After receiving criticism on Twitter, Newcastle goalkeeper Karl Darlow has now answered back.

The on-loan keeper had a dip in form which led to him getting dropped in January, with some Forest fans claiming that he was too focused on coming to Newcastle in the summer, rather than Nottingham Forest’s current Championship campaign.

Darlow says that the supporters have got it wrong and that all he ever wants to do is to play football and show the world what he can do.

Recently restored to the Forest team, Karl Darlow will be hoping to finish the season strongly and impress both Forest and Newcastle fans.

Though hopes of promotion are unlikely with Forest currently 12 points off the play-off places.

Karl Darlow speaking to the Nottingham Post;

“I have not thought about being up at Newcastle, it has not crossed my mind. I have only been up there once. That is it.

“I keep getting tweets from people saying that my mind is up in Newcastle already. But it is not at all. I want to finish this season with Forest and I want to do well with Forest. Mentally, it has not been a problem.”

Promotion with Forest;

“For me, it is not going to be good if I play badly, is it? I want to play well in every game, I want to show the world what I can do.

“I said in the summer that I wanted to sign off by winning promotion with Forest and, while that is a long way off, if we can get a run of positive results going; if we can start to pick up momentum, anything is possible.

“All I have ever wanted to do is play football and get out on the pitch. I love playing for this team and I just want to play for Forest.”

  • amacdee

    If he thinks it’s shlte at Forest right now he’s in for a shock next season when he turns out for Fatmans Bargain Basement Xi sponsored by Poundland

  • No Brainer

    amacdee I think this article sums up how far from the truth your opinion is

  • juliotaylor

    No Brainer amacdee you’d quite wrong about that. Forest’s position is nowhere near as extreme as Newcastle’s.

    They have a chairman who’s ambitious, talks to the fans, and has backed his managers. His major downfall has been appointing volatile and unreliable managers.

    But compared to Ashley’s regime, Forest are really in a good place.

  • No Brainer

    Yes thats right the first division going nowhere having sold two A rated youngsters to a club in crises as they would have failed tge kwagues FFP had they not done so.
    yes lets swap

  • juliotaylor

    No Brainer take away the FFP and you’ve just described Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.


  • No Brainer

    Agreed they are the same barr nufc’s ability to buy a couple of £20m without it getting them into debt if that’s what they wish to do and being virtually safe in the premier league the division above the championship which forest are in. Yes exactly the same

  • amacdee

    No Brainer

    buy a couple of £20m (players ?) without it getting them into debt” 
    How likely is that under this regime ? Get a life NB you know you cant defend this corrupt regime but by all means have the last word :D

  • No Brainer

    You should spell out what you mean by corrupt and how you can link any activity of the club which can match the meaning if the word.
    I said ability as the club has generated a lot of cash and seems to be prudent in spending it..which is a right ball ache when we are desperate for a new CB
    I have a life its a good and comfortable one thanks so no need to concern yourself.

  • No Brainer

    Newcastle are in a good position with plenty cash in the bank. Notts forest ownership was a shambles and in a little bit of debt however have not been relegated for almost nine years and when they got promoted again the previous owner put money in to get them in and around play off spots.. As now they also do not appear to be making any in roads to the promised land I’m not sure you can rate the current owner so much better of vourse the previous owner wasn’t expected to pass away that what he did should have been built on. Considering they will have to invest in replacing two players they have this year as well as replacing many other positions that will need to strengthening in order to make a promotion push. And as the club is stating that it doesn’t have much money for transfers then championship is where they are staying.
    Aye much better than newcastle