Moussa Sissoko says that he knows Newcastle fans are angry and that the players have to cheer everybody up.

The midfielder knows that beating Aston Villa is a must, but that has to be only a starting point.

Victory against our ‘friends’ today would give everybody a lift and then the challenge will be to somehow put a run of form together against the lieks of Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool in the upcoming matches.

Sissoko has also talked of realistic ambition at Newcastle being to finish outside the top seven, surely not reassuring words coming from a player who says he needs to play Champions League football.

The Newcastle midfielder also defending Carver’s team selection in the FA Cup, saying it was due to a mixture of having to give young players a game and some injuries. A bit hard for fans to swallow when there were seven changes, including all the best players, plus the fact that they were all available again for the next Premier League match.

Moussa Sissoko:

“I know they were angry, it is difficult to take when you lose 5-0 and we need to cheer everybody up – we need to say sorry and win against Aston Villa.

“I think the club ambition is finishing in the top ten, in England it is hard to say you have to be fifth, sixth of seventh because of competition from teams like Manchester City, Spurs and Chelsea.

“If you have a good team, have a good season, you finish tenth, ninth or eighth.  With 12 games left we have to do something, at the moment sometimes we play well and sometimes we play bad.”

Cup woes:

“I know the fans were angry (FA Cup team selection v Leicester), because for them John Carver didn’t put out the best team, but we had injuries and also younger players who needed the chance to play.”


  • Jarra MIck

    Sometimes we play well?

  • supermacsnewname

    3-0 will cheer me up for a week  – but it will take a lot more to make me happy

  • Porciestreet

    Jarra MIck 
    What times were they Mick….?  So few and far between Ive forgotten them..!
    I think we will do Villa today and I don’t care by how and how many.

  • toon tony

    Beating the villains (appropriate nickname that ) 6-0 again, going home to find Cameron Diaz warming the bed up, my 6 numbers coming up on the lottery, hearing the FCB has suffered internal combustion on Sky news. ….now that would make me EXTREMELY HAPPY.

  • mentalman

    The players trying would be a start, I wouldn’t have been so annoyed with recent results if the players had tried their best and simply been outclassed

  • Alsteads

    Some of the younger lads had to play?? Sounds like they are all in on the sorry saga. Would much prefer it if he came out and said ” I feel we/I have missed a great opportunity to win a cup medal from my time in England”………but no. He’ll toe the line cos his move is in the offing in the summer. I just hope we get some players in with a back bone. Can’t see it though. Look at when we had Nolan and co here. The regime couldn’t get rid of them quick enough because they weren’t propaganda machines like the players and club has become.
    Ah well….. My self imposed ban still in place but it’s bloody killing me :-(