This weekend brought claims that Derek Llambias had been attacked by Rangers fans for a second time.

The Sunday People reported  that Llambias was approached last week by an irate Rangers fan in a Glasgow hotel bar, with a lot of shouting followed by ‘pushing and shoving’.

The People reported that according to a ‘source close to Llambias’, that this was the second time such an attack had happened.

However, the Daily Record  have now reported that on Sunday night a Police Scotland spokeswoman, said:

“We can’t find any report of this incident.”

The story bears all the hallmarks of what happened at Newcastle United when fans were in revolt against Mike Ashley after Kevin Keegan was deceived by the Newcastle United owner. In an attempt to blacken the reputation of dissatisfied supporters, the club claimed that Mike Ashley and his family weren’t able to come to matches because of threats against them by fans, yet when asked, Northumbria Police had no record of any such complaint.

On the back of the claims of attacks by Rangers fans on Llambias, The Sunday People source/sauce added the following;

“Neither Derek (Llambias) nor Mike Ashley can understand why there is hostility to the new set-up at Rangers.

“They want to rebuild Rangers into a strong and exciting team capable of challenging Celtic again and being a force in Europe again but it must be on the back of a strong financial position similar to the one they implemented at Newcastle United.

“They keep asking themselves where Rangers would be but for the £10 million loan from Sports Direct.”

Friday night had brought the latest mass demonstrations by Rangers fans against Mike Ashley and his allies, including Derek Llambias.

  • pissed off mag

    what llambias and ashley telling lies, my oh my whats the world coming to

  • dude 1

    why would Llambias and Ashley  tell such lies after all these 2 have always told the truth (not)

  • Brownale69

    I bet me life that none of that crew would dare set foot at Ibrox or is that Sports Direct?
    Reminds me of the “press” saying that Cashley and his family were abused by fans at the ground? Can anyone remember that? I dont think that happened either.

  • No Brainer

    But they did he was there on friday night you should check stuff out first

  • No Brainer

    There is nothing in the story that states this came from either of them. It is also in a paper from a banned title company so therefore you woukd have you take it with a pinch of salt

  • Demented_Man

    There is no depth they will not sink to in order to maintain their position on the Rangers board.
    Come on, Gers!  Kick them out!

  • garside500

    Your forgetting the article that was released around the time of the Sack Pardew campaign.  I think it suggested that ‘cars were driving a little too close to him on the pavement ‘when he went out  in Newcastle.  He also stated that he was a little bit worried about his family around that time.  Then as soon as left he came out and said he’s never had any problems with fans at all.  It was a strategically placed story to turn the rest of countries football fans against NUFC fans.  Its worked.

  • v0ices

    No Brainer reminds me of the stories of death threats Ashley’s children supposedly received when he wanted to put Newcastle supporters in a bad light.

  • No Brainer

    Yes it jogged my memory to that also

  • No Brainer

    There was no article by the club or AP about cars. As for the family matter what alan said was that his family got a bit upset when they see the abuse, its a little bit uncalled for, but it doesn’t bother me.
    thats what he said at the time and he repeated it when he left

  • garside500

    No Brainer 

    Have a good read of this.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find the part where he talks about cars.  I take that as either people are actively trying to run him over or alternatively they’re maneuvering their cars closer to the pavement in order to verbally abuse him from the car window.  There’s no evidence of either of things happening, just as there’s no evidence of Lllambias being attacked.  This article, along with many of the same ilk were released at the time Keith Bishop was drafted in to try and take the heat off Pardew.

  • garside500

    No Brainer I’m not condoning the abuse he was given and I have a young son myself so I fully understand what your saying.  My point was that Bishop, Llambias and Ashley are proven liars and are known to manipulate the media.  When Pardew was under pressure scores of old pros were coming out of the woodwork to defend him and critise the newcastle fans, this wasn’t a coincidence.  The whole thing was organised by Bishop.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  Ashley wasnt at Ibrox on Friday. Ashley will never be at Ibrox to watch a game. The abuse hasnt even started yet.

  • No Brainer

    Thats comung up as page not found, regardless if what is said/claim can be 100% proven as untrue it najes these guys look like absolure buffoons.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  You talk some amount of shite.

    Ashley was not at Ibrox on Friday.Ashley will never attend a game at Ibrox unless hes there with NUFC.

  • garside500

    No Brainer just click the link, don’t copy it into a browser.  It works my end.  For the avoidance of doubt, this is what he says in the interview :

    I’m not holding any grievance against the media, or some of our more militant fans, or the guys who printed the posters.
    “I’ve been out and about and had a few fans telling me their opinions, quite strongly. A few are diving a bit too to me.
    “I get it. I will go home, shine my manager of the year trophy and give myself a bit of confidence.”

