Have Newcastle United made a massive mistake – we all know the nightmare Siem de Jong has had with injuries but Luuk de Jong’s season has gone under the radar for Newcastle fans.

Discarded by United after a dismal loan period of zero goals in five months at St.James’ Park last season, I doubt if any Newcastle fans thought it was a bad move.

However, last season PSV finished fourth, ending up 12 points behind Siem de Jong’s Ajax.

In the summer PSV bought only one player as well as a few free transfers, paying around £4.5m for Luuk de Jong.

On Friday night Luuk de Jong scored a hat-trick as PSV won 4-2 at AZ Alkmaar, sending them 15 points clear of second place Ajax and pretty much ensuring they have tied up the league title.

De Jong has scored 19 goals in 30 starts (all competitions) for his new club, nobody has scored more goals in Dutch football this season apart from his teammate Memphis Depay with 21.

It would be a bit far-fetched to say Luuk de Jong’s transfer has been the sole reason for PSV’s massive change in fortune, but as their only major signing, it is hard to get away from him not being the major factor.

After an injury plagued season last year, Newcastle got Siem de Jong on what appeared to be the cheap from Ajax. We all hope he can get himself sorted physically and show what he can do, but I have a sneaking feeling that we have again passed up another potential very good player in his brother Luuk.

Thrown into that dismal chaotic second half of last season, it is maybe little wonder that a player already low on confidence after his Bundesliga experience, then failed in England. The feeling has to be that he is maybe another victim of Alan Pardew, Luuk de Jong looked to lack direction when he did get on the pitch amd Pardew’s negative style of play is always going to make it difficult for attacking players.

Luuk de Jong has returned to the Dutch national squad on the back of his club form and at only 24 he is only starting his career, not forgetting that he was so highly rated that he was transferred to Germany for over £12m as a 21 year old.

When you look at how dismal Emmanuel Riviere has looked for around £5m, especially with the signing of brother Siem you do wonder if only…

Maybe Luuk de Jong will simply add to the list of players who can’t hack it outside their own weaker domestic league but I have a feeling he is a player we may well regret passing up, another one Pardewed!

  • Kevin_nichol

    You have to look at the standard of the Dutch league and it is very poor! Altidore scored 30 plus goals in a season in Holland! De Jong went to Germany and was very poor (he became 5th choice at his club); then at Newcastle he looked completely out of his depth! I would say the more likely outcome of this all is that he has found his level! The club had him for several months and would have had the chance to review his potential in training! The bigger mistake for me was spending money on Riviere! I would have preferred we had looked to the championship for a young striker who would have been hungry to make it at the top level! Look at the two boro have (Bamford on loan from Chelsea: Tomlin). We could have put a serious bid in for Ings; Berahino has done well at West Brom; Rhodes at Blackburn etc….the insistence on looking road has to stop and for me the team is as poor as it is as it does not contain any real hunger or determination minus one or two

  • NeilRobbo1106

    TeamToon think it says more about quality of Dutch League Altidore looked decent over there

  • davidpick1987

    Marckavanagh2 NUFCTheMag mr_gb_87 after his performances last year it wouldve been hard to buy him lads…couldnt strike a ball cleanly!

  • Paul Patterson

    Nothing to see here.
    Luuk couldn’t handle the Premier League. Let’s be fair, nobody would have bought him on last seasons record/performances.
    As for his brother, lets hope that we haven’t bought another serial crock.
    And, in other news, I see Mr Andrew Carroll is out for the rest of the season- Let’s hope that stops some of our fans STILL calling for the club to resign him . .

  • davidpick1987

    Marckavanagh2 mr_gb_87 no doubt at all mate, i like him. But theres no way we could’ve paid money for him after his abysmal trial period.

  • PaulNewsome

    No, Newcastle United didn’t make a mistake not signing Luuk deJong

    Memphis Depay on the other hand is a PSV player we should have tried to sign a long time ago, along with Wilf Bony and Jan Vertonghen.

  • MarkKilmister

    Both de Jong brothers are nothing but average players from a mickey mouse league. Luuk couldn’t cut it when he was here last season (albeit with limited game time) he couldn’t find the space between the defenders to operate it that he gets in the Eredivisie which is a dreadfully slow league. Siem was a bad buy, an injury prone player is no good for us. Out of all the Dutch players NUFC have signed in the last 7-8 years only Janmatt looks up to the task for the physical nature of the league but he had his moments getting used to it at the start of the season.

    As much as fact a lot of the fans would like the club to continue looking at the Eredivisie & dutch players, most of them would make it in the modern day PL. The club would be better of sticking with there scouting in Ligue 1 and looking more closely at the Spainish teams.

  • hate the mackems

    Looks like his brother will go the same way for different reasons, most players who spend the 1st year year at a new club tend to struggle there after. Can’t see Siem ever get going here.

  • wor monga

    There’s some very uninformed commenters on here…a lot of
    great players have come out of the Dutch league over the years, and performed
    at the top levels of any other European League…

    Luuk wasn’t the type of striker
    we needed at that particular time, under Pardew…but Siem (when properly fit )
    can be exactly what we need for the future, behind the main striker.

  • Dan Small

    Saw him twice live last year and he was shocking. Must be some bad defenders in the Dutch league.

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga What about the debt…inform us?… itemise it!

  • DownUnderMag

    In fairness, a few of his games for us he did look a bit lost, but he was playing a role that either wasn’t suited to him (i.e. a pacey agile fox-in-the-box) or was expected to hold the ball up for an eternity while someone from deep managed to get up in support by which stage he’d lost the ball.  He looked a fairly decent prospect if he was played as a target man WITH a striker alongside him or was provided good service from wide positions.  
    As it turned out Pardew insisted on never playing wingers and never playing more than an isolated frontman.  He also didn’t really get much of a look in, a few minutes off the bench here and there to use up time or thrown to the lions and expected to single handedly win matches with zero service….not exactly a fair assessment of the lad.   I think we basically just wanted his brother and used Luuk to get Siem on board with us…and we all know how that one worked out.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he was a wasted talent in the same way as Jon Dal Tommasson was when he came here, but I think it’s harsh to label him a failure when he wasn’t really given a fair crack of the whip.   Was just typical Pardew in trying to play players in a set formation and a specific role, no matter if their own game was suited to that or not.  Most players who do well in the Dutch league seem to transfer well to the Premiership, so maybe he was worth another look when we so desperately needed a striker – i’d wager he would be no worse at fullfilling the role request of him than Riviere is proving to be at the very least!

  • TeamSkoshi Raper

    doesnt surprise me in the slightest :P

  • amacdee

    De Jong has played in all games when he’s been available for PSV so his confidence is high. PSV always play him as the main striker in a 4-2-3-1 with three quality attacking MF’s in Depay, Maher and  Luciano Narsingh.
    Pardwho on the other hand had him playing all over the shop including behind Cisse, on the rightm the left and paired with Strolla. Is it any wonder the guy is on form now ?

  • jimblag

    Yeah lets sign Luuk and sell Rivierre, then next season when Rivierre is scoring back in France lets say “Have we made a mistake? Let’s re-sign him and get riid of De Jong.” So dumb.

  • Willvenus1

    Anybody, apart from employees of NUFC, could see there was a good player there waiting to get out.