Remarkable statistics show that Newcastle receive more than two and a half times the domestic TV money Bayern Munich bank.

In the table below produced by Spanish media organisation AS, they have published the figures (in Euros) that each of the clubs in the five major European leagues make from their domestic TV money.

Of course what it shows most of all is the dominance of the Premier League in terms of attracting money from the global TV audience.

An announcement is due at 5pm today, as to how much the Premier League have sold their TV rights for this time (2016 onwards in a three year deal), though the figure for income generated from the rest of the world will come at a later date.

In the meantime , it is remarkable that Newcastle make more from their league matches being shown on TV than every other club in Europe apart from Real Madrid and Barcelona, plus the seven English clubs who banked more than Newcastle last season.

tv money

Shortly though, Barcelona and Real Madrid are going to have the gap between what they get and the rest of the Spanish clubs brought closer together, which when combined with the new Premier League deal, could well see Newcastle banking more domestic TV money than Real Madrid and Barca as well in a few years time.

  • PhilYare

    probably why the german league is best

    they have giant stadiums with cheap tickets and they are full

    on the other hand you have the premier league… which has been ruined by money (sky, bt, satanta etc)

    i used to like 3pm kick offs on a saturday and listening to scores all around the country, not who played at 1.30, who is playing at 5, who is playing tomorrow etc

  • Willvenus1

    Banking the TV money being the operative word

  • Seventy2

    A good chunk of the PL money should be used for both capping the majority of seat prices and all amateur sports throughout the UK, particularly grass roots football. In order to address the funding shortage in facilities and the health of the society as a whole. Outwardly it would be a Premiership Tax that would advantage us all and be a reasonable return on my TV licence payment.

  • Maximus Moose

    just more cash in the pocket for the Fat Scumbag

  • SusanCommon

    the bubble will burst one day and football at this level will fall flat on its face as we we have partially seen before. fans are already getting fed up with the english model of football and know this cannot be sustained. Billions of pounds also leaving the country & not being re invested is a poor recipe for disaster and its about time everyone got together and state to think how we can protect the game for its long term future. most clubs in the bundesliga offer a 1st class pricing structure but at least it involves the fans and the community. plus its getting a bit boring now for the EPL as its the same teams year after year winning the league and often the cups. things must change and that change should start at that top with a total transformation and new philosophy needed before football becomes dead.

  • SusanCommon

    PhilYare spot on Phil. Full stadiums and even massive crowds in bundesliga 2 at some clubs but more importantly like you said brilliant atmospheres, cheap tickets such as standing next to your mates behind the goal every home game for a bit of craic a sing song a few beers and watch your team all without hassle form stewards or the police all for the mighty sum of approx 15 euro depending on who you support. 1st class communication with supporters who feel and actually are involved and have an input in the club as well as the members of the clubs contributing to the philosophy in there own clubs. its got to the stage with some germans that they are not too bothered there country is winning world cups on a regular basis as they are solely interested in there own clubs. If anyone pays attention to live games on tv the teams also appear to have special relationships with there own fans not like here in england were we fans treat them like gods. a lot of things are out of proportion and needs fixing urgently

  • martydee1

    with tv money going up, agents and players will want higher wages as 100 grand+ a week will not be enough, fatman will cream it in again but still no debt paid off and the fans will be charged through the nose for the privilege

  • PaulNewsome

    According to Deloitte, Bayern Munich made 107.7 million euros in broadcastling revenue and Newcastle United 93.5 million euros last season. Bayern makes 10 times as much commercial revenue as Newcastle United though.

  • Brownale69

    So why shouyld Cashley part with NUFC?