Well it went well for the first 25 seconds, a threatening through ball aimed at Dzeko was coolly dealt with by Mike Williamson, a neat pass to Anita and all would be ok…..except Anita pathetically mis-controlled and then stupidly invited Dzeko to fall over a weak out stretched foot!

Now I have got nothing personal against Vurnon Anita, but that surely has to be that, his apology of a performance against Leicester and his often weak showings when he gets a chance, means enough is enough.

Around me at the match, people say that he comes from an excellent background, but he has been here quite a while now and shown exactly nowt…… Door please.

Mehdi Abeid every time for me and while we did concede with him on the pitch, he showed far more and is surely ready for a run in the team.

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Quite what the likes of our better players are thinking right now is open to conjecture, but I can guess Moussa Sissoko will be on the phone to his agent today saying something along the lines of ‘get me the f%# out of here’.

Poor Tim Krul must be fed up of playing behind that defence and could be doing something similar.

What about our gem Ayoze Perez, playing with very little support from the others, but don’t worry everyone because we can always rely on Gouffran!

A word about our opponents, the team who we beat quite easily earlier in the season. Being honest, the team on Saturday was no better than that vanquished team, but we were lacking everything. Man City are beatable at home, ask Stoke and errr us, hell even Hull got a point and should have had 3, but giving them a goal after a few seconds is unforgivable and gave them a chance to relax and play without nerves.

The chap to my right analysed what was wrong, he obviously had more tactical knowledge than me because he managed to make good sense, but we both reached the same conclusion – ‘totally embarrassing and sh*t’.

Chant of  the day had to be ‘Have you ever won the intertoto cup?’, however the Liam and Noel wannabes to our right missed the joke and carried on with their irritating gloating.

For the second game in a row my mind wandered and the cost of the trip came into my head, now it is my fault that I like to stay away but it was quite astounding when thought about.

2 x tickets £88 + £2 admin

Petrol  £30 ish

Hotel (optional) £90

Taxi Fares £25

It is over £200 before the numerous beers and obligatory curry, I reckon I could go to Benidorm for a week of sun cheaper than that….. so what is my point?

Well not got one really, I just hope if one of these over paid footballers read this, or even John Carver himself, then they might put a bit of effort in next time, the cost of following football is not cheap yet the wages get higher and higher, how about offering the fans their ticket money back?

So it’s official, football is again not fun anymore, next weekend I just know more of my middle aged mates will be looking for excuses not to come back. Wwell guys it does not wash with me, if you want to go to B & Q go on Wednesday as it’s 10% off day for pensioners, as for shopping with the missus…..really?

If there is one opponent you need to play when you are on the crest of a slump it has to be Aston Villa and their bed sheet brigade. They are at best as bad as us, so hammering a helpful nail into their coffin would do a lot to ease the pain of yesterday.

There is plenty going on in Newcastle next weekend and given that the planned demonstration (Pegida Anti-Islam march) has seemingly been approved, the eyes of the nation may well be on our fair city, the events will surely bring outside visitors for the march and counter demonstration  and I suspect many will have mischief in mind.

I hope come next Sunday we are celebrating three points and that our fair city and its welcoming reputation remain intact.

God it’s hard to write positive stuff these days, enjoy the week.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    It is kind of ironic, if not downright sad,that Pegida and Russel Brand can someone up more of an attendance in our city centre than us unhappy souls from inside St James’.

  • Personally think Anita is unfairly taking the brunt of the criticism for Saturday’s debacle. Yes it was a very bad error and 30 seconds into a tough game it puts us on the back foot but it was a genuine mistake and miscontrol that maybe 9/10 you get away with but this time he was punished. Pretty sure he would hold his hands up and apologise for that.

    The other thing I find funny is that I have read a load of comments saying that Williamson should have just launched the ball down the pitch rather than pass to Anita – I am guessing they are probably the same people that groan every week when Williamson clears his lines rather than dwell on the bal and moan that he doesn’t play the ball out from the back.
    Fact is if you concede 30 seconds in then there is still basically 90 minutes in which to dust yourself down, start again and try get ourselves back into the game yet all of them pretty much gave up. Mistakes can happen but there is no excuse for a lack of effort and a capitualtion of that magnitude.

    Find it funny you show sympathy for the likes of Sissoko and Krul – Sissoko certainly was as bad as anyone on Saturday, the odd promising run ending as usual with a miscontrol and him running the ball straight into a defender rather than trying to go around him. Krul did well to save from Bony…..from a chance Bony got from a poor clearance from Krul.
    Anita may have started the demise but I don’t think any of the 14 players involved on Saturday could come out of that game with much in the way of credit and that comes down to them all – it wasn’t simply Anita or Carver or Mike Ashley’s fault that they all gave up in a game literally less than 12 minutes in and the lot of them as highly paid professionals need to have a look at themselves and stop hiding behind easy excuses.

