Despite reports of the US based Discovery Network (Eurosport owners) and beIN Sports supposedly being interested in competing for them, the UK TV rights for the Premier League have been retained by Sky Sports and BT Sport.

The deal announced today is for three years starting with the 2016/17 season, in total the Premier League will bank £5.13billion and remember the overseas deals are still to be announced.

The new deal represents a massive increase of around 70% on the current UK rights deals which pays £3billion over three years.

The previous one before that was £1.77billion, an astonishing rise in such a short space of time.

There were seven packages of matches and Sky are once again the dominant partner, they secured five of the seven and will show 126 matches per season, while BT Sport will broadcast 42 live games.

If the overseas deals show a similar 70% increase, the £77.4m that Mike Ashley banked last season from Newcastle United’s Premier League broadcasting, for a similar performance you would be looking at a figure of around £130m in 2016/17.

Richard Scudamore , Premier League Chief Executive, said:

“Premier League clubs deliver competitive and compelling football to fans in stadiums and on television, driving interest levels to new heights.”

“This outcome provides a degree of certainty so clubs can continue to invest and run themselves in a sustainable manner; it also allows us to start planning how the Premier League can continue to support the rest of the football pyramid from the grassroots upwards.

“This structure also allows us to strike a balance between match-attending fans and those who choose to watch on television. Keeping grounds full is a priority for the Premier League and our clubs, and I am sure the flexible ticketing policies that have helped keep attendances so high will continue to develop.”

Check out this article from earlier revealing how much more Newcastle and rest of PL get already compared to other European clubs.

  • mattyd128

    NUFCTheMag easy money for Mike Cashley. What an absolute joke. #NUFC

  • Robert Neal

    New deal set to deliver £130m to Ashley not Newcastle

  • toon tony

    It will make it harder to get this vermin out of OUR club.

  • hettonmag

    Competitive and  compelling football,  Scudamore  wants  to send a memo to Cashley  with those words in large capitals  at the top of the memo, because an owner like him is killing the game.

  • geordie2006

    NUFCTheMag not really. Ashley to bank £130m is probably closer

  • LintonLad

    I think this is bad news.  The profits from merely owning a mid table club have gone up so much that the revenue from cup runs or large crowds is not worth worrying about.  Further, the attraction of Rangers has decreased compared with NUFC in the Premier League.  I’d have though that this will encourage Cashley to keep our club, sentencing us to more misery, rather than selling in 2016, which had been previously suggested.
    With my hopeful hat on, on the other hand, he’ll get his loan paid back sone and the selling price will have gone up by 70%.  Happy days for Cashley, either way.

  • Wez McNamee

    No chance of him pissing off now then

  • David Hodgson

    I could scream….!!!

  • GToon

    Didn’t fatty or somebody close to him who has the gift of speech recently say he wouldn’t consider quitting until 2016. So i thought to myself we have one more season of nothingness and then when he goes we can start to compete again. Can’t see him walking away from millions upon millions now though. Isn’t £130m almost all of the money he’s made up that we owe him? Anyway who cares. It’ all about greed and scumbags and the media telling us we have never had it so good. What rubbish.  You can name the top 4 for next season now and probably their places too depending on how much money they spend in the summer and depending who comes up the bottom 3 too. Is that exciting? [email protected]£llcks is it. This “product” that they talk about does nothing for me. Give me the 80’s any day, when football belonged to the fans and not sky, bt and endless betting firms. Give me the 80’s when players had the chance to make it at their local club. You never knew how we would do from one season to the next. There was hope, expectation and a bit of excitement without having to be told by the media how exciting it is. Don’t know about you but i sit in almost silence when i go to SJP.

  • No Brainer

    And didpite yhat we’ll still get naff games like saturday or Burnley v qpr

  • DownUnderMag

    Well, fairly sure that’s the fat controller staying put then isn’t it??  The money in football is just getting silly now.  The trouble with this is that it just artificially inflates the players wages, which we know that we will not pay, so we probably have even less chance of signing anyone now.

    About time more of this TV money was used to subsidise the fans who turn up every week rather than going into paying over-inflated salaries to mediocre footballers…

  • mrkgw

    Whatever the TV revenue, it wont benefit the supporters at Newcastle. Ashleys coffers however, will grow. Alternatively, he might spend it on his new aquisition – Rangers.

  • DownUnderMag

    A sobering thought, what if the raft of senior players being shown the door in a blatant attempt to reduce the wage bill is Ashley ensuring he can coast by for a few seasons, even with relegation?  

    Out of the senior players left here, not many seem to be on huge wages, and we all know that if they wanted to they could get Colo to opt out of his contract.   Perhaps Ashley is intent on seeing how little he can spend and making sure that even if he gets us relegated that we have a low enough wage bill to get by in the Championship, and just soak up the parachute payments before jumping ship to Rangers?

  • Brownale69

    One  appearance on TV…….130m pays off the debt!!! Wahooooo. Sorry I havnt taken me drugs yet.

  • SimonM68

    This is very depressing news. How much would it take for any of us to move jobs?  15%? 20%? Ashley is effectively getting 70% payrise to stay put. 
    The £100m minimum (for the bottom team) dwarfs the potential £10m for Rangers’ champions league qualification and there’s no way he’ll be going anywhere now.
    Also, the increase in TV Revenues negates one of our biggest (only?) advantages and that’s a big home gate. That’s now laregly irrelevant as a %age of revenue
    Finally, how many will be ‘injured’ for next seasons FA Cup?  All 11?  Nobody will be interested in that competition which is very sad indeed.
    A very bad day for fans, but not for Ashley or players eh…

  • Demented_Man

    Can anyone else see the PL turning around at some point and saying: “no more relegation from the PL or promotion to it”?
    The financial consequences are simply too drastic now for teams going down for the current system to be tolerated much longer.  And if there was a closed shop declared, what really could the Football League do about it?
    Also, a lot of the season is merely a negative slog fest between frightened teams in the lower half of the table, which doesn’t particularly make the ‘product’ more attractive.

  • No Brainer

    It would be suicide for the pl the bottom six at the minute would be like to stay there getting tanked each season. As a product on tv that just would not be watchable. Sundays game was only competitive for the last twenty minutes.
    The only benefit would be the probability of the cups benefiting with no penalty of coming bottom so the full strength teams should be on show through out.
    althouh it is likely the fa and fl woild bar pl teams from entering.
    It would probably have to be by invitation also with the pl wanting cities like leeds sheff even teesside represented ahead of incumbant s like burnley west brom qpr.
    As it takes 14 teams to pass constitution changes and those bottom four or five in risk of being the last to go down and the top four or five needing newbies as whipping boys I don’t think it will happen but wouldn’t put it past scudsmore to suggest it.

  • Conman

    on the back of this can anyone brighten my day by telling ne why FCB will sell up ?

    I cannot believe that this will turn his back on this amount of ‘free’ dosh and therefore we will be stuck with him forever.  This is fast turning out to be a nightmare that will last forever.

  • Conman

    SimonM68  …completely agree Simon.  So depressing.  The fat cats get richer and the club and fans will continue to suffer. Its like a recurring nightmare.  Every morning I wake up and see his grip getting tighter and tighter over our club and he will not let it go. I just can’t see it.