Newcastle United are set for talks with Christophe Galtier according to reports from France.

This summer will see the St. Etienne manager complete six seasons at the club and according to Le10Sport, a source close to him has said that Galtier believes that he has taken the team as far as he can.

A top three finish and Champions League qualification would have swayed him it is said, but third placed Marseille remain eight points clear of fifth placed St. Etienne after the two clubs played out a 2-2 draw on Sunday.

In France, Le10Sport say that Christophe Galtier refused to discuss the Newcastle job in the winter but his representatives told United that the door would be open this summer.

With any hopes of Champions League qualification all but gone, the source close to Galtier told Le10Sport that he believes that the St. Etienne boss will be happy to leave this summer.

A bit like Frank de Boer seemingly making clear he would be open to a summer move elsewhere after a long spell with Ajax, it appears a similar story with Galtier.

Both managers seeming to be sending out the message that they would be open to a potential summer change of clubs.

The two questions of course being: is Mike Ashley actually interested in a credible new person in charge of the team AND would either Galtier or de Boer, or anybody else, see Newcastle as the right next step.

  • Corkyjohn

    Probably not, although if Carver keeps up his outstanding run of form showcasing his undoubted coaching ability, I think Ashley may have to realise that we need a decent coach to ensure we stay in the EPL & secure his £130m profit…..

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Corkyjohn Agree that the only way we’ll get a new coach is should Charva prove he may not keep us in Premiership and he’s certainly showing that at the moment

  • SGM

    Is this rumour simply because he was spotted at the City game? If so its very, very, weak. Graham must have had a quiet week.

  • Toonarden

    SGM – I thought it was Remi Garde spotted commentating for French radio who was at the game?
    If we don’t end up in the top ten (the owners so called minimum target) Ashley will look stupid if he retains Carver. But there again…..
    Let’s be honest, there’s absolutely no chance of any manager or coach with an excellent reputation being hired by Ashley. He’ll cost a few bob and want to buy decent players both of which would give Ashley brown trousers.

  • Polarboy

    SGM As Toonarden was saying that was Remi Garde that was commentating for French TV not Galtier. Also the author is merely re-reporting a story from a French football source.

  • Polarboy

    I will be incredibly surprised and completely delighted if we manage to get someone as credible as Galtier is purported to be.

  • the blueman

    If the reports on wor next manager being at the etihad on saturday night then we are fooked coz stuart pearce was at the game , pity jurgen klopp or pep guardiola wernt there but if they were then they just say possible citys new boss coz no one will come to us with cashley still here and all his restriction I.e no money to spend

  • tino o

    Our next manager???? Carver is our next manager does and says all the right things for the fcb. I’m impressed with him I think he can carry on from our last fantastic manager and be another record breaker . His post match interviews are amazing considering what he has said pre match next why would we want anyone else ffs looking forward to the future especially the end of the season.

  • Polarboy

    the blueman Remi Garde was there but he was there to commentate for French TV, I suppose its possible that he or someone besides Carver may take over, if Ashley and co. are forced to move their arses in the face of Carver’s continued ineptitude.

  • the blueman

    Polarboy ,, iknew who was at the game it was mere a tongue in cheek comment ,,, meaning if any manager with nowt to do wuth city or nufc then they will become wor new gaffer

  • Bishbosh11

    If the bloke has ambitions of CL football, why would he consider coming to NUFC? The closest any of our lot get to the CL are the ones loaned out to Rangers!

  • Polarboy

    the blueman Oh I thought you mistook Garde for Galtier given that it was Garde who was at the match and the story is about Galtier.

  • RossYogiGraver

    Anyone getting there hopes up for a good experienced head coach is deluded. Carver will get job if not him Steve stone or the next one down the chain of command. The only qualification fcb wants is arse kissing

  • AlanMares

    Carver won’t be our next manager the fcb is not stupid what better way to get season tickets sold get a new manager and few signings he’s not stupid that’s why he is a.Billionaire

  • AlanMares

    So was remi gardr

  • AndyMac1

    two questions of course being: is Mike Ashley actually interested in a
    credible new person in charge of the team”
    Actually the only question is does Fatman actually care who manages/coaches this team ?

  • gazchampion

    AndyMac1 …only if he can ”pull his strings” so we shall have to wait and see who is prepared to put up with Fatman & the Toon heirarchy!