  • Brian Standen

    Can’t argue too much with your points, but Anita cost a few quid and has delivered very little, I am not usually one for singling out individuals but my patience was stretched with that error and his appalling performance at leicester !
    Like you say 90 mins to fix things? Except over the next 15 mins things got worse

  • Brian Standen I didn’t see the Leicester game so can’t comment on that although from what I heard he certainly wasn’t alone.

    He was poor on Saturday don’t get me wrong and his mistake made a difficult task harder for sure but my point was that because of that early high profile early error he seems to be getting blamed for the whole shambles which I just don’t think is fair. Lets be honest here the 2nd half was no better than the first and he wasn’t on the pitch 2nd half.

    Just think there are a certain few players that seem to get picked out for criticism where there are a few that seem immune when in reality they are offering just as little. At least if having a bad game you get some work rate out of the likes of Anita – 70 minutes or so into Saturday’s game I had actually forgotten that Cisse was on playing.

  • DavidDrape

    i have started calling SJP the biggest social club in the UK because its no longer a football club in my opinion now after man city perhaps i can say the same thing about a percentage of the away fans who partied on the concourse for most of the 2nd half and who could blame them. it certainly looked more entertaining

  • RexN

    A great piece but one small point of disagreement from me – why did Williamson play the ball to Anita?

    Williamson is the archetypal hoofer when in defence. Anita was facing his own goal line, the player Williamson beat was to his left on our right wing, Anita could only turn inside with a man on. The outcome was inevitable.

    Sadly, the Carve-up What’s-on coaching partnership does the defence no favours.

  • Brian Standen

    Fair points all round really , nobody covered themselves in glory, easy to point at Anita seeing as he started it, a few should perhaps take a long hard look at themselves

  • RexN yeah I definitely think Williamson needs to take a share of the blame although as I mentioned in another post some players are damned if they do and damned if they don’t – how many times do you here a collective groan if Williamson doesn’t take a risk and just clears his lines?

  • MagpieG

    Sickandtiredstill Not sure what you mean that Pegida and Russel Brand get more of an attendance, Saturday’s game is already close to a sell out. Unless I’ve misunderstood your post.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    MagpieG Sickandtiredstill Pegida being able to mount a demo and it will be attended better than any anti Ashley movement by NUFC supporters.
    Russel Brand allegedly coming – the man fighting against capitalism. He’ll generate more support for that cause despite the fact it’s taking place within sight of one of the biggest capitalists on the planet!
    Are we really less inclined to voice our discontent with Ashley than those two groups are about their causes?
    That’s my point.

  • MagpieG

    Sickandtiredstill MagpieG Ah got you now mate, fair enough. Many will say the issues involved with Pegida and Brand are of interest to a much wider part of population but the collective apathy of the Toon Army is sad indeed.

  • Brian Standen

    Really good point

  • Steve1221

    Sickandtiredstill MagpieG The majority of those going to see Russel Brand will be there to see a celebrity rather than having any interest in what he’s saying.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Steve1221 Sickandtiredstill MagpieG Aye and best part of 52,000 are supposed to be going to watch a professional football team owned by a multi billionaire.
    I guess the majority (crowd) could be equally explained as going along to see something without having any interest in what they are doing or achieving.

  • MagpieG

    Sickandtiredstill Steve1221 MagpieG Yeah but supporting your team is a totally different thing to pretty much anything else. I hardly missed a home game for 40 years and went to dozens of away grounds and it meant so much to me. I moved abroad 3 years ago but still go to the match when I visit home.  It’s just in the blood. And yes I understand the view that if you go you’re supporting a dreadful owner but many just see it as the team on the pitch. I couldn’t sit in Ashington knowing that The Toon were playing 15 miles away and not go.

  • Brian Standen

    My problem exactly, it’s a drug

  • newcastle7

    Was at City on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of the day and always will do.
    They got the rub of the green but remember our reserve team beat them two nil in
    the league cup with Arrons and Armstrong the stars when they had the first team out.
    Speaking of Benidorm the Monkseaton Magpies are flying out after the Man UTD game
    but do not worry will be back just in time for Everton as we love our team.
    We will support this club till we die.
    Simon leader of the Monkseaton Magpies.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 5-0. Rub of the green? Demented individual.