After Saturday’s five goal defeat that could have been ten, Moussa Sissoko has said that the players have to stick together and work hard this week.

To be honest they have to say something and what else can they tell us.

However, the words just become empty when they have to be spoken so regularly.

With only two shots on target in the last three hours+ of football, fans will be looking for the team to get straight into Villa on Saturday.

Anything less than a convincing win will see the writing on the wall considering the run of games that follows against the likes of Man Utd, Spurs, Everton, Arsenal and Sunderland.

As for Moussa Sissoko himself and talking about responsibility to the team and fans, he should reflect on the multiple interviews he has done in recent times where he is talking about wanting to play for a ‘big’ team who can give him Champions League football.

I don’t see much responsibility shown there, no matter how much sympathy I have for decent players who end up playing in this circus under Mike Ashley.

Moussa Sissoko speaking to the Shields Gazette:

“It’s a team, I have a responsibility to the team and I’ll try to do my best.

“I can play well and I can play bad sometimes but as a team we try to play well together – we will see in the next game.”

We have to say thank you to the fans:

“The fans have been behind us all season, when we’ve won and when we’ve lost.

“We have to say thank you and do the best every game, we try to win the next game both for us and for the fans. We have to stay together and we have to work hard to be ready for Saturday.”


  • SimonM68

    Moussa realises he needs to up his game because at the minute he’s a long way off anything that a champions league team would be after. Look at him v Toure – dear oh dear. His attractiveness in the summer marketplace is the only reason he’s bothered and because the window is closed till then he’s had to stop yowling like an alley cat for a move and change the record.

  • Hughie

    Sissoko needs to work harder without the ball  and learn to mark, tackle and use his height– seems incapable of heading the ball. Charging 50metres with the ball and usually losing it is not the answer. Another average player who flatters to deceive.

  • Toonbadger

    Moussa Sissoko has said that the players have to stick together and work hard this week.
    “THIS WEEK”????????
    He utters that shyte every week and they still don’t know how to pass, dribble, defend, attack, tackle, mark players, take corners, take free kicks, cross, shoot and Carver has no idea about setting the team up, coach, tactics and changing the formation when we are behind or in front. He plays players that should not be anywhere near a black and white shirt and he talks more shyte than the nugget we have just got shot of