Over in Italy, the Corriere dello Sport have claimed that Newcastle United have shown interest in recruiting Rafa Benitez in the summer.

The Spanish manager (Head Coach…) sees his contract run out in the summer and with Napoli currently in third,  the Italian club’s President Aurelio De Laurentiis has made repeated statements that he would like to keep his Coach.

However, Benitez is said to be keen to move on and the Italian media have claimed that as well as supposed interest from Newcastle, a move to Manchester City or a return to Liverpool are also claimed to be possibilities in the summer. PSG are a fourth name chucked into the hat but said to be outsiders.

Whether Rafa Benitez waves goodbye to Italy or not, it is hard to see a manager/head coach with a record of winning trophies coming to Newcastle. With no say on which players come and go and not a penny spent on transfers unless deemed absolutely necessary to survive by Mike Ashley.


  • TradgeJ

    Not sure I’m 100% taken by this, but if it’s true then I hope we go for it, a gigantic improvement on Pardew!

  • Hughie

    Oh  really!?! and just about every other coach on the planet, in case they are actually prepared to work under Ashley’s constraints!! Would have been an intriguing job advert?

  • Texas09

    Never heard such rubbish, it’s hard to know what to believe… One day supposedly the fat controller wants to install Harry Redknapp as the next manager sorry Hmmm yes man head coach and now we supposedly want Raffa end of season heard it all now rumours rumours it makes no difference who we get he’s still got to listen to the yes but mainly no man I’m a tight milk it for all its worth greedy git Ashley. Take all these rumours with a pinch of salt next we’ll be linked with Alex Ferguson if only it’s all only hear say. We’ll probably god for bid end up with Carver and spend no money again in the summer I’ll always support the club but it’s hard with this bloody regime.

  • Brownale69

    Any no say on who comes in and out? Oh and he has to keep the backroom staff!!! No cup runs, no ambition………Aye that would be about right!
    I believe in Santa too

  • nufcmag777

    If Carver keeps us anywhere from 10th to 17th then Ashley will probably give him the job.Carver has said and done everything except dedicate a win to Ashley-He should be renamed Cardew.

  • Polarboy

    Every possible candidate will be put forward when in all probability they have no intention stumping up the needed cash and autonomy for a decent coach. Most likely Ashley is praying that Carver does a passable job so he can keep him on.

  • Steve Kennedy

    The Corriere Dello Sport must be twinned with the Chronicle if it’s printing rubbish like that!

  • mrkgw

    I would gladly have Rafa at our club. Whether Ashley thinks likewise, must surely be doubtful.

  • magpie9

    Fatso must have spent a weekend in Italy & for his twisted sense of humor & to torment the fans he informed his waiter he was looking for a manager. As long as he has the likes of Carver on the cheap there is no chance of him hiring & paying a competent manager/coach