Any Newcastle fans who are slightly surprised by that, don’t worry as this isn’t Newcastle United we are talking about.

The Football League Awards have been going for ten years now and so they are asking fans of every club to come up with four candidates; one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder and a striker.

The judges will then base their team on all the selections from clubs on their performances in Football League matches, coming up with their final Xl.

Wycombe Wanderers threw the vote out to their supporters and they chose our very own Mike Williamson as their greatest defender of the last ten years.

Williamson played from 2004-2009 and appeared 144 times, scoring 11 goals!

All of his matches for the club were in the bottom tier (League Two) before Portsmouth bought him midway through the season for £2m, ironically Wycombe going on to win promotion at the end of that season.

Williamson ended up not playing a single match for Pompey as the finances started to implode and if the Newcastle centre-back had played a single match it would have triggered a further payment to Wycombe.

Instead Newcastle came along and paid around £600,000 for the defender and the rest as they say, is history…


  • Geordiedoonsoot

    NUFCTheMag wwfcofficial your having a laugh he wouldn’t get in the team of the day

  • Maximus Moose

    £599,999 to much

  • Steve1221

    @Geordiedoonsoot True he’s been awful 90% of the time but to give him his due big Mike Brazilliamson did put in a few motm performances last season

  • dcb72

    NUFCTheMag wwfcofficial they can have him back for free if they want

  • GrantyNUFC

    dcb72 NUFCTheMag wwfcofficial I’ll pay for his train ticket

  • Hez

    For £600,000 and signed for our Championship run in season he has been a decent signing, he should just be used as our 4th CH now, plug gaps and extra height when needed, problem is because of the clubs penny pinching and lack of investment he has to be one of the first choice (we only have 2 at club) which puts him in the firing line week in, week out

  • tommytodgers

    NUFCTheMag wwfcofficial wouldnt get in our sunday league team ……and we are shite

  • tino o

    Go back to Wycombe they want you. Every time he plays the rest of our defence seems to fall to his level useless.

  • alreet

    Would the same have been said of marcelino if he had been round as long. Who writes this team of the decade?

  • SimonM68

    Cheap dig at what should essentially be a squad player who isn’t very good but tries hard.  Bit poor for me that….

  • cobzmcgiver

    Williamson done really well recently if I am not mistaken? If he stuck to what he is good at….alright at he would be fine. Stopping the opposition then passing it too someone who can distribute properly. It’s when he tries to pass long or dribble he stinks. Like u say he is not going to turn to the manager and say, “actually I don’t think I’m good enough to play this game, I will sit it out” is he? If they would stop trying to find him every time we get a free kick outside the box bcos even I can see when it has failed 1000 times, IT DOES NOT WORK! And he loves a shirt tug in the box. Get that sorted an he will b a world beater. Haha.