The Derek Llambias biography posted on the official Rangers website makes interesting reading.

Thanks to Mag reader Dave Jegier for pointing us in that direction.

The bio is that interesting that surely there is only one man who could have written this on Derek Llambias’ behalf.

Step forward…Joe Kinnear.

This is what the Rangers Derek Llambias bio says with relation to his time at Newcastle United:

‘Derek joined Newcastle Football Club in 2007 as Vice Chairman and Managing Director and in his 5 years stewardship he reformed and improved stadium facilities, expanded commercial activities giving N.U.F.C. an increase in turnover from £85 million to £123 million. He took the club which was making significant losses to one of the top 20 most profitable clubs in Europe.’

We’re not sure which alternative universe these ‘facts’ were taken from but these are the facts as the rest of us (apart from Llambias and Kinnear) understand them:

Llambias took charge of NUFC from Chris Mort in 2008

The financial year (2007/08) while Chris Mort was in charge produced the following revenues –

2007/08 Turnover £99.4m (Commercial £25.9m, Matchday £32.4m, TV £41.1m)

Derek Llambias left Newcastle United in June 2013 after five years in charge and his final NUFC financial figures were for 2012/13 –

2012/13 Turnover £95.9 (Commercial £17.1m, Matchday £27.8m TV £51.0m)

The operational ‘profit’ was in reality a loss of £616,000 in Llambias’ final year.

Quite extraordinary what Derek Llambias has allowed to be put up on the official Rangers website.

Claiming he increased turnover by £38m when he actually decreased it by £3.5m despite £10n extra TV money.

Claims he expanded the commercial activities to help give these fantasy increases in turnover, when the reality is that Commercial revenue dropped by £8.8m.

As for becoming one of the top 20 most profitable clubs in Europe, Newcastle United made an operational loss and didn’t make any profit.

There are unconfirmed rumours that Derek Llambias managed to fit in writing his Rangers biography, in between swimming the Channel and climbing Everest.

  • paulmc4084

    Been reading up about sociopaths recently…………remember all the stuff about Ashley being a “man of the people” in Blue Bamboo and appointing KK, then manipulating him out of the club again………….the old fashioned word for a sociopath is “bully”………………the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him…………but who/how …………………..?

  • Herdy79

    RangersFCTrust Is he in the running to star in the sequel to Liar, Liar

  • gersandgooners

    ChrisGraham76 He is consistent at making things up. But his lies about being attacked and the RFB minutes fiasco tell us enough about him

  • lachie1955

    ChrisGraham76 mibee the fog on the Tyne affected his brain along with the newky broons

  • paulmc4084

    keep in touch ‘gers fans……………..despite ’69 we need your support…………….the blood is draining from our club……………..and you’re next…………………

  • skydemonuk

    NUFCTheMag RangersFCTrust SonsofStruth apparently he’s one formula away from curing Ebola too

  • Greggy164

    The man knows no shame

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Either we are missing 27.1 million, or perhaps Llambias was referring to the NUFC 2014 turnover?

    That would be great for the ‘Gers if that was the case as Leach said on 11th –

    BL:” I haven’t spoken to Mike Ashley since I left SD in September. Derek hasn’t spoken to him for longer than that, so we can’t speak to what his plans are.”

  • nrpsimpson

    NUFCTheMag SonsofStruth RangersFCTrust This is on the Investor Centre of the site. Aren’t there rules about this?

  • thebosss1534

    RangersFCTrust my my, a knob of a man some would say

  • MsiDouglas

    NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 CaulkinTheTimes The most amazing thing is he probably believes it himself

  • Chemical Dave

    apparently him and kim jong un had a game of golf and both had 18 hole in ones each.

  • jpxpro

    RangersFCTrust hold the phone,after reading that I may have got Del Boy all wrong his cv looks great or has ha massaged the numbers a bitU0001f609

  • StubbsyRFC

    RangersFCTrust sure that uriminzok_engl aren’t behind it?

  • CaulkinTheTimes

    NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 MsiDouglas think you’re being a bit harsh – the first word is definitely accurate.

  • GilesPhrase

    CaulkinTheTimes NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 MsiDouglas Ashley and Llambias, the vampires of football. Sucking the life from clubs. Undead.

  • MsiDouglas

    CaulkinTheTimes NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 Good old Dekka. Sounds like he’s making friends up there anyway

  • GeordieFalthful

    NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes Can’t believe he thought he’d get away with it.

  • McGowan_NUFC

    MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 could those figures be correct, before creatively accounted for elsewhere?

  • Chemical Dave

    @McGowan_NUFC MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 
    oof !!

  • Greggy164

    Chemical Dave  Aye and it was only a 9 hole course

  • toontoon999

    McGowan_NUFC MsiDouglas CaulkinTheTimes NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 management versus statutory reporting perhaps ….

  • warrenpiece

    This guy will soon be bouncing out of Ibrox.He has just sacked the Rangers fans board for publishing minutes of a meeting with him and leech, where they both made absolute tits of themselves.
    I’m not surprised he has been caught out again, It has happened just about every time he has opened his mouth. A reptile of a man, believe me he is history at Ibrox.

  • MarkDingwall

    My guess with regards to Derek?

  • No Brainer

    paulmc4084 What about the violence these guys dished out when teaming up with chelsea during eighties and early nineties?

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer paulmc4084  No Brain. Really

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Greggy164 Thought you’d like this. More proof of how the retail deal works for the victims!

  • toon tony

    This pleb needs a good old “Glasgow Kiss”.

  • Porciestreet

    @Herdy79 RangersFCTrust 
    Trust me,  this bloke couldn’t lie straight in a coffin.   !

  • No Brainer

    Thanks, more evidence of you inability to grasp a concept.

  • kevba1971

    MsiDouglas NUFCTheMag NeilCameron5 CaulkinTheTimes scandalous really.time for journos to say it how it is and to challenge

  • LeazesEnder

    What a naughty boy he is!

  • martydee1

    Chemical Dave  hahaha one of the best comments I’ve ever read, quality

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill  Showing no respect to the punters.

  • Greggy164

    Hes just updated his profile. He has also saved the planet from global warming, found a cure for cancer and got a new puppy. Thats nice init!

  • Greggy164

    @lachie1955 ChrisGraham76  too many acid

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