Madonna might have attracted the main headlines thanks to throwing herself down the stairs, but photos published on Thursday morning show Newcastle trio Jack Colback, Tim Krul and Steven Taylor attending the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night at the o2 Arena.

The three Newcastle players are then said to have moved on to the after show party hosted by Warner Music at the Freemasons’ Hall near Covent Garden.

Others reported to be there were Geordie duo Ant and Dec, as well as the likes of Ed Sheeran and Orlando Bloom.

Whether it is attempted mischief making or not, the Mail report that the ‘players looked a little worse for wear’ by the time they left, though in the photos I’ve seen it is only the currently injured Steven Taylor who looks a little ‘tired’.

Instead the other photos show Colback and Krul (accompanied by his girlfriend) looking as sober as you or me. Colback is of course suspended for the next two games, so that only leaves Tim Krul….

With only 48 hours remaining before Newcastle face Villa, you can only assume that the trip by our keeper to London was officially sanctioned by the club.

Though a bit strange as he’ll surely struggle to make training today, unless of course he is injured which would be really really bad news, considering what happened in his absence and Villa being a must win match.

  • mrkgw

    As long as players perform aganst Villa, whatever they do in their spare time is their business.

  • LeazesEnder

    If we lose on Saturday blame Ant and Dec for the backstage passes!

  • mentalman

    Just seen the photos, Taylor looks hammered but he’s not training or playing at the minute so why not, the other 2 look sober so it’s just another non story to have a dig at the club by the London media

  • And the point of this story is…?

  • SGM

    None of the above will be playing. so what?

  • LeazesEnder

    TrevReav Just a hunch but ‘Lack  of discipline and commitment’?

  • GToon

    Got no probs with them partying but what on earth were they celebrating?!!!!! Something other than to do with NUFC obviously.