Mike Ashley is the owner of NUFC. He takes the view that, as the owner, he needs to report to no one. In normal circumstances his view is one with which I sympathise. However ‘normal circumstances’ does not apply where Newcastle United is concerned!

Mike Ashley encourages the fans to attend and fill St James Park at every home game. He opens the club shops to encourage us to buy the merchandise and, of course, we do it because we love Newcastle United.

He opens his food halls and restaurants, all  for money……yet he has no wish to communicate and be answerable to the paying public. The worst part is that he has a willing fan base who would only be too happy to make him their ‘god’.

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This is the only football team anywhere in the world where the performance of the team sets the mood for the inhabitants of the city. Newcastle United is a way of life to the Geordies. If Newcastle are playing well ‘The Toon’ is buzzing, from the youngest to the oldest. In all ways of life the first subject on everyone’s lips is Newcastle United .

Mike Ashley runs a superb business model with Sports Direct but it is mystifying why he bought Newcastle. By his actions it is patently obvious that his knowledge of football is extremely limited.

We stand on 32 points, this with no proper investment for seasons, selling our best players and thus leaving a paper thin squad. With investment in players and top class management we could have been up there and the fans would love him. With greater success comes much more revenue. Why is he so blind to this?

He obviously has great distrust of anyone with whom he is not familiar. That is why he has constantly employed friends who were not sufficiently expertised in doing the job being asked of them ie Wise, Kinnear,Llambias.

It is one disaster after another and now Pardew has vacated his seat we have to suffer the ignominy of accepting John Carver as head coach. Yes we know Carver is a nice guy but look at his CV. He is totally out of his depth and our performances prove that assertion. On Saturday he sat in the dugout as he did when under Pardew. Absolutely no directions to the players from the touchline.

This is Newcastle United, 52000 fans every week. Only Man Utd and Arsenal get more fans on match day and that is only due to the fact that their ground capacity is greater.

Where  Newcastle United is concerned, Mike Ashley is a mixture of Dracula and a giant anaconda. On the one hand he is sucking the last drop of blood from our veins  whilst at the same time squeezing the last breath out of us.

He could be our hero….instead he is zero and has become a figure of hate.

It is never too late, so we must hope that Mr Ashley can experience a monumental epiphany and realise where he has gone wrong and get the football model of Newcastle United back on track.

NIL DESPERANDUM (never despair)

  • LeazesEnder

    …’ He opens the club shops’? ….What club shops … he closed all of them!

  • 1953

    You’d think with a fortune of £4thousand million, you’d think a lot of human beings would want to be seen as popular or a good guy. He could easily take his foot of our necks and have a bit of fun and romance with his football team. When Hall rolled into town and got rid of the family silver brigade he was an instant hero, helped massively of course by his appointment of Keegan. I don’t think anyone cared much at the time that he was taking a fair “chunk” of the “success” for himself. Ashley could easily invest most of the TV money together with the gate money etc etc and still make a handsome profit year in year out. We could easily have a successful set up — and I don’t mean paying Yaya type wages (£300k/week). The team and the City are ripe for some sustained success — top 6 and cup runs should be the norm and Ashley could do that at a stroke. And guess what with some decent PR spin he could become a Toon hero — something worth taking to your grave — you can’t take your billions to the grave.Please read this Mr Ashley — it’s not all about money and profit, have some bloody fun in your life — the Geordies will follow their team to the ends of the earth if there’s a whiff of ambition shown by you.

  • supermacsnewname

    no, he is an alien from the planet zog
    there (where they can grow to 12 foot) he is a dwarf
    here, he thinks he is a big man

  • supermacsnewname

    on planet zog there is no atmosphere
    a condition he wants to create at SJP to cure his homesickness

  • Greggy164

    You have done Dracula and anacondas a diservice comparing them to Ashley

  • Bills frollocks

    I don’t mind greed. But this man is differant. It is pure greed. Pure greed. I can’t stand looking at him.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    NUFC is on track – Ashley’s track and no one else’s. As is our luck, we got stuck with the wrong fookin Billionaire.

    If anyone still thinks his aims are for CL football then just look at his other football ‘investments’. Oldham; Pompey; Sheff Weds: Carlisle. Football shirts, retail, is where the money and profit is. 

    SD also tried to buy Umbro but failed by the way.

    Only one reason why he is in football at all.


  • Rollyp

    Funny that Newcastle is shown as unknown ….. on the SD website, owned 60% by you know who. Presumably Charnley hasn’t told him yet.