New blockbuster just out: ‘Newcastle United – Gone in 27 seconds’.

Yes that is how long the team lasted before handing the match to Manchester City on Saturday.

No surprise either to see Mike Williamson and Vurnon Anita being the two players combining to give away a terrible needless penalty.

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John  Carver wasn’t too impressed either…

“All your preparations through the week go out of the window when you concede a penalty within a minute…

“Straight from the kick-off, ball down the side, he had a chance to clear it and we talk about staying in the game as long as we can…”

It’s almost game over:

“But when you concede a penalty within a minute it’s an uphill task and concede the second within 12 (minutes), it’s even harder.

“It is almost game over.”

When you concede a goal as bad as that, so quickly, then you know there is something seriously wrong with the players or the coaching, or both.

No doubt this week we will be hearing plenty about working even harder on the training ground, learning from mistakes and players and coaches knowing how much it means to the fans.



  • tino o

    Williamson would usually hoof it at all times anita pathetic. Team set up a joke substitutions a joke. Collicini captain? ??? Sissoko not a team player playing for his move without any concern for the club. Carver a pathetic excuse for a manager the future is bleak for us. Shown up again sick of this! !!!!!

  • Corkyjohn

    Looking forward to all our televised games in the Championship….

  • mentalman

    tino o

    Sissoko is getting the ball very deep and does the right thing and gets it as far into the opposition half as he can, the trouble is theirs rarely anyone for him to play it to, the likes of cisse and ayoze are also playing deep or are upfront alone so the opposition can double up on them and mark them out of the attack.

    Its not going to make sissoko’s chances of a transfer any greater if all he does is run at the oppositions goal aimlessly

  • mentalman

    it was totally out of character for williamson to try and play the ball like that, with Anita going back to make sure the pass was there you have to wonder if Williamson has been told to not just hoof the ball up the pitch or out of play.

    I’m hoping that is the last we see of Anita, he plays as if he’s given up and a move would suit everyone, Abeid should start for the rest of the season, he cant be any worse than Anita

  • tino o

    He could lift his head hold up the ball and wait for support he needs to play less as an individual but all I see is he is out for himself and your right he won’t get the move he thinks he is going to get he needs to realise it’s about the team he will look so much more appealing to other teams as I believe he’s a good player

  • Paul Patterson

    mentalman  Agreed entirely. Abeid is the future. Get him in the middle with Sissoko.

  • mentalman

    tino o

    By the time the rest of the squad catches up so will the majority of the opposition, its the tactics that are wrong not sissoko being selfish

  • mentalman

    Paul Patterson

    we have young lads who should be given a chance all over the pitch

  • PhilYare

    i remember the keegan quote “when we look to buy a player hes got to be comfortable with the football, hes got to look to want the ball….”

    instead we have these useless w**kstains

  • Brownale69

    whole team was crap

  • AndyMac1

    I’m reminded of the Chronicle article earlier this week in which it was claimed Carver was busy changing things within NUFC. Presumably the one thing he hasnt changed is the general apathy surrounding this club as it sleepwalks to the end of yet another sad and sorry season ?

  • Toonbadger

    Pure garbage Anita Goufran Willo and Collo should be sold in the summer and Fat Mick will have to splash the cash

  • Toon Magpie

    Photo is clear there was no foul.