This is my list of where the 19 other Premier League clubs currently fit into my love and hate list.

So basically, this is the order in which I want them all relegated.

Some of my reasons are personal and many of them have developed, good and bad, from my visits to their stadiums over many years.

After each club I’ve put my reasoning, feel free to add your own comments at the end.

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As you may have guessed I have started with the very worst, working through to the very best (least worst???).

Sunderland (Everything)

Aston Villa (Embarrassing support in more ways than one, absolute dump)

Manchester United (Almost everything)

Crystal Palace (Alan Pardew, getting to their ground is a nightmare)

Manchester City (Ruining football even more with their money, fans)

Chelsea (See above)

Liverpool (Media love-in, fans thinking they are back in 70s/80s still)

Stoke (Mark Hughes, style of football, fans)

Spurs (Playing football the ‘Tottenham’ way, arrogant fans, crap place to get to)

Everton (Fans)

Arsenal (Only find them annoying when we play them)

Leicester (Fans at Filbert Street, horrible place)

Hull (Steve Bruce)

West Ham (Some of their embarrassing fans at last summer’s friendlies in Germany)

West Brom (It’s close to Birmingham)

Southampton (A long way)

Swansea (See above)


QPR (Always quite liked them and it’s ok now ‘Arry has gone, positive is Sir Les)

  • LeazesEnder

    A reasonable assessment without a hint of bias.

  • Alexh1984

    Can’t believe you haven’t put arsenal 4th

  • LintonLad

    Personally, I found the lads at West Ham a decent bunch and trips to West Brom hold fond memories (ie, several wins and me mate’s a Baggies fan).  QPR were alright too.  Howay the Lads!

  • GToon

    I would put Liverpool much higher up. I hate the fact they always find themselves linked with anybody we have thats any use. I also hate the fact they never win a thing unless its on penalties and the fact they never lose the penalties either (apart from some meaningless game against us years ago!) Agree about Villa. A few years ago my youngest son was at their academy. When we beat them 2-1 at their ground he was stood on his seat abusing them as they walked out – i was so proud! Hahahahaha. He told them he didnt want to sign for them which was also fuelled by our dislike of them. Hope they go down.

  • markbt08

    Not today on pens though

  • LeazesEnder

    I remember the line from a ‘Likely Lads’ episode…. ‘ It’s not just Chelsea…I hate all London clubs equally’

  • GToon

    markbt08 hahahaha. could you hear the cheering from my house in the midlands? about time.

  • GToon

    LeazesEnder is that the one where he ends up basically hating everybody apart from himself?

  • LeazesEnder

    GToon LeazesEnder Thats the one its called ‘Guess who’s coming for dinner’

  • GToon

    LeazesEnder GToon hahahahaha. my Villa supporting mate used to say i was like that as i went round the country saying how much i disliked  each team from each city and the people from there too.