Mark Lawrenson says that Manchester City need to beat Newcastle as quickly as possible so they can turn their attention to bigger fish.

City play Barcelona on Tuesday and our old friend Mark Lawrenson thinks they need to wipe Newcastle out with some early goals, which would then enable Manuel Pellegrini to let his key players retire to the bench.

With ten Premier League defeats in a row against Newcastle, Manchester City will be confident of getting the job done ASAP.

Can United repeat their 2-0 League Cup success….not according to Lawrenson who has gone for a 3-0 home win.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“They have Yaya Toure back from the Africa Cup of Nations and Wilfried Bony is set for his debut, with their Champions League tie against Barcelona coming up next week, they should look to get this game won as quickly as possible.

“That way they can start looking at making substitutions to rest people for Tuesday, and take it from there.”

Carver’s done OK:

“John Carver has done all right since he was given the Newcastle manager’s job for the rest of the season, but his side are lacking what they need to be pushing up the table.

“The Magpies are a little bit like Swansea in that they are in mid-table and probably not going to move far in either direction between now and the end of the season.”

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Match Betting: First goal to be scored in opening 10 minutes 3/1NUFC to win 11/1Sissoko to score first goal 30/1

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  • GToon

    “Lacking what they need to be pushing up the table”. Yep that about sums it up and you can even quantify what we are lacking – its the same £500m that pushed Citeh up the table. What we need to do today is to get stuck in, get right into them and make them think they might get a knock and miss the game on Tuesday. Lets se what happens if its all square at 70 mins or so. Think we’ll lose 5-0 though!!!

  • Phil_R_Upp

    TeamToon Stop the game if they’re leading after 5 mins, does the idiot mean ?

  • madmajor19

    TeamToon he hates

  • Alsteads

    If I remember rightly didn’t this clown join the gravy train for a bit when that prxck Dagliesh decided to ruin things? Advise us on our leaky defence and conceded more!! Usual crap from the self acclaimed we deserve to win everything and still do cos we had a good couple of decades! Cxxk

  • toon tony

    Well it only took 1 minute to beat us.!!!!

  • toon tony

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Brownale69

    Well for once he is dead right!!! 3-0

  • Jinky

    GToon hope you had some money on that.

  • GToon

    Jinky GToon nah i didn’t but on the way round to my mates house to watch it i also thought we would be 1 down inside the first 5 mins. The only time i have ever bet on us is against Chelsea this year. I told my Chelsea supporting mate to bet on us beating them 1-0 after a goalless first half. Close i suppose. I did once help a work colleague n Denmark put on accumulator on the World Cup a few years ago and he won over 4 thousand quid. It was in 1998. The winning game for him was USA 1 Iran 2 i think. Anyway its not that i’m any good its just that NUFC are so sadly predictable these days as you already know.

  • Milburnmag

    He is like most pundits, ‘Newcastle fans expect too much’ I was born in 58, we haven’t won a domestic trophy in my lifetime, so sorry for dreaming. He looks like a nutty professor as well.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Carver won’t get the managers job on one result ,but he certainly doesn’t deserve to get it after tonight .How big of him to have the players in on Monday morning to discuss tonight’s performance ,they should be there Sunday morning 8 o’clock at the latest .Too many average fringe players playing every week ,but even fringe players can be trained to be organised and no there jobs and is there a team that passes the ball sideways and backwards and more slowly than Newcastle ,it gives the opposition time to organise .
    Shearer quote of tonight Pathetic !

  • Greggy164

    Milburnmag  Is there a trophy room in St James with nothing in it?