Further news from north of the border that could see more of Mike Ashley’s intentions revealed with regard to how he intends to make his influence at multiple clubs work.

At the last (and apparently final if Derek Llambias has his way) Rangers Fan Board meeting with Rangers Directors, Llambias said that Ashley’s intention with regard to his multiple dealings with clubs including Rangers, Newcastle, Oldham and others, was to take over the retail operations of as many clubs as possible.

This theory had already been put forward in a piece by respected writer Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, somebody who has published some excellent pieces on the Rangers mess and who has excellent sources that regularly come up trumps.

Phil Mac has also increasingly started to include the goings on under Mike Ashley at Newcastle and now has produced some more very interesting info/theories as to what is likely to happen moving forward.

Firstly, he reports that far from being concerned about the upcoming shareholders meeting aimed at ousting Mike Ashley’s allies from the board, the Newcastle owner is very relaxed about the whole thing.

The loan of £10m to Rangers by Sports Direct was in two parts, with the initial £5m swallowed up quickly, particularly because £3m of it went instantly to reply Ashley’s initial loan.

According to Phil Mac, the second £5m will have to be accessed very soon, with wages in the coming days possibly not being able to be met if the loan isn’t brought into play.

Many people appear to have forgotten that part of the loan arrangement allows Mike Ashley to nominate two people to be on the board…

So even if the likes of  Barry Leach and Derek Llambias were voted off at next week’s shareholder meeting, then it is pretty obvious what would happen next. The smart money must be on some kind of agreement being reached before next week’s vote, if as appears likely that those against Mike Ashley and his people have enough support to vote the board off.

This morning’s resignation of James Easedale from the board could be just the first step in a rearrangement of the membership of the board.

However, for Newcastle fans, maybe the more interesting parts of what could happen in the months ahead are as follows.

In this latest piece, Phil Mac claims that given what has been outlined above in terms of them remaining in at least joint control at Ibrox, Barry Leach and Derek Llambias have already been given the go-ahead by Mike Ashley to start planning for next (2015/16) season.

It is claimed that within those discussions, they are seriously considering the possibility of Mike Ashley sending John Carver up to Ibrox to become Rangers’ manager/head coach next season. Temporary team boss Kenny McDowall is currently working his notice before he leaves, which is due to be January but obviously that could be brought forward or he may be retained to potentially work with Carver.

The possibilities of how Mike Ashley could make his multiple club influence work go even deeper with Phil Mac claiming that further loans have already been discussed, including Rob Elliot moving up to Glasgow, as well as a number of younger players.

However, in the case of the younger players, one strategy being looked at according to his sources, is for them to move to Rangers on a permanent basis but Newcastle United to get a major portion of any future sale of any player(s).

  • Seventy2

    Looking at it in black and white it makes sense.

  • A lex

    He’s trying to run two clubs together in the same way as the footwear and tracksuit departments in an SD shop. Bloody appalling and, surely, against FA / SFA rules

  • No Brainer

    Och aye ya kba tha wee boy is gana gan

  • No Brainer

    Och if ya fink its true yyou aglaswegien wit ya heid kicked in

  • mentalman

    I’ve recently read an article climing that when Carver and Stone were promoted to head coach and first team coach respectively they were given new contracts reflecting the new positions. These contracts only run until May at which time the club can get rid of them for a fraction of the compensation if we’d got rid of them when Pardew left. It makes sense about being sent to Rangers, they’d probably jump at the chance and the club wouldn’t have to pay them off

  • Brownale69

    Thought they has contract till 2020 anyhow. Cant see why they would ditch that for another temp one? Better off getting the bullet with a 5 year contract!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Why would Ashley fight King or seek to protect the current board? There are only two reasons. 
    He wants ownership, which currently looks impossible unless the SFA roll over and allows it.
    Or, he needs to keep hidden the facts behind his deals and loans with Greene and then Somers. Easdales etc which started as far back as the summer of 2012.
    A successful Rangers, no matter who is at the helm, is only going to benefit him and SD. That makes me think the second option is the most likely. Dodgy dealings.

  • supermacsnewname

    if he spent 1% of his time on football that he spent on making money out of football then we might get somewhere

  • Porciestreet

    No Brainer 
    You do come out with some proper s***e

  • AndyMac1

    Ha Ha Ha if Rangers fans weren’t already baying for Fatman’s blood they sure as hell will be if there’s any substance to this story ? Don’t imagine Carver’s “not lose at all costs” playing philosophy going down too well at Ibrox :-)

  • Corkyjohn

    Theres no way would Ashley put himself in the position of having to pay out a hefty sum to get rid of any of his management/coaches. It would have made sense to put in a clause to terminate a contract early for minimum compensation yet expect Crystal Palace to stump up for the remainder of Pardews contract. Send Carver to Rangers….

  • mentalman

    I don’t know the ins and outs of how much compensation he’ll be entitled to if he’s sacked on his old contract but it was widely reported that if Pardew was sacked he would only get a percentage of the time remaining on his contract as compensation, I would guess Carver and Stone will be the same. Add to that Carver is never going to get another chance at being a permanent manager in the premier league he may have been inclined to scrap his current contract and take on a new one in order to get the job

  • jimblag

    I hope this is true, I feel almost bad for Rangers though. Not enough to stop me from praying it happens.

