Mike Williamson has claimed that John Carver has been ‘fantastic’ in the dressing room and has managed to get the players to understand what they should be doing.

Which will come as a major surprise to those of us who endured the ninety minutes against Stoke on Sunday.

Williamson claims it should be two wins out of two games for Carver, conveniently forgetting that altogether he has been in charge of the players for six matches, with only one win.

Speaking to the official club website, Mike Williamson;

“John Carver has been fantastic in the dressing room.

“He is getting people to understand their roles and makes it clear to anyone coming into the team what he expects from them.”

Carver getting his ideas across…;

“He is getting his ideas across and I think all the lads and the staff are disappointed that it hasn’t been six points across the two games for him.”

“I think there are still a lot of good points to reflect on, it was a good solid performance and we defended really well.”

A great spectacle (Pardew v Carver – Really????);

“It is always a fantastic atmosphere down at Palace anyway, but this time it’s going to have that extra edge.

“I am sure it is going to be a great spectacle for the league and for two teams who will be desperate to get the win and get one over on each other.”

I’m always torn two ways when Mike Williamson comes out with this kind of stuff.

He is clearly a dead canny bloke but what he says here is just an insult to the intelligence and embarrassing cover for what is happening under Mike Ashley and now John Carver.

For Williamson to talk of players knowing what they are doing after his abysmal display just beggars belief. The defender is currently rated worst player on the pitch against Stoke in our interactive player ratings, still time to rate all 14 Newcastle players by going HERE.

  • Mancmag

    Williamson is right, we were unlucky not to win yesterday, two great chances for us near the end which should have brought another goal. The game was a stinker mainly due to Stoke trying to strangle the life out of the game with an endless series of throws, free kicks and high balls into the box. I’d like to see Obertan get a chance, he made a difference when he came on.

  • RexN

    1 win in 6 games – fantastic!

    We clearly have different expectations.

  • Mancmag At last, someone who can see that Iberian has turned a corner. There was a lot more drive in the team when he came on – you can’t excuse him for THAT lapse near the end though!
    I reckon if they stick with hime for a couple more matches and get his confidence up again, he has the potential to be a match winner for us.

  • DZA187

    Clueless JC is a legend to Williamson, Give me a break. 

    You could see fans falling asleep at SJP yesterday, bored of JC clueless tactics.

  • mrkgw

    We were shocking vs Stoke – John Carver sat glued to his seat which is in stark contrast to Pardew. Ashley has sucked the life from the club. Supporters we absolutely silent, as echoed by the Stoke following when singing ‘this is a library’. Dismal stuff.

  • hettonmag

    Obviously  Mikey  its not rocket science is it, by the way who were you marking when the ball was crossed for Stokes goal  or did you just for that  split second  you forgot your role. You may be a nice lad but coming out with this rubbish  just makes you look even more stupid in supporters eyes.

  • SimonM68

    TrevReav Mancmag I’ll agree too, as posted yesterday. Cabella looks better in that he wants the ball more and doesn’t just disappear for long periods, but Obertan coming on changed things around for the better. Howler miss mind, but overall made a difference.
    Williamson – it gets me down the vitriol that’s aimed his way on here to be honest. He was a cheap buy from Portsmouth and should be a squad player. He makes mistakes and he isn’t fantastic, his first touch is poor, but he tries his best and I’m with God in that I love a tryer. 
    He’s no worse than Saylor, but of course Mr T is local and slags Sunderland regularly, so is forgiven all (or most at least) sins….

  • wor monga

    Look…the result is disappointing, but we should have won
    that game…or at least done much better with the chances that Obertan and Ayoze carved
    out…and it’s disappointing, but if we had taken either of them…that horrendous
    defensive lapse wouldn’t have mattered and we’d be in a different frame of mind.

    …but there’s no hiding the fact that Williamson is very
    limited at this level, and we must come up with a better Central Defender from
    within the ranks…either that…or clear them out and get somebody in who is

  • Phildene

    We should never have gotten rid of mibiwa as he is an excellent player but was (like others) played out of position or not played enough and never given a fair chance by pardew-the idiot who rates Williamson and Shola, neither who are good enough.

  • Deluded

    SimonM68 TrevReav Mancmag Where I sit at the match Taylor is rated worse than Williamson. They’re both poor, baldies fighting over comb etc. I agree on Obertan, but it was Ameobi who should’ve went off for him not Cabella.

  • SimonM68

    Deluded SimonM68 TrevReav Mancmag yes, agree with you. He offered very little either in terms of a threat or covering back

  • tino o

    “He’s getting people to understand their roles” it’s not working then!

  • GToon

    In an u18 game in my local area a big lad was brought on up front for the opposition. The two centre halves decided that the taller one of them would mark him to compete in the air. Both centre halves are comfortable on the ball and don’t just resort to launching it too. Wonder if Williamson would like to pop along and watch this amazing new tactic because if he had (a) man marked Crouch or (b) even dropped back like Colo he would have had the chance to head it off the line or at least make a challenge. When does his contract expire?

  • Philippines

    I doubt that many defenders could have leaped higher than the Stoke beanpole and most could only have stopped him getting his head on the ball by fouling him. Crouch’s goal was a one in one hundred attempt and it is stupid, imho to blame Williamson who is a decent hard working player. 

    Poor John Carver, a win and a draw and the ‘faithful’  are already calling him out.