get along quite
    happily on half our gates as it is!!

  • vbhgft

    NatTurner vbhgft Have you see him play? He makes Shola Ameobi look like Diego Costa.

  • vbhgft

    NatTurner vbhgft 7

  • NatTurner

    vbhgft I admit I haven’t seen him play often, but apparently Arsene rates him and he scored in the Champions League this season.  He’s still a kid.  I would’ve been not opposed to seeing him up there with Perez, especially a risk-free loan for half a campaign when we’re short a striker.  We got no one instead.

  • CMRowley

    vbhgft SimonM68 DZA187
    Ben Arfa, 
    De Jong, 
    Looks like an exodus to me…
    (Throw in Cabaye from the January as well as he was never replaced).

  • vbhgft

    CMRowley vbhgft SimonM68 DZA187 Gosling? Ameobi? Marveaux? Tavernier? De Jong? Amalfitano?

    Are you for real?

    Oh if only they would have stayed – what a squad we would have.

    The way the original post was written he was describing the “exodus” as being one of several quality players leaving, not deadwood being jettisoned. That ain’t no exodus. That’s chucking out the rubbish.

    By the same token, then, I will claim all seven new signings last summer as an “influx”, including Ferreyra.

    If you claim Amalfitano, I’ll claim Ferreyra.

  • NatTurner

    vbhgft So for you avoiding the worst case scenario means a 7.  Even you admit we need a CB.  We couldn’t even get one on loan?  Liverpool, West Ham, and us were the only clubs to bring in no one.  I’d give us a 2.

  • vbhgft

    NatTurner vbhgft Yes, we need at CB, that’s why I gave a 7 and not a 9.

  • NatTurner

    vbhgft We did nothing except lose players and our manager.  Never a 7.

  • vbhgft

    CMRowley vbhgft SimonM68 DZA187 Oh, and add Abeid coming back from loan, and Vuckic, and the introduction of Aarons into the first team squad and you have 10 in, 9 out, by your logic.

  • CMRowley

    vbhgft CMRowley SimonM68 DZA187

    Count whatever you want.  You said there is never an exodus, I’m showing there is/was.

    Regardless of the quality of players leaving, if they are not replaced by equal or better quality, or indeed at all, the squad is ultimately weaker due to the departures.  This year bears that out by virtue of the fact that we are in a worse position now than we were at the same stage last year.

  • vbhgft

    CMRowley vbhgft SimonM68 DZA187 Oh for God’s sake you pedantic fool. The bloke was talking about Krul/Sissoko/Tiote etc – the “talent drain” that is predicted every year and never happens. Not Dan Gosling and James Tavernier being shown the door. 

    Yes, over the years some talented players have left, way back to Pop Robson, Malcolm MacDonald, Peter Beardsley, Paul Gascoigne, Chris Waddle etc etc. Peter Haddock and Tony Cunnigham left also. So did George Reilly. And Des Hamilton.

    You are just using the departure of some of the sub-standard players you mentioned to fit your anti-NUFC argument.

    Look, if you hate NUFC so much why don’t you just watch football elsewhere. Or do something else with your time? You clearly don’t rate the present squad in comparison to Amalfitano, Tavernier etc. Janmaat and Colback are shite aren’t they?

    Time you bid the Toon goodbye.

  • CMRowley

    vbhgft CMRowley SimonM68 DZA187

    If Williamson, Gouffran and Anita are shown the door and replaced by lesser talent or not replaced at all then I would throw my hands up and say exactly what I have said this year, i.e. we would be weaker because of it.

    Where do you read that I hate NUFC?  That doesn’t come across in anything I have written.  Where do you get the impression I think Colback and Janmaat are not very good? 

    Do you think the squad as a whole is better off now than it was at this time last year?

  • WallaceWilson

    wor monga toon tony   The problem is that the ‘business environment’ is designed to produce a profit from player trading. The model isn’t designed to develop a team to  compete for trophies

  • DownUnderMag

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Ashley intentionally looks to openly show no ambition so that senior players get annoyed and start to drum up their own transfer gossip and help push through a sale.  It is quite clear the window business was all about dropping the wages to as low as possible with as bare bones a squad as possible to get through to the end of the season.  No cups, no Europe to worry about, just the odd point here and there should secure safety and another lucrative season on the top flight gravy train.

    Just imagine what would happen if we had some extra investment, not huge, just to the levels of what we actually EARN as a club.  We aren’t talking debt here, but continuing to secure cheap players who are good and then KEEPING them as well as building the squad quality, getting into Europe, perhaps coming close to winning a cup, showing class and desire both on and off the pitch….surely that is a better vehicle for advertising your company than this current mess??

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I’m going to state the bleeding obvious here.
    Once again we have an article that acts all surprised – ‘matron, matron’ – when it is reminded that our owner is using our club as nothing more than his money-making machine, and that he does so with a shamelessly blatant and dismissive attitude towards we the fans and our futile aspirations.
    He will continue to do so until such time as those weaklings who run the Premier League recognise that Ashley and his like have found a loophole in the spirit of what the Premier league is all about, and the Ashley’s of this world will continue to milk it for all it is worth.
    It is time for the Premier league to stop this malpractice!

  • nufcslf

    Peter Moustachley God how I wish the sheep that go to matches would see this to drive the fat barstuard out. No wins between now and the end of the season still would likely have absolutely no effect on theses idiots that continue to allow him to laugh in their faces while the whole they believe they are supporting the team and not the regime. Very, very sad. Kicked seven bells out of my passion and not sure it will ever come back.

  • nufcslf

    wor monga toon tony But it leaves those that know sweet fa about football making the football decisions. They should stay in the office and make business decisions and keep their well educated thick heads out of football matters. A paper thin squad with only players going out and none coming in is a perfect example of the know fa about football but plenty about business decisions being made. This has to blow up in his face eventually, yet beating the mighty Hull on the weekend allows the lucky barstuard to carry on with piss take plan firmly in place. Enjoy, I suppose. I know I can’t accept this and will never putting a single penny his way.

  • gazchampion

    wor monga gazchampion gotta agree with ya, mate… but I also want to believe that something good is going to happen for the Toon and the long suffering Toon Army… call it karma, call it comeuppance.. something will happen.. WE GOTTA BELIEVE! HTL!!! 
    (ps cashley gets absolutely nowt off me!… I even cross the road to avoid his tat shops!!

  • gazchampion

    Nicolaus Copernicus
    Bang On there mate! 
    I’ve been bleating on about the lack of ‘balls’ in making important decisions in the governance of the Premier League whether it be bad tackes from players or malpractice from owners… even  making a stand on bad (i.e. blatantly wrong) refereeing decisions…  Are they frightened of losing Premiership income too, eh?