In an ideal world, the Newcastle United Academy, like at any other club, is supposed to be the future of the team.

In the Premier League, with the influx of senior foreign based players it is almost impossible for an academy player to make it to the first team of his club, unless he is extremely talented.

In the case of Gael Bigirimana, Shane Ferguson, Kevin Mbabu, Remie Streete and Haris Vuckic, making it to the first team has been almost impossible at Newcastle.

Fine the trio of Vuckic (4), Ferguson (7) and Bigirimana (3) have 14 Premier League starts between them in their Newcastle careers.

A statistic that only goes to show what little chance they’ve had to prove themselves.

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Neither Kevin Mbabu or Remie Streete have been given any first team football so far for United.

So these five lads, who were have all been reported to show promise in the past, have still not shown that they are good enough for the big stage.

However, they have been provided with a golden chance to prove themselves at Rangers, by playing well enough to get Rangers promoted to the SPL.

How much influence the Newcastle loan players can have is open to doubt, as four of them are currently injured, with only a brief show from Streete before injury struck on his debut and Vuckic the only one to make any impact so far when he scored on his first start.

Time is running out as four of them see their contracts end within the next 16 months, Street this June and Vuckic, Ferguson and Mbabu in June 2016. Bigirimana then a year later.

It appears it is only a matter of time before they slip into oblivion(league one/two)) as time is against them to prove their worth.

If you ask me, only Haris Vuckic now looks to still have a slim chance of making it with the Magpies.

  • LeazesEnder

    The sales policy overrides absolutely everything else….’End-of’ as they say!

  • nmejimmy

    TeamToon never has been and never will be in 30 years one class player GAZZA

  • The Vicar

    The Academy HAS TO be the future of the future of the club. We have too many people who expect players coming from the Academy to be world beaters from day one. So if they are not as good as Messi or Renaldo from day 1, then they are deemed as “not good enough”. So the task is made impossible. When Renaldo was first used by Manchester Red, he was used sparingly with cameo appearances in the final 10-15 minutes. He was nurtured carefully for a year or so before he emerged to become the player he is. We need a development mentality at the club.

    There are several models for building a football club. One is just to buy all the top players. This requires unlimited resources. We do not have unlimited resources, and there are only 5 or 6 clubs in the world that do. Another strategy is to “buy and sell”and hope that the club is more successful as a trader than others. My favourite approach would be to find and buy young (especially local talent), coach and keep; supplementing with the odd high quality big money signing. 

    Even although the EPL now gets a huge amount of money, the day will come, and is not far away, when the number of transfers will become fewer and fewer as mediocre players attract huge fees. Every year the amount of money spent by the EPL in transfer windows increases: get ready for that to go the other way. When that happens the way clubs find and develop talent will become even more important than it is now. 

    Newcastle have brought players through, but it has to improve. In spite of all the verbiage, Pardew was useless at bringing talent through, and only when forced to play the youngsters did we start to win this season. There are signs that the policy is changing; at last and about time.

  • Fedup10

    I’m afraid under Ashley there is no future……unless you call mid table at best a future. Even if we had best acadamy Ashley would just sell the decent players for an even bigger profit.

  • howaymebonnylads

    Nope…next question

  • Hez

    Agreed, Armstrong, Campbell, Vukic were all amazing in some fans eyes before they even played, I remember fans blasting Pardew for his “treatment” of the sensational Alnwick after playing 20 mins, 5 games later…..

  • The Vicar

    Hez We started winning this season when we started playing the kids. In general there has been a reluctance to play our youngsters. Now we have Perez, Dummett, Ameobi, Abeid, Good, and more coming through.  
    Can’t remember anyone saying how good Alnwick was, but in a couple of years watch out for Woodman. And on the subject of GKs it was obvious Forster would do well. 
    Pardew deserves blasting.

  • macandmarge

    The Vicar Hez I feel sorry Perez…he is young and slight but works his socks off and takes all the knocks and a natural striker yet we play him on the wing. God we he be great with a target man alongside him

  • DownUnderMag

    I think we’ve all seen the club waste talent over the last few years, but truth be told the issues goes back a long long way, we just seem to have a problem in getting players to make that next step up.

    Even disregarding Vukic who has been plagued with injuries and Ranger who needed his head slapping with the pointy end of a golf-shoe, there are a whole host of other youth graduates who have not only stagnated but actively gone backwards in their time with the reserves and out on loan.  Bigi, Fergie, Streete…now all sent to exile up at Rangers, all showed a lot of promise and potential but have failed to be given a chance and have gone backwards.   However, it isn’t just a recent trend under Ashley, even as far back as Sir bobby Robson we seemed to be struggling to develop players, even when handed the world youth player of the year, one Mr Hugo Viana (who incidentally beat out an obscure player called Cristiano Ronaldo for that honour).

    There was a time though where we were at least bringing through players capable of holding down a first team place, even if they weren’t the calibre of player most were hoping for.  Ramage, the Caldwell brothers, Hughes, they were all good squad players for us, Hughes was actually very under-rated in my opinion.  But even then, we ended up seeing the likes of Chopra never really fulfil the hype.

    Now, not all players are going to make it, that would be naive to think so.  But surely out of the reams of players that have been tipped for big things, some of the them should be doing better than getting shipped off to conference sides?  It surely is high time to have a revamp of the academy, the coaching and bring us a step closer to realising the youth academy project becoming a success story rather than the (almost) abject failure it currently seems to be.

    A good youth policy could really be the clubs saviour in this day of oil-bought-titles and never ending spending by desperate clubs.  BUT, no matter how good we are at developing them, it is only of benefit if we do a better effort to hold on to them.  if you get Carroll money then fine, but we need to try harder to keep the local and youth graduate players at the club…for identity if not success!  This just won’t happen as long as Ashley is only interested in one thing!

  • macandmarge

    DownUnderMag Absolutely