News today that Mike Ashley is ready to loan Rangers a handful of players from his other club Newcastle United.

Media reports north and south of the border say that up to four players are expected to make the journey to Glasgow on loan deals.

Haris Vuckic and Gael Bigirimana are the two getting name-checked with others also in the frame.

Rangers were forced to sell star player Lewis Macleod to Brentford in this transfer window to help keep their heads afloat a few more weeks and are badly in need of extra quality.

Currently sixteen points behind Hearts for the automatic promotion spot, Rangers do have two games in hand.

However, it looks as though they need to simply make sure they end up in the play-off positions and finish the season as strongly as possible.

Another season in the Scottish second tier won’t be in the business plan Mike Ashley or indeed anybody else connected with the Glasgow club.

Bigirimana promised much in his first season until frozen out by Alan Pardew, while Haris Vuckic looks to have some ability but certainly nowhere near mobile enough for the Premier League. It would be interesting to see just what kind of impact the pair and others could have if dropping down to the Scottish Championship.

This afternoon sees a reserve match with West Brom at 1pm with Obertan, De Jong, Gutierrez and Alnwick all set to figure. The late change to have the match played behind closed doors suggests it could also be used as a chance to parade certain players for a last gasp loan deal, to Rangers or wherever, to watching officials from other clubs.


  • GToon

    Thats fine Mike, but please could you make sure you leave us with enough after the loans and sales to be able to field 11 for our next game… and maybe a sub or two. I’m getting on a bit now but i’ll play if i have to.

  • wor monga

    That report shows how far Rangers have fallen…selling their
    star player to …wait for it…Brentford…FFS. Get our lads playing in this league
    ASAP…they’re our players, and they’d be stagnating just playing in minor U21
    competitions with nothing at stake, and we can recall if necessary. The SFA is
    a minor league (decided by SKY), there is no money there, and never will be,
    but it can still be a proving ground for young talent.

  • Naebody

    wor monga The SFA is the Scottish Football Association, it’s not a league. 
    However, the SPFL Premiership is indeed a diddy league with about 3/4 reasonable teams. The major thing for on loan players would be how easy it is to get in to European football. 
    Once Rangers are back challenging for the Premiership title, then the players Newcastle loan them, have a chance of playing in the Champions league. Which undoubtedly is great experience for them.

  • No Brainer

    FFS your headline should have been Miles Starforth talks more SH*TE

  • wor monga

    Naebody wor monga  Apologies for that mistake then …but it doesn’t really
    matter how soon they may enter into the European challenges…it more than likely
    won’t last long enough for anybody to really notice that they were there…though
    (especially those hoping to make money out of it).

  • Naebody

    wor monga Naebody Aye, when was the last time Newcastle were in a European final? What about Rangers? 2008 you say? More European games than Newcastle and that’s all that will matter. 
    As for nobody noticing? I’m guessing you haven’t caught on to the media frenzy all over the world surrounding the fall of Rangers… They’re watching closely and when Rangers are back in Europe, people will be paying attention.

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer Five players gone to Rangers.  CONFIRMED.  Who’s the one talking sh*te now then?