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  Look at the stuff Lennon had to deal with.He got baws kicked regularly. Attacked while standing on sidelines at Tynecastle.Abuse painted all over the walls and roads surrounding his house. Theres 2 people serving a sentence for sending parcel bombs to Lennon and 2 others

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  Weve no even started wi this mob yet

  • No Brainer

    Never said ashley was llambias was though, who is the focus of the con flab I think you wrote that crew as an inclusive.
    but for the absence of doubt I don’t give a flying about happens in mickey mouse football land and a mickey mouse football club which only got its recent success by colluding with players to ensure they paid no tax hence gaining an advantage.
    Why any one bothers with a two bit vlub like rangers us beyond me.

  • No Brainer

    Sounds like something a twit would say without thinking

  • Greggy164

    You sound like a right belter. I’m not going to get into it with you. What I will say is Ashley will not bully the people of Glasgow

  • garside500

    The minute those words came out of his mouth our peaceful and organised demonstration against pardew was completey destroyed, the talk was no longer about pardew being shite it was all about nufc fans being aggressive and unreasonable towards him. It was a calculated comment, however flippant it may have come across.

  • No Brainer

    Haway the hoops

  • Greggy164

    Hahaa Don’t you want me to bite? Fanny

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Stop peddling propaganda. 
    This story was reported in several others before the Daily Record ran it. It actually came out the day before the Record printed, one of which was the Scottish Express. You asked for the source when I said the same and you were provided with it.
    It’s a perfect story to make sure they can keep suggesting the EGM is going to be disrupted or is unsafe. In other words, a big fat stinking lie yet again.

  • No Brainer

    That is all true

  • Chemical Dave


  • Greggy164

    Chemical Dave Greggy164  Well said that man

  • toon tony

    I remember him saying that. At the time I took it as a bit of tounge in cheek not as gospel, I think it was his way of making light of his unpopularity.

  • DownUnderMag

    garside500 The personal attacks against Pardew were a bit over the top if you ask me, the fans who were voicing such hatred were out of order and stepped over a line that really shouldn’t be crossed.   That being said, i’m fairly sure the media blew a lot of this out of proportion to sell papers…

  • garside500

    DownUnderMag garside500 The attacks were over the top, I agree.  Although the sack pardew campaign wasn’t particularly vicious.  It was simply a website detailing his failings as a manager, it gave a different view point to the tripe that was being spouted by all Pardew’s London buddies in the media, fuelled by this Bishop character.  They were insistent he was a great manager and he’d done a great job, that simply wasn’t true.  

    With regards to the amount of stick he got I think it would have been just as bad had he been manager of any other club that expects more than a relegation fight every year.  I’m not saying its right but its the nature of football, people in this country care.  In some countries he’d have been strung up from the nearest lamp post.

    I think the whole thing was made worse by his refusal to resign and Ashley’s refusal to sack him.  Both these idiots were solely thinking about themselves and not the best interests of the club.  He should have gone two years ago.  Towards the end people were just completely fed up with him.  As I mentioned earlier I think the fans of most of the teams in the top half of the table would have behaved in the same way.  You only need to look at the way Wenger was verbally abused at that train station in Stoke, by his own fans.

  • TonyMarkElsender

    Are you suggesting little dereks lying? Just not in his nature

  • DownUnderMag

    garside500 DownUnderMag yeah that’s the whole problem.  Any side in the country who had as poor form stemming from endless bad managerial decisions and abysmal tactics, let alone a manager who nuts players, pushes refs and constantly tells lies to the fans, would have been hounded out long before a “Sack Pardew” campaign was ever needed. There are plenty of goings on at other clubs that make what happens here a total minor infraction and yet because the press love the club or the incumbent in charge they overlook it all in favour of dragging NUFC through the mud again.  Look down the road at Sunderland…bad results have led to calls for Poyet to do one, and yet those same fans were berrating us for wanting better than what Pardew was delivering.

    We may have seen some cross the line, but wanting a manager change when things are not going your way is the same at every club (Man Utd anyone?!?!) and those are not whipped into a frenzy like it is here…certainly NOT in an anti-fan mentality anyway…usually its the press stirring things up because THEY want change at THEIR club.

  • garside500

    DownUnderMag garside500 Have a look at this, unbelievable considering the season they’re having.  There’s never been any sort of incident like this with us and Pardew before, apart from him being booed in the ground.