I really have to hand it to Mike Ashley, I didn’t think it would be possible for him to find somebody who could wind you up as much as Alan Pardew but he has succeeded.

Watching Pardew’s football was bad enough at times but his post-match press stuff was at times on a whole different level.

In John Carver, I think Ashley has managed to find somebody who doesn’t just match Pardew but actually surpasses him with his patter.

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Now he is thrust into the spotlight on a permanent basis, we are learning what John Carver is all about and I don’t like it.

He may be a Geordie like many of us but that doesn’t excuse the rubbish he is coming out with.

Last night with the scores level at Palace he took off Newcastle’s two most attacking players and replaced them with a defensive midfielder and a full-back, then afterwards said;

“That is one win, three draws and two defeats now, which is not bad in this league.”

Conveniently forgetting the defeat in the Cup at rock bottom Leicester which makes his record actually one win in seven.

However, then in a separate interview after last night’s final whistle, John Carver used some slightly different statistics…;

“I have now had three games since getting the head coach job and it’s three unbeaten. We could be sitting here with nine points but it is five and I will take it.”

Then when he came to his team selection and formation Carver came out with;

“I was brave from the start by sticking two strikers in the team but it wasn’t working for us and I needed to change the shape of the team and I did.

“Then he (Pardew) changed it and put (Jason) Puncheon into the middle of midfield and brought on an extra striker. He had quite a few strikers on at the end (unlike Newcastle…) and so we knew he was going to put us under pressure.”

Nothing like patting yourself on the back!

‘Brave from the start’…yes he played Cisse and Perez but to call that playing two strikers is very misleading. Perez is a striker but Carver didn’t play him as one, he was more like (yet) another defensive midfielder while he was on the pitch.

It is a bit like when Alan Pardew used to play Papiss Cisse on the right of midfield with the hopeless Shola up front instead, basically using our number nine as cover for the full-back, Pardew wouldn’t have been lying to say that he was playing an extra striker in Cisse but it would hardly have been true in reality.

***Watch Cisse’s quality goal HERE and give us your NUFC player ratings from last night HERE

  • Brownale69

    Lets see how “brave” you are against Manu and how you sort out the shambles at the back.

  • Billco

    Carver is an embarrassment.
    Poor Perez must regretting coming to Newcastle and it wont be long before his confidence is shot.
    Gouffran and Williamson are no hopers and should never start a game that you have intentions of winning.
    I hope the Rangers fans totally sicken Ashley from football or we will never be rid of him.

  • amacdee

    So Good was given a run outpresumably to help out Haidara? Yet when Bolasie came on he had the place to himself?
    Carver thinks defensively cos he doesn’t want to lose. Which is more than he wants to win.
    I can only assume Carvers appointment is another wind up by the Fatman because we fans dared to question his other lackey?

  • amacdee

    If Goof was chosen to help out defensively how come Bolasie had the freedom to go where he wanted?
    Carver’s appointment is just another Fatman wind up his we dared to question his previous lackeys abilities

  • DownUnderMag

    I love his justification that one win in 6 is “pretty good for this league”…you know, unless you actually judge your success on actually winning more games than you lose.   Six points from 18 is actually more like relegation candidate form if you ask me rather than “not a bad effort”. The negative show against Palace for me just showed exactly what mentality he has and how scared he is to go for it.

  • supermacsnewname

    let’s face it – the season is over so it is pointless celebrating wins, moaning about draws and ranting at wins.
    We are average – big deal, we are better than clubs of our stature like Everton (with their wonder manager) and Villa and streets ahead of 5under1and (and remember Leeds?) – and what about Liverpool & Spurs who heve “dream” managers and spent a fortune!
    the question now is how can we do better next season?
    With the new money from TV there is no way fatso will get rid of his money printing machine – what will he do?
    Hire a decent manager? with each game Carver’s chances get less – and the simple fact will be that all clubs will be awash with dosh, decent players will flock to the PL and wages will rocket – so the current plan of buying potential on the cheap will be obsolete (if not suicidal).
    For NUFC a top manager and 4-5 top players will not be a policy option – it will be a survival necessity!

  • wor monga

    I’ts not unreasonable to expect Carver to be happy with a
    point away from home with the games we have coming up, and there’s no need for
    any savaging like he‘s getting here. Pardew knew exactly what we could do, and
    who would do it… That meant Cabella , Perez and Sissoko were given no free
    space to use, but Palace still had players who could get quickly forward, out
    wide, every time they took the ball off them.

    What’s the point of sticking strikers on if there’s nothing
    coming through to them…we had one good attack and scored from it…we were
    lacking the kind of pace on either wing to get the ball forward enough and take
    men away from Perez/ Cabella/ Cisse, and if it’s just down to the fullbacks to
    do it all the time…then our brittle defence (MW) will be open to the counter.
    Without Aarons to call on we don’t have a winger with enough
    pace who can get round behind, and cross accurately. Sammi and Obertan have
    both seemed likely to get there this season, but are still not consistent
    enough or good enough on covering.

  • Philippines

    Reading comments like these suggests that even if they brought in Ferguson, he would get a right slagging if he didn’t have instant success. I hope John Carver has more sense than to read the posts on this web site.

  • Southwest Geordie

    Billco I doubt a player from the Spanish second tier is regretting moving to a mid table premiere league club

  • NatTurner

    supermacsnewname  We’re worse than average.  14th in the form table (JC’s six matches), same as Everton in 15th, but their six included Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.  The only teams with less points than Newcastle during JC’s reign are Burnley, QPR, mackems, Leicester, and Villa, the basement clubs. 

    Did you watch the Livepool-Spurs game?  Both teams looked fantastic, playing crisp, ambitious, exciting football, football at the highest level.  I predict that JC’s coming fixtures with Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester City, and Liverpool will prove to you that we are on a completely different level than them.  We’ve been rubbish under JC and getting blown away by those teams will show the fans and MA just how much worse JC is than the also incompetent Pardew.

  • supermacsnewname

    NatTurner supermacsnewname good points – too often we simply criticise our team as a frustration reflex without looking at other clubs. Liverpool & Spurs looked great, but not not every match despite spending a fortune – listen to their supporters, they sound just like us.
    basicaly I say we are average because we only win 1/3 of our games, lose 1/3 and draw 1/3

  • NatTurner

    supermacsnewname  Your point is well taken as well.  The big questions are how we can do better next season and will we. 

    I just worry about the results of JC’s appointment – being less than average.  1 in 6 is half of 1/3.  Relegation form for the second half of the season for the second season in a row is worse than meaningless.  It harms the club going forward.