The Premier League recent form table – the last 6 matches suggest Newcastle v Villa will be two baldy blokes fighting over the proverbial comb.

Always a nice sight to see our old friends rock bottom of the table below, with 6 Ls next to their name.

Not so comforting though to see that without the win at Hull we’d be right next to them.

Villa haven’t actually won a Premier League match since December 7, some 12 weeks ago!

Surely John Carver can pick up his second win in nine matches…

Villa’s last six results with latest one listed first;

Villa 1 Stoke 2

Hull 2 Villa 0

Villa 1 Chelsea 2

Arsenal 5 Villa 0

Villa 0 Liverpool 2

Leicester 1 Villa 0

Looking for positives in Newcastle’s case…Villa look even worse

John Carver made much of going three matches unbeaten but when you are facing a team as woeful as Aston Villa then surely you have to go on all out attack and finish them off early.

Newcastle’s last six also listed with the latest result first;

Man City 5 Newcastle 0

Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Newcastle 1 Stoke 1

Hull 0 Newcastle 3

Newcastle 1 Southampton 2

Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

  • Woffy

    I know it’s not just you Jackie Smithfield – this ‘comb’ analogy has been popular for a long time – but does it work?

    Why would a bald man want a comb?  Or to fight another bald man for it?  What would the winner achieve in this battle?  As the comb wouldn’t service his baldness in any way at all, or give him any advantage in the baldness stakes over his co-combatant, why would he fight for it?  Why not fight over a sandwich, which he could at least eat afterwards?

    If one of the ‘bald men’, who presumably doesn’t want to be ‘THE baldy’ of the two, wanted to hide his baldness and leave the baldness of his companion clear for all to see, perhaps they would find themselves fighting over a wig, but a comb I cant understand.  Could they both buy hats?

    Can anyone help with this?  If I am missing something I’d much rather be told by my fellow readers.

    Now, I’m just off to alphabetise the tins in my cupboard then arrange the cereals in order of descending box-size.

  • Woffy

    Alright, alright, I can see you are all busy.

    A little google tells me that the idea of bald men fighting over a come originates with an Argentinian poet, who was describing the Falklands War.
    His point was surely that the two sides in that conflict were fighting over something neither side needed, so in his view they both fought for something purely to stop the other from having it.

    So, it doesn’t work for our own situation in any way.  Glad that’s cleared up.  Please tell your friends.