  • tyneside tommo

    Let’s set the record straight. Phil Mac is not regarded as ab influential sports writer in Scotland where most sports fans have little or no awareness of his pronouncements. So Mag readers can take any post based on his work with a pinch of salt

  • scotty63

    tyneside tommo You may not agree with the Authors description but there is an awful lot of Phil Mac’s predictions come to pass. I am aware of his agenda but he does seem to have some pretty good information being fed to him.

  • Phildene

    A lex it most certainly seems like it doesn’t it. Lets hope the SFA have more guts than the FA seem too have as the FA don’t want to know-nor does the EPL either. 
    At the moment Ashley’s getting away with murder-and we know which club is being affected the most!

  • mentalman

    Is he actually breaking any rules though?

  • A lex

    I’ve no idea, but two points stick out for me.
    If he deliberately weakens one squad to bolster the other, then that’s all wrong. For example, as average as he is, if Elliott were to go without a suitable replacement, then that isn’t right.
    Secondly, if any of these players on our books have little or no value because they’re crap, then any ‘artificial’ transfer fee between us and Rangers would certainly raise queries.
    Whatever happens, it’s all extremely shady with no transparency at all.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    He does get some good inside info, but I think this one is a story too far. Too much can happen which would prevent any of it taking place. 
    Unless Ashley pulls a rabbit out the hat then it looks like King is going to win. He may just have access to cash (some big hitters getting behind him in last few days) to pay back the SD loans. He’s also threatened a forensic analysis of the deals Ashley has been given and the mechanism behind his loans.
    Not sure why everyone presumes Ashley can automatically keep his two appointed Board members with only 8.9% of shares held. HIS loan has been repaid.

  • Danny GGG

    The Sun: Phil MacGiollabhain is “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”.
    He’s a fantasist and a liar. Of course some of his stuff ends up being correct, a stopped clock is right twice a day.
    He’s respected among Rangers-hating bigots, no-one else.

  • DZA187

    Can we ship JC off to Rangers today, I’ve got my car ready and I can take him. Just think of the money you will save on train / bus ticket @ Mike Ashley!

  • tyneside tommo

    Got it ion one Danny and I have no axe to grind on any religious front.
    My religion is NUFC

  • Corkyjohn

    I believe Ashley could be a good thing for Rangers, he’ll sort their finances out whilst cheaply achieving the standard of football they need to get back to the top of the SPL & Champions League failure…the sort of football we’re playing now lol

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Corkyjohn . Ashley did not invest into the Club, he bought another groups shares.
    Rangers need revenue and as much as possible. Instead, Ashley made sure he hived off the revenue creating streams (retail and advertising).

    His and now SD loans are secured on Rangers assets. Ashley will not spend money in footballing terms as he won’t be the owner and doesn’t want to be.

  • scotty63

    Danny GGG You quote the sun – really!!

  • zaceq

    Respected journalist??? You really are kidding. “excellent pieces?” I literally laughed out loud. Perhaps he has found someone to take him seriously for another couple of weeks, till they get to know his work.He has had zero genuine scoops.Other always beat him to the facts and don’t need to distort them.

  • yadobber

    “respected writer Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, somebody who has published some excellent pieces on the Rangers mess and who has excellent sources that regularly come up trumps” – Is this satire?

  • WorldsMostSuccessfulClub

    PS – Mr RFC on RM is a Tim.

  • impongo2

    The ”” respected writer Phil Mac Giolla Bhain  ””’ is certainly known in ex forces circles as he regularly dfends IRA action and the murder of British soldiers its a shame that the author of this piece allows such a known bigot and anti obsessed Rangers hater and liar .
    Also it is worth pointing out the Sun newspaper refused to use this mans writings because of his sectarian rants

  • tyneside tommo

    Absolutely spot on. But it’s The Nag and it’s another excuse to post another anti-Ashley piece. The Mag author has no honour.

  • PaulBlackstock

    Respected writer – You do realise he isnt actually a journo but a failed social worker

  • Greggy164

    Ffs where to start?

    Article is pure shite from start to finish.

  • Greggy164

    Corkyjohn  No thanks. You can keep him. Take Llambias and Leach as well if you want lol

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill Corkyjohn  For the sweet price of nothing he has control over our club. Hes invested very little. Way back with Charles Green. To get control of club he has given us loans.

  • HairyBaws82

    _BriMac_ NUFCTheMag The minute the mag mentioned ill Phil the article instantly becomes discredited #DangerousBigot

  • _BriMac_

    HairyBaws82 NUFCTheMag yes I was interested to read it until I saw Respected and Phil in the same sentance!!

  • HairyBaws82

    _BriMac_ NUFCTheMag 100% true.

  • HairyBaws82

    _BriMac_ NUFCTheMag A wee example of his lies #DangerousBigot http://twitter.com/HairyBaws82/status/571602260247105536/photo/1

  • _BriMac_

    HairyBaws82 NUFCTheMag everybody heard EXACTLY what was sung and in NO WAY was it racial!! #headuphisarse #dangerousbigot #lieslies

  • HairyBaws82

    _BriMac_ NUFCTheMag Exactly & that tweet proves he’s a liar. And we’ve seen many more lies from him #DangerousBigot